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The Turning Stone Resort, Out Of This World Buffets, And Events

Updated on September 19, 2017

This incredible unique resort facility has it all, an impressive, head-turning, luxury establishment offers the most sensational night life entertainment at Lava. Plus hotel accommodations are offered to local and out of town guests, top rated concerts and exceptional and there a many trendy events held at the Turning Stone Resort. Thanksgiving Day, the Turning Stone hosts one of the most exquisite buffets in the area. The stunning decorations, music, eye-catching ice sculptures and plush carpeting, with an enormous glass chandelier. It a tremendous experience, one that you and your family will never forget. The resort also has many ginger bread houses displayed in the lobby, to decorate and to mesmerize their visitors. The gingerbread houses are large, with the most intricate, detailed candy features. As the guests walk through the area they are in awe of such mastery.

One of the most remarkable, yet very unique happening that takes place around the time of Halloween, the Scare-O-Con. It is a horror sci-fi gathering where anyone and everyone who loves the sight of blood, and being frightened will attend. The outstanding exhibits and many of your favorite horror stars will also be there. Every year there is a long list and while you are visiting, you can have your picture taken with them. The excitement is building, and even though still months away, the Turning Stone once again will be soon announcing dates and horror celebrities you will be able to meet at the 2016 scare-o-con. There are hundreds of vendors on site with the most remarkable freaky and terrifying exhibits, a place to go to mingle and have fun. In October just days before Halloween Scare-O-Con is the place to be to buy the most unique Halloween animation characters and decorations. In the past conventions, stars such as Linda Blair, and who doesn’t remember the chills you felt and the fear while watching the Exorcist. Who wouldn’t have their thrill of their lives to meet some of the characters from The Walking Dead huge Zombie hit, or get to meet in person the men from Taps? They have it all here, have you ever seen paintings in blood?

If you love the thrilling night club life, the Lava Night Club located at the Turning Stone Resort will give you that exciting night out. As soon as you walk in, you get caught up in the sensational music that fill the room, and the colorful night lights that surrounds you. Lava where the party begins, the electrifying night club at the Turning Stone Resort, brings the club the exhilaration to a totally different and unique intensity of fascination and style. A bit of sexy, along with the feeling of laid back, yet again, absolutely hot, but also very trendy. One place to encounter this and so much more, it has everything in one mind-blowing place. Without a doubt, Lava is the greatest popular adventure for night life and dancing. It offers the ultimate music, the most extraordinary DJs. Make plans to meet at the Leopard Lounge, which will get you to the hub of the activity. You will experience the stimulation bar characteristics, heart pounding entertainment, and a mega collection of exotic mixed drink creations. Tasty splendid wines and assortment of beer are served to satisfy every person’s individual taste buds.

Year to year the Turning Stone Resort presents exceptional life concerts from the most funny, and talented artists. When you are planning an exciting, entertaining night out, consider attending one of these terrific concerts. You will never forget the pleasure you will encounter in an astounding concert setting. Available in this elegant room which seats 5,000 you will unwind and enjoy some of the most popular well-known entertainers. Some of the exhilarating people today, the infamous Jay Leno will be at the Turning Stone Resort this coming year. Others include, Ronnie Milsap, Bryan Adams, the hysterical Tracy Morgan, legendary Santana, Bobby Vinton and the list continues. Also, in this luxury extraordinary room, not only are pinnacle concerts held here, but theatrical events and on the edge of your seat, boxing matches, plus so much more.

The Turning Stone is where you want to be, they offer three of the greatest golf courses to the area for every golf enthusiast. The three meticulously well groomed courses, are designed a nine-hole par 3 course, presently restored to a sprawling full length nine-hole layout. Also included, an indoor training facility has been constructed.

Entrance to the Turning Stone Resort
Entrance to the Turning Stone Resort | Source
Turning Stone Wedding Bridge & Gazebo
Turning Stone Wedding Bridge & Gazebo | Source
Just one of the many Ice sculptures
Just one of the many Ice sculptures | Source
Holiday Gingerbread House Display
Holiday Gingerbread House Display | Source
The Lava Dance Club at The Turning Stone
The Lava Dance Club at The Turning Stone | Source


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    • Linda Robinson60 profile image

      Linda Robinson 22 months ago from Cicero, New York

      Thank so much Discordzrocks. Yes, we go there often for their Thanksgiving buffets etc. Thanks so much for reading and commenting, always a pleasure hearing from you. I am so glad that you enjoyed it, their food is tremendous and if you ever get a chance to visit again, you would love the decorations before Christmas. Take care.

    • Discordzrocks profile image

      Gavin Heinz 22 months ago from Austin TX

      Great hub, I always love catching up on your work. I once went here as a family reunion and it was great.