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The meaning of the fourth of July from a Canadains perspective

Updated on May 31, 2017
Happy fourth of July
Happy fourth of July

The meaning of the fourth of July from a Canadians Perspective

The fourth of July, Independence Day for the Americans and a holiday, but what does that mean for Canadians? Sure some Canadians will say that it means nothing for us and that we don’t get the day off or do anything fun on that day, but that depends on who you ask? The meaning of the fourth of July, from a Canadians perspective, is fireworks, just like they would have on Canada day, but why not have them twice in one week? Some people might disagree with this where others might agree with this, I, however, will agree with it, why? Well, the reason why I would agree with having fireworks twice in one week, once on Canada Day and the next time on the fourth of July is because the fourth of July is a special day for me. The fourth of July is my birthday and who doesn’t like fireworks on their birthday? Which makes me feel like I can do limitless things because it is a day for me. Yes, I am Canadian but that just means I get to celebrate both days limitlessly.

Since Canada day and the fourth of July are so close together, most people take the four days off. Or at least the first and the fourth just because most people have family in Canada and the United States and like spending time with them during the holiday. For me, the fourth of July is a day where I go out to eat dinner and have cake. This is because the fourth of July is my birthday. I don’t even get my own birthday, check out my twin post and see why. But I love the fourth of the July anyway because it is my day or at least I call it my day even though it is the American holiday.

The Fourth of July is a national holiday celebrating the anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. On this day parts of the United States have parades to celebrate their independence. A national holiday celebrating the anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. They even have a huge fireworks display, and as I mentioned in my Canada day post who doesn’t like fireworks? I love fireworks. When you watch the fireworks on the fourth of July what is your first thought? I bet you never thought of it before, so the next time you are watching a firework display on the fourth of July thinks about it. What comes to mind?

I have thought about it because even though I am Canadian I have fireworks on the fourth of July. What I have thought about years previously on the fourth of July is, even though the year is almost over, for me since I am another year older it is a beginning of a new chapter for me new experiences new adventures, that type of thing. The meaning of the fourth of July is for all intent purposes the beginning of summer. Why would I say it is the beginning of summer when summer starts in June? Well, I say it because it is the first official month of summer vacation and that is when families take more, vacations together and spend time with each other, and what better day to do that on than the fourth of July.

Fireworks for the 4th of  July in NYC
Fireworks for the 4th of July in NYC

Happy Fourth of July

I like the fourth of July because usually it is really warm and you can spend the entire day outside. Summer is something that I love and I love the outdoors who doesn’t? What do you love about the fourth of July and what does it mean to you? Depending on the person the fourth of July can mean a number of different things as can anything else wouldn’t you agree? On the fourth of July we are all supposed to party whether we are Canadian or American wouldn’t you say? Do you like the fourth of July?

The fourth of July is a lot like Canada day but for the American's because it is when their country came to be. Which means they do limitless partying and barbecues in order to commemorate the event. There are limitless amounts of fireworks that are used during this event. Limitless amounts of barbecues that are held for family and friends so that they can spend time together on this special day if that is what people think of it.

For someone like me who is Canadian but still celebrates I like to have cake on this day and limitless amounts of fun because it is my birthday after all. The meaning of the fourth of July is when the United States became one with all the little colonies around it, They fought just like Canda to become one country instead of a bunch of little ones next to each other. The meaning of the fourth of July is about limitless celebration for their country is one. It is a form of an independence country instead of having to answer to someone else, that is what they celebrate limitlessly on the fourth of July.

The meaning of the fourth of July from a Canadian perspective is to party and have a good time. Just like we would on Canada day even though most Canadain's have to work on the fourth of July that doesn't mean they can't party when they come home from work. At least that is what we do.

From a Canadian's perspective, it is a day where you celebrate with fireworks to not only commemorate the country but to celebrate a birthday. It is a great day, because who doesn't like a celebration especially when there are fireworks and barbecue food. Since it is in the summer the Fourth of July has a lot of barbecues and fireworks to ring in its independence day every year. I say this because that is what we usually do on my birthday, it is like one big party of the united states and for me in Canada because I was born on that day.

Happy Birthday
Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

The Fourth of July is a day celebrated by the country right across the river from us if we live in Windsor or close to it. It is a day of celebrating for the United States and sometimes it even comes to Canada depending on the day that the fourth falls, on. It is always a day for celebrating in my book because with it being my birthday why wouldn't I want to celebrate it limitlessly since it is the United States Birthday Too?

What do you think the meaning of fourth of July is?

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    • louise-barraco profile imageAUTHOR

      Louise Barraco 

      16 months ago from Ontario

      I was born on the fourth of July so to me it is all about the partying. But I am bias.

    • louise-barraco profile imageAUTHOR

      Louise Barraco 

      16 months ago from Ontario

      Thanks for the comment that is good to know

    • Jay C OBrien profile image

      Jay C OBrien 

      16 months ago from Houston, TX USA

      To me the 4th of July represents the breakup of the British Empire. To me it is a sad day because it represents separation, turmoil and war. I am opposed to fighting and killing on a personal level. I do not believe the United States was justified in separating itself from the rest of the Kingdom. Taxes should have been paid. Representation in Parliament would have come as the population of North America increased. If the USA had remained British we could have avoided the Civil War. Slavery was repealed by Parliament 20 years before the Civil War. I suggest all the English speaking countries rejoining into the United Kingdom.

    • Molly Layton profile image

      Molly Layton 

      3 years ago from Alberta

      Your Fourth of July celebration sounds fun.

    • Akriti Mattu profile image

      Akriti Mattu 

      3 years ago from Shimla, India

      Thanks for the information .

      Voted up


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