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The True Nature of Christmas

Updated on December 21, 2015

The closer that we come to any given event, the more real that it becomes. The moment that it is over and the further away that we move from it, the more of an illusion it becomes or a forgotten moment in time. Wouldn't it be nice if every day was Christmas? but it is also the yearly occurrence of Christmas and the looking forward to the occasion that makes it special.

Why do we have Christmas each year? Because it is the birthday of Jesus Christ of course but are we truly celebrating the birth of Christ or using it as a disguise for something else? Has Christmas become something else? I wonder if anyone wished Jesus Christ a Happy birthday when he was alive and I wonder how many people will take time to say` Happy Birthday Jesus' on Christmas day. many people will wish each other a merry Christmas but how many will say Happy Birthday Jesus Christ.

It is a season to be merry and it is a season to be Jolly and that is definitely a good thing about Christmas. It is a season to be excited for it is the season of giving and receiving but we do have to remember that Christmas does not come from a store and that giving does not just belong to Christmas time alone. How do you think Jesus would want to celebrate his birthday, if he was here with us. He is with us here in spirit of course but how do you think he would want you to celebrate his birthday, if he was here with you in person?

I doubt he would want you to go the shops and spend all your money or money that you do not have on him. I doubt he would want you paying overdraft fees or owing the banks money on all your credit cards just to please him. The shops and the banks might want you to think so but that is a different kind of giving.

There is especially nothing wrong about giving to the needy or out of love and kindness but not just because it is Christmas. There is nothing wrong about giving or receiving but the giving needs to be according to your means and the receiving needs to be accompanied by gratitude. We should also not forget that giving can take different forms. It does not necessarily need to hold some monetary value

but can be of simply giving some quality time to loved ones or providing a service to others. It can be the simple act of wrapping presents for others, serving food in a homeless shelter or providing your professional skills and services to others in need without any remuneration.

The sound of the jingle bells remind us that it is time for Christmas. The sound of the jingle bells remind us that it is almost time to celebrate the birthday of Jesus. All our senses are reminded that it is almost Christmas and some of us cannot wait for our own different reasons. The kids are looking forward to w Santa and not the Santa that charges $35 for the kids to meet him. The kids are looking forward to Christmas to find out what Santa has left for them under the Christmas tree and many adults looking forward to the other name for the Christmas season..the holiday period.

Christmas has become about many things. The meaning of Christmas has been translated over the ages like many other things into something else but it still retains some of the essence of what it truly is.

It is about goodwill, it is about good tidings, it is about giving , it is about being merry and it is about celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ and the gifts that he left us. It is about celebrating faith hope and love.

It is a time to remember that not everyone is privileged and that some people do not live in mansions but in humble abodes and or squalor. It is a merry time but also a time to realise that not everyone can or will have a merry Christmas and that is where the spirit of Christmas and the spirit of giving comes into play to compliment the gifts of faith hope and love.

No one has greater power to exercise the spirit of Christmas and of goodwill than the shops that promote Christmas in their stores and the corporations or banks that make a lot of money all the way through the year. Some do and some do not. That is why I like listening to the Fish Radio Station because of their wish list and the good will that they promote during the season. The repetitive promotion of Sponsors gets old and boring after a while but is understandable. If only a lot more radio stations and corporations did the same eh?

Appreciate what you do have. Remember what Christmas is about. Give to those that have less or need more than you do. Give without expectations and receive with gratitude. Spend quality time with loved ones and remember to say `Happy Birthday Jesus' on Christmas day.

Merry Christmas.


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    • Paul K Francis profile image

      Paul K Francis 

      3 years ago from east coast,USA

      Nice Christmas message. Enjoyed reading. Have a very merry!

    • Michaela Osiecki profile image


      3 years ago from USA

      Christ was not born anywhere near the Winter Solstice, this has been confirmed by historical evidence so the origin of Christmas really has nothing to do with Jesus Christ and all about the systematic conversion of rural pagans by the early church.


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