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The scariest Halloween Halloween Houses

Updated on October 21, 2014
My friend and I at Hobb's grove
My friend and I at Hobb's grove


There are many aspects about Halloween that make it wonderful. Decorating houses can leave trick-or-treaters in awe. Pranks that scare are found all over the internet during the Halloween season. Sexy and scary costumes let people be somebody else if only for a night. Friends test each other's bravery by venturing into graveyards, abandoned places, and other areas of urban myths. Then we have Halloween haunted houses, some a mere walk-thru of a dark and creepy house, where actors and props are waiting to scare. This is what the article will be about. Finding the most scary, intense, haunted houses throughout the United States and why people from all over the globe travel to these places.

#6-Dent Schoolhouse

City/State: Denver Colorado

Location: Dent Gazzette

Price (tickets bought online or cash at event):

  • in sets of two-20 through 40 dollars depending on rather you want to fast-pass or wait in line
  • 10 dollars lights-on tour
  • 15 dollars lights off-tour
  • 25 dollars for ghost tour

Based off a real murder that happened in the location, this is set up in a way where a janitor goes crazy and starts killing students at the school. Brilliant actors, props, and lights tease all that come inside, releasing a horror as people walk through basements of cut up body parts, rooms full of disturbing materials including a whole room dedicated to dolls, and a detention hall that does not want to let naughty students out, this twenty minutes intense walk-thru will leave all weak in their knees and pleading for an exit sign.

This schoolhouse has been listed on eight different Halloween magazines as being on the top ten including Haunted Attraction Magazine, Top Haunts Magazine, and House of Doom Haunts just to name a few so as you can imagine, it is really quite a scare.

#5-The 13th Gate

City/State: Baton Rouge/Lousianna

Location: Baton Rouge

Price: 25-40 (general admission and VIP)

Imagine knowing you are going to hell and have no way to stop it. Once you step onto the elevator, you sign over your innocence to explore the thirteen areas that mess with your feelings and twist the darkest fears into reality. Tight caverns, lost civilizations, and streets full of murderers. Not to mention the classics like clowns, zombies, and psychos that will make you squirm. In 2014, there is a new addition to this horror that surrounds clowns, kidnapping, and murder, a great combination right? Would you be so brave as to venture into the pits of hell?

#4-Cutting Edge

City/State: Fort Worth/Texas


  • Adult 29.99-49.99 (general admission and fastpass)
  • Child 24.95-45.29 (general admission and fastpass)

Claustrophobia is thegoal of this haunted house that twists reality and the mere length of the house is enough to drive anybody crazy. The true terror comes when people arrive to the meat factoring plant area where true terror exists for anybody who dares venture in. Realistic dummies and actors that love what they do truly mess with personal space and even just a room full of bubbles leave people shaking with anxiety and feel completely overwhelmed with fear.

The reason this is so far down the list, is not that it is the scariest but rather it is the longest haunted house coming in at 55 minutes. The mere length leave some visitors uneasy by itself but add the noises, sights, and tiny spaces, it is truly a experience to have.

#3-Freakling Bros: Trilogy

City/State: Las Vegas Nevada

Price: $30 for all three events

There are three different events in one location, each one battles to out scare-each other which only leads to true horror for those who dare enter. We have the Circus of Horrors,Castle Vampyre, and the Gates of Hell. Let's start with the Circus of Horrors. Unlike other attractions where you simply walk from room to room, this one you have all control over. You have to solve puzzles, open doors, wait and wait for something to happen in order to advance. The ending is sure to leave all unable to sleep so be cautious when deciding to go because you will not be able to back out.

Castle Vampyre: vampires are not scary but they are truly terrifying in this attraction. Imagine monsters coming at you from all directions (under you, over you, on either side of you), and it is constant. Not like a cheap scare and then nothing, no it is unstop. Add to this brilliant props including mirrors that is actually a door (so no reflection), and a unease feeling that will not leave you alone. When you finally come out, all you want to do is run and never return.

The Gates of Hell is only for adults which only adds to the appeal. If it is only for adults why? How scary is it? How intense? Then you realize that the reason why is because you need to sign a waiver that allows actors to actually touch you. Yes, true horror recognized, you are not safe anymore. The horror is different than the others. Murder scenes, suicide scenes, and torture scenes leave you shaking as you are actually either tied up, put in cages, etc...Not much more should be revealed other than this warning, if you chose to go to this event you can be pushed, shoved, grabbed, and verbally abused. For true thrill seekers, this is an event for you.


Warning About the Last Two

As we get to the last two, a warning is in place. They both involve having to sign a waiver that gives permission to allow actors to touch you, however they go way beyond just letting actors grab your foot or push you. No, they will involve making the buyer participate in ways that is truly terrifying. So these are for the extreme horror lovers. If you are not, there are tons of wonderful haunted houses throughout the United States. My favorite one is Hobb's Grove by Clovis, California. I love it because it is in the middle of nowhere and they have three different events (haunted forest, haunted house, haunted hayride), as well as contests, bands, and interacting with the cast. I always recommend that one and I will be there on Halloween like I have been for the last three years. It is wonderful. So for those who love horror or for those who curious what the last two events are, we we go.


City/State: Los Angeles, California and New York, New York

Price: $65

Blackout is a special Halloween event that is much like the show Blackout on the Scifi channel. So there is no jump scares, supernatural activity, or scary music. This is more like a dehumanizing and degrading type of horror. One that leaves you feeling vulnerable. Only allowing one person to enter at a time (LA only) , the 'victim' is at the mercy of the actors. People have reported to be touched, dragged, groped, 'spit' on (really water), peed on (water again), having to crawl across obstacles like used condoms (filled with hopefully water), forced to eat what people give them, and other dehumanizing acts. People are given a safe-word before entering and after they sign the waiver and so at any moment, if it gets too much, a person can immediately call it off and they will be escorted to the exit.

So like I said, this is not for a lot of people, you are basically giving permission to let yourself get in a really vulnerable position and that can be too much for a lot of people. So be cautious when deciding to go.

Some other Los Angeles Halloween event is Knott's Halloween Haunt, Halloween Horror Nights, Raymound Hill's Mortuary, and a lot of other attractions. So if Blackout is not your thing you have a lot of other options.

#1-McKamey Manor

City/State-San Diego, California

Price: can of dog food but must be put on the reservation list on their facebook page

There is no other haunted attraction that deserves this spot than MM. Only those 21 and older can enter into this journey of madness due to extreme physical contact. This is where nightmares start. It is basically a two-six hour journey of people trying to survive a night in the manor. This is considered extreme because people can be held against their will, punched, duct taped as well as other types of bondage including a head-cage. I do not want to give away too much information but I can say that most of the time, people leave way before the end of the tour due to extreme fear. Although there is a lot of people protesting against it due to the amount of violence, there is a lot of people trying to be accepted to go through the experience.

In Conclusion

Here are six of the most disturbing or scariest haunted houses throughout the United States, Some of these are truly for the extreme. I hope to hear from some of you who have went to any of these haunted houses and share your experiences and rather or not you believe that they deserve to be on this list or not.

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    • Elsie Hagley profile image

      Elsie Hagley 

      3 years ago from New Zealand

      With Halloween approaching this article could be good reading for people looking for something to do for Halloween in 2015, prices may have changed and some may not be available this year, that will be up to the writer to check them out for 2015.

      Happy Halloween.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      4 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      Very scary and sounds fun if you are looking for such fears.


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