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The Top 10 Gaia Online Halloween Items

Updated on February 6, 2018

Halloween is my favorite holiday, and I love changing my avatar on Gaia Online into some great Halloween costumes each year. There are some items that are better suited for Halloween avatars then others. Check out my list of ten items that have some great spooky influences.

*Many of these are quite expensive, which is part of what makes them perfect and unique. If you need Halloween options for less, check the regular stores – in particular, Barton’s Boutique has a lot of costume items. These avatars are showing off many of the choices from the item, but you can only equip one at a time with a single item.*

#10 – Dark Heart

For a witchy look, you can use this great costume item. It has many options, including luxurious locks, a white witch’s hat, and cauldrons.

#9 – Bad Moon

Interested in werewolves? (I know I am!) Then you need the Bad Moon item, which includes several moon options for the background and wolf eyes, noses, fur, and more. Many different colors are available, so you could even be a pink wolf!

#8 – Ravenwood Manor

For some Victorian era inspired options, try Ravenwood Manor. There are some creepy dolls, bloody handprints, decaying skin options, and even a graveyard to use to put together an unsettling avatar.

#7 – Little Lucie

This creepy item is based on a possessed porcelain doll. There are some really cool options to create a spooky avatar, like a bloody knife, wounds, and of course, Little Lucie herself. This is perfect for someone who wants to go the cute yet creepy route.

#6 – Antipathy

This one seems to be surrounding some kind of satanic ritual. You can use a mysterious symbol, pouring blood, demonic armor, and different skins with Antipathy.

#5 – Death Whisper

Death Whisper has some nice options for Halloween costumes, like a mummy outfit, a body mod that looks zombie-esque, and a skeleton change. There are also a bunch of demon-looking pieces to create a very spooky and satanic avatar.

#4 – Modus Operandi

This item has a lot of different choices, and many of them are bloody good for Halloween. They are based on fairy tales, but gives them a much darker look. The possibilities here are endless – become the evil queen from Snow White, a mermaid, and other disturbing fairy tale characters.

#3 – The Case of Pietro

The Case of Pietro is an Evolving Item that has a ton of different avatar choices. There are many different basic options for hair, faces, and clothing, but the real Halloween stuff comes in the form of bloody wounds and crime scenes. These make this a great item for creating your own spooky serial killer or zombie.

#2 – The Nightmare

This one has plenty of creepy options for a Halloween costume. Make a headless avatar, a zombie, a spider, or an elegant witch with some of the choices available in this item. There are also some very cool companions, including ghosts, creepy doll-looking figures, and the Bogeyman, and it includes some nice Day of the Dead makeup.

#1 – Trick or Treat Tote

The quintessential Halloween item with many different holiday-themed options. There are some spooky and sweet choices, including candy corn clothing and companions, some nurse and dentist themed costume items, and ghosts.

So which item is your favorite?

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    • zeusspeak profile image

      Celina Martin 4 years ago from London

      I like all these spooky avatars for Halloween. Thanks for sharing! However, I'm still confused which one to use this year.