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The main reasons why you should visit the moroccan Sahara

Updated on April 29, 2016

The desert, a place that I've been Hearing about without knowing its greatness until I discoverd it. Certainly everybody knows the existence of many deserts In different countries, but the moroccan Sahara has its special charm. For me, I hesitated a lot before my travel to the desert, but when I arrived there, I couldn't beleive how amazing that place was, very touching, very authentic. What's amazing about the moroccan desert , the multiplicity of the activities which helps you to discover the fun there. The brilliant specifications of this wonderful place are:

- the people of saraha: Generosity, assistance, relief, love of others... Characters of Most people people in the desert, them raise sheeps, goats, and camels. Very helpful and satisfied with there life. Desert people greet tourists with a big heart, I still have friendship with them until now.

- the amazing five stars hotels: When I say desert, most of you imagine the burning sun , yellow sand, and drought.But here's the beautiful Truth, desert countains hotels like palaces built of mud in a charming traditional way. Those hotels have a very good service and attractive designs. If you go there you'll enjoy for sure.

-Camels: Wonderful creatures, I wasn't aware that baby camels are born without humps until I see them In the sahara, very beautiful and very entertaining, they're social animals who roa the desert without caring about tiredness. One of the incredible activities is camel rides. It's an amazing feeling , I advise you to try it.

-Desert cars:A very wonderful experience, full of exciement, driving over sand dunes, bouncing over peaks, hurtling down steep sides. Your trip Wouldn't be complete without this enjoying adventure.

-desert bivouacs: I consider it a meeting with nature in order to get the peace of mind, an experience that helps you to find the desert myth with starry sky, you watch the sunset and the sunrise, there is nothing better than spending your night in a tent in the middle of desert, feeling the comfort, astonishment and tranquility of the sublime space.

-desert food: sure they have so many kinds of food, but what I liked the most was green tea, prepered with spearmint leaves and sugar. Desert people consume it throughout the day.<medfouna> or <berber pizza > ; exists only in the Town of Rissani; it refers to meat, suet, herbs, and spices which are hidden whithin the bread's crust.

My trip to desert was one of the richest trips ever, I met new people , learnd new culture , tried new activities, I advise everybody to go to desert and feel those emotions.


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