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The house in the forest

Updated on March 21, 2012

Long and winding road

The road was winding and narrow (only two directions) but safe. Slowly, we were driving up the mountain, over a zigzagging road. From time to time, out from my window (I was sitting in the passenger seat) I could see the panoramic view, including part of the city. The more we climbed; a more extended part of the city could be seen.

On the way to the house in the forest, we drove by a small rustic town with approximately two thousand inhabitants. As the car crossed by, I saw with amazement along the two sides of the road all the items for sale spread over wooden tables. They ranged from food, fruits and vegetables to pottery and clothing. We drove away, losing the sights of the town and continued our way uphill in the mountains.

The road Through the woods

The landscape was becoming more wooded and the trees in these latitudes seemed much larger than in the foothills of the mountains. I think we were in what is known as the life zone latitude, where trees due to climatic and temperature conditions grow bigger.

"We´ve arrived," said Mr. Ignacio, who is the owner of the house. As he said that, he immediately veered the steering-wheel towards the left, crossing the opposite lane to enter through a narrow path flanked by trees, until he stopped in front of a steel door with barbed protection.

Mr. Ignacio descended from the car, and unlocked the big entrance padlock (l had never seen locks this size), he then came back to drive the car inside. On the other side of the entrance, there was a long gardener flanking the left side of the driveway, which was nourishing plants of elephant ear leaf, and did not allowed to watch farther than the area they covered. On the right side of the driveway hung a poison ivy plant in the midst of which rose a bunch of oak trees.

The house in the forest

The big oak trees protruded all around the house

The narrow driveway floor was constructed of river stones and after approximately 30 meters, the driveway opened to reveal a large patio, all surrounded by a great variety of plants and flowers. The big oak trees protruded all around the house.

After descending from the car, we stepped down a set of stairs, which led to where the house was. Poison ivy plants hung all along the sides of the steps, which were built from small river stones, typical of the place. At the end of the steps was a small courtyard surrounded by various plants and flowers. Two big oak trees revealed themselves half-buried on the ground, half protruding from the ground, opening up their branches in cup-shape over which jumped some squirrels that gave the place a real country air...

Looking through the forest

Looking through the lush forest of oak trees and onto the hills on the other side of the mountains, I could see that the nearest neighbors were several miles away, but still you could hear the echoes of their murmur when they talked.

We went through the front door of the cottage house, next to which stood a large dining room with a large table that could seat 8 people, a large cabinet on one side and the stove and refrigerator on the other.

I was invited to the table. “So, what do you think?” asked Mr. Ignacio. “it´s nice. It really looks like a cottage house” I said, calmly. Then he asked again. “Do you think you´re going to be alright here?” I think so. I was looking for something like this. The place is so calm that I will have time to do the things that interest me. “Good” He acknowledge.

We ate and chatted, then exit through the same door and after crossing the long terrace, we reached what was going to be my room, a small room, which also functioned as a kitchen with enough space for a bed and a bookshelf, which from my own perspective seemed all right. I had come to what was going to become my home and workplace for the next 10 months


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