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The astrological year begins: Aries is here!

Updated on March 22, 2010

Spring / Autumn Equinox

The change to a new season is celebrated in every corner of the planet and virtually every religion has a connection to these yearly events. Easter celebrates fertility, Christianity associated the death and resurrection of the Christ to this time of the year and oral tradition from many cultures celebrates this change in nature. Whether in the South or North Hemisphere, the human race connects to the cycle of the planet and celebrates a new beginning and an evident change in the energy of nature to move into a new phase: spring in the Northern Hemisphere, autumn in the Southern Hemisphere.

How could we possibly consider humanity isolated from this shift of energy? If you cannot recognise how astrological energy is surrounding you, keep reading....

The equinox happens twice a year when the position of the planet allows for daylight and night to have exactly the same duration.  .  The symbolic meaning of this universal moment is to bring opposite energies into perfect harmony and equilibrium: yin and yang, positive and negative, masculine and feminine. The co-existence of opposite energies brings about another important realisation for us as humans: opposite energies are necessary to maintain life and evolution.  

Aries and the beginning of the year

When we take the astrological view of our Solar System, the spring equinox (autumn equinox in the southern hemisphere) the Sun enters into the constellation of Aries.  Aries symbolises the beginnings, the starts, the sparkle that creates fire.  All these characteristics may relate to what we have heard about Aries and people born under this sign, but beyond describing people's personality trends depending on their birth sign, Aries synchronises with a shift of energy that as humans we will use on our day to day basis.  Between now and the time when the Sun moves into Taurus (around 22 of April, and again the exact dates are not as important as the shift in energy), we must become aware of the energy of Aries and allow it to manifest naturally.  Your impulse and intuition are heightened, you are likely to enjoy a much better level of energy and even become more interested in joining new enterprises.  

But the greatest treat during this period will be to allow your real identity to express naturally. Aries implies definition of our individuality. Exploring those trends and characteristics that make us unique should be part of the self-awareness exercises to carry during this month.

Here are some good examples of the energy of Aries and how to use it to your advantage during this month:


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