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The Mad Hatter Birthday Party Theme Ideas and Supplies

Updated on September 25, 2015

How to Plan a Mad Hatter Birthday Party Theme

The Mad Hatter and Alice in Wonderland theme has always been a beloved party theme – most likely because the story actually features a tea party hosted by the Mad Hatter! The world of Alice in Wonderland can be interpreted in a multitude of ways – from dark and scary, like the more recent adaptation, to sweet and colourful, like the well-known Disney version.

If you want to create your very own Mad Hatters party, whether it’s for a birthday or not, we’ve got all the tips, the online resources and the links to great products to help you out. Read on!


Mad Hatter Birthday Party Invitations and Ideas

As with all parties, the invitations must be carefully chosen. They need to be in-keeping with the theme of the party, and they need to communicate vital information – the time of the party, the date of the event and where it will be held, for one. Your invitations should also get your guests ramped up and excited for the event!

Why not have your party invitation on a playing card-type template? Playing cards feature heavily in all versions of Alice in Wonderland – the Queen of Hearts, for example, is a key character – so making your invitations with this idea in mind is a good idea. Check out this example for inspiration.

Wonderland is filled with instructional tags saying ‘Eat Me’ and ‘Drink Me’ among many other things. Why not create your invitations with the slogan ‘Read Me’, like this example. You could even add some touches of the White Rabbit in there – ‘Don’t Be Late’!

The world that Lewis Carroll created is also filled with riddles, so why not create a birthday riddle or rhyme to go with your party invitation? This fun example should provide you with plenty of inspiration to write your own.

Mad Hatter Birthday Party Decorations and Ideas

Here’s where you can really push the boat out and go wild! Décor is not understated in Wonderland, and you can make a real effort to transform your home or party venue into a totally new dimension. Here are our top decorating tips for your Mad Hatters party:

  • The color scheme of most Wonderland parties consists of clashing colors like green, purple, magenta and red. But the beauty of this party is you can pretty much choose any colors you like! The concept of Wonderland is different and unique to everyone.
  • This hanging playing card decoration makes for a great room divider or a simple wall hanging. You can use real playing cards and cut-outs of the four suits, and all you need is some string and a hole punch to attach them all together for a really effective look.
  • Things are all a little bit confusing in Wonderland, especially when the Mad Hatter’s around – this sign sums it all up perfectly! Make a confusing ‘This Way’ ‘That Way’ sign quickly and easily and pop it outside your front door to get guests in the mood before they step through into your very own Wonderland.
  • Quaint and ornate accessories look fabulous at Mad Hatter-style parties. Objects like birdcages and gilt-edged mirrors really set the scene perfectly, as well as items like keys, top hats and tea pots.
  • Wonderland contains a lot of illusions, and you can try to create some in your own home. Use different-sized tables in a line to create an odd staircase effect for your buffet table, and be sure not to line things up too neatly. Nothing is straightforward in Wonderland!

Mad Hatter DIY Party Decorating Tips


Mad Hatter Birthday Cake Decorations and Ideas

Time to get some cake-spiration! The cake plays an important role in any party, especially if it’s a birthday occasion, so it’s crucial to get it just right.

Check out this lovely cake for some serious inspiration for your own party. With numerous tiers, a gorgeous quilted pattern and a multitude of finishing touches like the clock and the top hat, this is surely one of the most beautiful Alice in Wonderland cakes out there! If you’re not much of a cake decorator, why not take this picture into a local bakery and see what they can do?

If you want to make the cake yourself, take a look at this amazing tutorial for an authentic teapot-shaped cake! With beautiful decorations and plenty to go round, this is sure to be a real hit with guests – especially if you can ensure it looks as lovely as the picture.

If large cakes are a little too much for your baking skills, cupcakes will always prove a tasty backup! Cover your cakes with quirky icing patterns that fit in with your chosen color scheme and layer them on a cupcake stand just like this for a cool alternative to a big cake.

How To Make A Mad Hatter Topsy Turvy Cake

Mad Hatter Birthday Party Food and Drink Ideas

No respectable party host would let their guests go hungry at their event – the Mad Hatter wouldn’t stand for it! Here are our top tips to ensure your guests fill their bellies and have a lovely time at your buffet table:

  • These checkerboard cheese sandwiches play into the Wonderland theme perfectly and there’s so easy to make. All you need is white bread and wholemeal bread, some cheese spread and the patience to separate them into this pattern!
  • Make a batch of flapjacks, stand them up vertically and decorate them with the various different suits to create your own mini army of edible playing cards. Yum!
  • You can also try your hand at making these tiny edible teacups using ice cream cones and a biscuit for the base! Just don’t try drinking any tea out of them… use them for candy only!
  • As mentioned earlier, Wonderland has lots of directions and instructions, especially when it comes to food. Why not decorate your cookies or cakes with instructions like ‘Take One’ or ‘Eat Me’ to get guests into the spirit of things? These examples will inspire you to get started.
  • Buy in some conventional Jammy Dodgers if you’re in the UK – these can double up as the Queen of Hearts’ personal biscuits! If you’re not from the UK, this article has instructions on how to make these biscuits with a heart-shaped jam filling.

Mad Hatter Party Food Recipes

Mad Hatter Birthday Party Favors and Ideas

Party favors are a really nice way to thank your guests for attending – and you can have plenty of fun sourcing them and putting them together!

Pick up some tiny mason jars and fill them with candy, before labelling them with a sign that says ‘Eat Me’! These make for an adorable party favor for your Mad Hatters party.

If you have very young guests at your party, these teacups with built-in straws make for a lovely gift. Many people like to hold Mad Hatters parties for their baby showers too, so this favor would be ideal!

If you’re feeling crafty, why not make some top hat headbands like these? Your female guests especially will love these – they can don their Mad Hatters top hat whenever they feel like it!

Mad Hatter Birthday Party Games and Activities

As the Mad Hatter, it’s your job to keep everyone entertained and make sure they’re having a great time at your party! Here are our best ideas to ensure your guests have a whale of a time:

  • Life-Sized Chess – if you have enough outdoor space at your party venue or your home, you can hire life-sized chess sets for the day to entertain your guests! Chessboards are symbolic in Wonderland, so this will help enhance your theme even further.
  • Croquet – this DIY croquet set looks like it could have come straight out of Wonderland! Again, this is an ideal party game if you have an outdoor space you can use.
  • ‘Drink Me!’ – this game is strictly for the older guests only! Grab a drink from the drinks table and drink it in one gulp while spinning around in a circle. Then, you must try to walk in a straight line to a finishing point at the other end of the venue or the outdoor area. If anyone manages to get there without falling over, they win!
  • Mad Hatter Pinata – buy in one of these great Mad Hatter Pinatas from Etsy and let your guests loose with a plastic bat! Be sure to keep your distance while someone is having their swing, and make sure not to peek through the blindfold when it’s your turn!
  • Decorate a Teacup – purchase a cheap set of plain teacups and some specialist ceramic paints, and set up a craft station where your guests can paint their own teacups to take home with them. Younger guests will love getting their hands dirty doing this activity, but make sure there’s an adult to supervise throughout.

We hope we’ve put you in full Mad Hatter mode with our tips and resources! Think we’ve missed anything? Let us know in the comments!


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    • Lori P. profile image

      Lori Phillips 

      3 years ago from Southern California USA

      Fun! I want to do this for my adult daughter who loves the Mad Hatter theme! Thanks for the great ideas!


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