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The Top 10 Gaia Online Christmas Items

Updated on November 20, 2013

Christmas is quickly approaching, and for some of us that means holiday themed avatars on Gaia Online! There are plenty of great items to use in this joyous season. Get a festive avatar with some of my favorite avatar items that have a holiday, winter, or Christmas theme.

*Most of these items are rare, cash shop items, or expensive. That's part of what makes them so great. If you don't have a lot of Gaia Gold or don't want to spend actual money, check out the regular shops. You can also use the marketplace to look for cheap options for holiday avatars.

Spirited 2k? Items

Every year, there is a Christmas event that rewards players with Spirited items. These items will be named after whatever year they occur in, i.e. Spirited 2k12 or Spirited 2k9. These are always excellent options for a holiday avatar. My personal favorite is the Spirited 2k7 set!

Seracila Pendant

This isn't actually a holiday item, but I think it has some great options for a Christmas avatar. There are some gold, red, and green items perfect for holiday colors. There are also some items that look icy for winter.

Daughter of Snows

A great winter item, this one includes long hair, white antlers, and many pieces of clothing that have fur trim. It's perfect for a winter themed avatar in the colder months.

Snow Maiden

This item has some cute holiday themed clothing. I especially like the headband that looks like a wreath. There is also a very cute fur cape with this item!

Polar Tear

This item is more winter themed. It has a cute sweater, scarf, and boots available. There are also some really cool ice items, including a flowing dress, ice blue eyes, and frozen hair.


This item is so cute, and to me it just says sugarplum! If you like The Nutcracker, you might like this one for a holiday avatar. It has lots of pink, flowy items that make your avatar look like a sugarplum fairy.

Let it Snow

For many people, the holiday season is cold and snowy. The Let It Snow item lets you add snow to your avatar, in the form of flurries, big flakes, piled up snow, or even a snowman!

Carol of Ol' Nick

This, like Carol of Ol' Ebenezer, is inspired by Dickens' A Christmas Carol. There are some cool backgrounds and ghosts related to the story, while other holiday items include presents, a snowglobe, a flying Santa, and more.

Compass of Seidh

Again, this one is not actually holiday related but it has some really perfect options. Find beautiful gold, white, red, and blue options to create any winter themed or holiday themed avatar.

Noel's Gift

This item includes many riffs on the "Twelve Days of Christmas" song. It has plenty of cute holiday themed items for male or female avatars. The gold hue that seems central to the item always make me think of the warm holidays.

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