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The Wise Still Seek the King

Updated on December 8, 2010

Wisemen Sought Jesus

One beautiful element of the Christmas Story is the picture of wise men bowing before Jesus as a child and offering Him gifts.  

The Bible declares that the men whom we pictured above were wise. In their study of the heavens, they discovered a star which signaled the birth of a king - a special King.  The King, though young and unknown to the world, was so noteworthy that the men left all to find him.  We do not know what obligations the men had - family, business, or civic.  What we do know is that when the message of life-changing Truth - the Savior's birth - was published across the airwaves, those men left all to search for Jesus.  

Can you imagine the amount of ridicule these men faced from colleagues, friends and possibly family?  "Are you crazy?"  "You must have bumped your head!"  "Say what, you're going to give up all this to find the King?  Do you even know where you're going?  Oh, you're going to follow the star - keep your gaze fixed on divine guidance?  Really?"

"Yes, we're off to find the King."

The story continued that the men chose precious and expensive gifts to present to the new King - gold, frankincense and myrrh.  Interestingly, if one is going to appear before a king, one normally expects to receive from the king.  However, these men decided that they must honor the king with their possessions and so they chose from among the most precious of what they had. And being divinely guided, they chose gifts that were of paramount importance - those gifts were relevant and prophetic.  Wow!

When God got wind of the men's intentions and determination to find the Truth, He miraculously allowed the star which had signaled the phenomenal birth of the Messiah to guide them to their destination. 

Before finding Jesus, however, they found the then king in Jerusalem, Herod.  This person of power and position had the right appearance - the seemingly right attitude of worship for the new King.  But, as we know, his plan was to destroy the plan of God - he devised a plot to kill the newborn King.  But that was not to be, because the new King's purpose was not yet fulfilled.

From Herod's palace, the men were guided to where Jesus was with His parents.  Upon finding the King, the men of good repute, noteworthiness - wise men indeed - presented their gifts and worshipped the King.  

Picture it - these men of affluence, eminence, from possibly a well-furnished home with precious ornaments, entered probably a one-room, thatched roof hut and knelt before a child King - who had not been born to royalty and who had not been recognized by man as anyone special.

What could have made these wise men behave in such a strange way?  As the saying goes: "When you know that you know that you know..."  These men knew.  They caught a glimpse of The Divine and their lives were altered. 

They were willing to give up just about everything to find the King and to rest in His presence.

After they had given their best - a sacrifice, well-pleasing - the men who were attuned to God all along, heard Him one more time when He told them not to return to King Herod.  These were truly wise men - they sought to hear from God!

The wisemen heard, they sought Jesus, they remained focused, they gave their best, and they returned home fulfilled.

Wise men and women are still seeking Jesus.


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    • tjmatel3 profile image

      Peter Grant 7 years ago from McDonough, GA

      That's just the plain truth, lifegate. Thanks!

    • lifegate profile image

      William Kovacic 7 years ago from Pleasant Gap, PA


      You're so right. WISE men still seek Him.

    • tjmatel3 profile image

      Peter Grant 7 years ago from McDonough, GA

      Thanks, Zach! I appreciate your kind words. Merry Christmas!

    • zachariahs78 profile image

      zachariahs78 7 years ago from Boston South

      nice piece. if you ever get a chance to read the works of Josephus Flavious he does a good job of documenting this story of the Magi. peace to you