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The different ways to celebrate christmas.

Updated on December 13, 2010

What is christmas?

Christmas is a the celebration that marks the birth of Jesus Christ. Jesus christ was born about 2010 years ago in Bethelehem, a city found in modern Israel. Jesus of Nazareth was born to the virgin Mary. The christian churches founded their teachings from the teachings of Jesus. Christmas is a celebration in remembrance of the birth of Jesus.

Before christmas, the christians celebrate a period of advent when penance is the main focus of all the christians. Christmas is a period when people strengthen their relationships with their families. This is also the time the people help the less fortunate members of their society. Jesus in his teachings showed that we should always be caring for the less fortunate and we should all be our brothers' keepers.

Christmas is a whole period of celebrations which culminates with celebrating the birth of Jesus christ on the 25th of December.

 For all the other people, christmas is a time of celebrating and taking a break from the daily grinding in life before stepping up again in the new year which starts shortly after christmas.

Sydney around town and  a large christmas tree at Martin place.
Sydney around town and a large christmas tree at Martin place. | Source
Christmas celebrated in different ways and styles in different parts of the world.
Christmas celebrated in different ways and styles in different parts of the world. | Source

How individuals can celebrate christmas

Christmas can be celebrated in many different ways. Many people have different ideas for celebrating christmas and the level of christmas celebrations vary based on cultural practices,financial capacity,social and political status of the individuals.

Christmas can be celebrated in many ways such as: A season for giving to the less fortunate ones and caring for them. One can dedicate all the efforts to help someone in need: a neighbor or a friend who is in need of help or care. They could be sick,elderly,or destitute.

Christmas can be celebrated as a period of forgiving all those who have wronged us and asking for forgiveness from those we have wronged. They may be family or our friends. We can celebrate this time by building new stronger relationships with our families and friends. We can organise a family get-together, a friends christmas party, or a family execursion.

For those very religious,christmas can be celebrated as a time for intense prayers for strengthening relationship with God, repenting of all sins committed and building a strong spiritual life.Christians can dedicate this Christmas period to reach out to people to change their lives for the better.

For those living lives with addictions, we can celebrate christmas by helping them in quitting the harmful addictions and help them dedicate their lives to becoming useful members of our communities.

Christmas celebrations,we can use them to reach out our hands to our enemies and reconcile with our adversaries fostering a new leaf of happy relationships. Celebrate christmas by opening a new chapter of healthy relationships.

For those who love travelling, christmas clebrations can be marked by travelling to our dream vacation destinations. A tropical vacation: the carribeans, Hawaii,Africa,a memorable Safari, a one-of-the-kind tropical cruise, a trip to Tahiti. The celebrations can be even more exciting if we travel with our loved ones and enjoy the ambience of these vacations strengthening our relationships. We can also travel to different cities to see our distant relatives.

For lovers for shopping,christmas season can be celebrated by shopping their hearts out. Deals and deals everywhere. From toys to apparel to name it,there is a deal or sale going on. Just be weary of buying too much stuff that you do not need. A word of caution: Do not buy something you do not need just because it is on sale!

Christmas can be celebrated by gifting. Buy something for someone you care about and present the wonderful gift to them, however big or small,making them feel special and loved.


How employers and employees can celebrate christmas.

Empoyers can take advantage of this christmas season to show their appreciation to their employees. With a christmas tree erected in the waiting lobby or break-rooms, the employers can and their employees can celebrate by: throwing a christmas party for the employees, nominating the employee of the year,quarter or month around this time, promotions for deserving employees, sending off retiring employees lavishly.his is the season employers can award certificates of achievements to the best employees,This is the time employers can allow employees a break or time-off to celebrate with their families.

On the other hand,employees can celebrate christmas by working harder to meet their christmas sales deadlines for displays, decorations,sales,stocking. This is the time employees can celebrate by showing their greatest talents in that they do and they are responsible for.This is the time employees should bond with their fellow employees and come even closer to establish a stronger working relationship.

The christmas season is the time when all the employees should be willing to help all those of their colleagues that have certain challenges and special needs.

How the cities should celebrate christmas

 The cities should light up the cities because christmas season is a joyous season and light is an essential ingredient to create this mood. A visit to the New York city,for example, gives the visitor a sense of what christmas in the city is all about. Allt he trees in the city centre are light up and there  are christmas parties all round town. New Yorkers are celerbating christmas.

For those with no lights, the community should celebrate by providing light for them.

The city administration should organise to provide for even the less fortunate ones and volunteers should be mobilised to organise parties for theless fortunate or destitute or poor people of the community.

The city security apparatus should celebrate christmas by ensuring that everyone is safe during all the time and particularly around this time of christmas.No one wants to celebrate christmas worrying about the dangers of lack of security in the city and communities nearby.

Travelling during christmas

 Tips to travel safely during christmas. Travel early. Book flights early: pre-season booking will give you good rates and chrtismas holiday packages. Book flights between Tuesady afternoon and Thursday morning, airlines come up with new lowest fares of the seasons. Avoid weekend travel due to the rush with long lines and high fare rates.

Be aware of the increased airport security. Travel light: less stuff in your carry-on luggage and avoid liquids containers. If youmust have liquids: follow the guidelines: not more than 4oz bottles in transparent zip-loc bag.Dressing; dress light due to unbuckling and removing jackets to be screened. Avoid excessive metallic jewelry that will set off scanners. Wear easy to remove shoes and jewelry.Time; arrive early at the airports to avoid any delays that may cause you to miss flights.



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    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I love christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • biasharamotomoto profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago

      Lets celebrate! Merry christmas to you too!

    • heart4theword profile image


      7 years ago from hub

      Yes, tis the season to celebrate! Much reason we have too:) Merry Christmas!


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