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The Top 4 Best Gifts for Bird Lovers Under $30

Updated on January 21, 2016

So it is that time of year again. You need to get someone a gift. Maybe this is for a friends birthday, maybe it is father day, may it is for a secret Santa exchange at work. The point is, you know what kind of gift you want to give, because the person you are giving the gift to loves birds. They may study birds for a living or just watch birds as a hobby but you know that any bird-related gift will be their most treasured. At the same time, you really really really don't want to spend a ton of money.

Luckily, you ended up in the right place. Here is a list of four of the best bird related gifts that you could possibly get the bird lover in your life:

The "Bird Nerd" T-Shirt from Ornitholotees

A great gift for any so called "Bird Nerd"
A great gift for any so called "Bird Nerd" | Source

1. The Best Bird Shirts

You can never go wrong with T-shirts, unless the T-shirt you buy is an overpriced cheapo shirt of low quality from a site like cafepress or zazzle. Why buy from a place like this when there are small shops specializing in exactly the types of shirts you want to buy?

Ornitholotees is a recently created store that specializes in shirts and other designs for bird lovers. As you may guess from the name, a play on ornithology (the study of birds), these shirts tend to have a science-y twist and would be perfect for the kind of person who does more than just watch birds but also likes to learn about them.

While the shirts may be a bit pricey, they are of the highest quality and will most likely be the softest and most comfortable T-shirt your friend will own. What's more, a quarter of their profits go directly towards a variety of research projects benefiting birds!


2. Anything Bird Gift from Etsy

Etsy is filled with wonderful crocheted, carved, and printed birds. If the bird lover is a fan of knick knacks then this is the perfect place. After all, who wouldn't want the most adorable chubby crocheted bird?

The bird you can see to the right is from Linderps' Etsy store which is filled with other cute crocheted animals. Other great stores are Wheresannabeen, Scratchcraft, and Creativequiltsandetc. Look any of them up for some great bird gifts!

It would be foolish to only look at one Etsy store, however. Simply browsing the category you are interested in and searching for "cute bird" in said category will lead you to many gifts that you may not have found otherwise. You may even find some things that are perfect for yourself!

You can get this bird guide book along with many others on
You can get this bird guide book along with many others on | Source

3. Bird Books

So there is one thing that every bird enthusiast enthuses about... and that's birds. Birds are everywhere. Big cities, suburbs, the coasts... and everywhere you go the types of birds you see will change. This is why getting a bird guide for the region that a person lives may be one of the best gifts you can get. Their love of birds will only grow as they begin to recognize the birds unique to their area.

The thing about this gift is that every self respecting birder needs a bird guide book, which is why you may want to check ahead of time to see if they already have one. You also may be wondering why can't they just look up birds in their area online? While it is true that you can most likely find everything in one of these books online, there is nothing quite like flipping through pages until you find the bird that you had seen earlier that day.

A pair of $13 Elenker binoculars.
A pair of $13 Elenker binoculars. | Source

4. Binoculars

So let's just say your bird loving friends have all of the T-shirts, Bird plushies, and field guides that they could ask for. What else can you get them? Well maybe you can make it easier for them to see the birds they love so much.

While binoculars can get real pricey real quick, there are a number of compact options available for under $30. These might be the kind that you can stash in a glove compartment or purse just for everyday applications.

Hopefully this list was helpful to you and gave you some ideas that you can use in your search for the perfect present! If there are any things I haven't thought of or if you really love any of the ideas, please let me know in the comments. Happy shopping!

If you were receiving one of these gifts, which would you like best?

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