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The Warehouse Party and Raves

Updated on June 30, 2012

Warehouse Party Raves

In today's article I thought it would be fun to talk about good old fashioned Warehouse raves because it is my friends birthday and he has chosen a rave party for us to go to in England since the nightclubs near us are simply commercial and we were tired of the same old same.

Raves in warehouses are ideal because the allow for large numbers of people to congregate and socialise without people pushing and shoving, there is also plenty of room for the sound to disperse making it easier to hold conversations because your ears don't become tone deaf. They are also fairly easy to set up since sound systems can be transported in your average transit van and party decoration such as LED lights will instantly transform dull space and can be picked up at any party rentals.

Photo courtesy of orinrobertjohn

Party Rave

I found the picture above on Flickr which displays perfectly the type of underground rave that I would love to go to because it is basically an abandoned warehouse that has been given graffiti party decoration and even had a bar installed. It is this type of no frills set up that promotes the image of the true party nature and not that it is a business with strict social dress code and a predefined playlist that includes commercial music from the charts.

Photo courtesy of clanlife

American Party

The picture above depicts that of an American style party that is held unofficially at a derelict building but it is in fact party of the same rave event that was discussed in the previous paragraph. I think these type of locations are good for young ravers as long as they are supervised because they have multiple levels where you can go for talking space or just for a breather.

Photo courtesy of clanlife

Rave Parties

This hub is not necessarily all about rave parties in warehouses, many companies will contact party rentals which allow them to rent out a large building and they will also supply the decoration that will entertain your colleagues or clients while your discuss a new business venture or proposition.

It also provides a relaxed environment that will communicate to your audience that you do things in a free spirited and adventurous manner rather than playing by corporate rules that request a certain conservative image.

Photos courtesy of meaganlloyd

Party Time

In the above photo we can see another way of creating party decoration for your warehouse rave and this is the cheap option but if you you wanted to do something more elaborate I think it is actually possible to have foam sprayed from the fire extinguishing sprinklers similar to where blood is sprayed on the vampires in the Blade movie extract below!

On that note I would like to end this hub with the video below since this is a great example of the ideal rave I would like to attend, the type of music that is usually played is Techno but it is also a regular occurrence for Drum n Bass or Dubstep to be played and the latter is my favourite genre.

Photo courtesy of goincase


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