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The summertime

Updated on February 25, 2012


The season of summer

Every kid enjoys the summertime as it is a time for fun and games and a well deserved break from school. It is generally the warmest time of the year and many families plan their vacations during this time when their kids are off from school. For most kids it is an adjustment to go from a structured schedule during the school year to a relaxed one in the summer. For some kids the structure is necessary and if both parents work then the kids may still continue their schooling in a summer class environment that is a bit more relaxed but still focuses on the students continued learning experience mixed in with fun activities.

I don't know any kid who did not look forward to the summertime. For me it was my most favorite time of the year and it symbolized celebrating another school year passing by and a time to relax and enjoy time at the pool, time playing little league baseball and time going to day camp. It was also a time when I got to ride my bicycle more often with my friends and a time when I could stay out later and enjoy being a kid. I tended to watch more tv at this time of the year and was not as disciplined like I was during the school year. I would tend to be a bit more relaxed and enjoyed having the recess. In all honesty I did not miss school during this time. However as the time passed I did eventually look forward to getting back to school but that was towards the very end of the summer.

It seems when we are young we want the summer to last forever when we are having fun. At times though we do get bored and need to find things that will interest us and keep us busy so we don't get restless. I remember when I was a kid my mom would always sign us up at the library for the summertime reading program and she would take us there a couple of days during the week where we would sit at a table and find a favorite book to read. We would spend a couple of hours there reading and interacting with other kids and on our way home we would stop for a slice of pizza. It was a fun way to pass the time and to sharpen our reading skills while making some friends.

As a parent of a special needs son we have to pay very close attention to our son and his daily routine. He needs structure in his day and we have to have a planned agenda for him so we always try our best to enroll him in a camp program so he gets the benefit of socialization and is out of the house doing fun things. He can not be home for long periods of times or he will wind up climbing the walls. Kids who are on the spectrum tend to have less patience and are more likely to have meltdowns if they are frustrated and bored. The camp suits his needs and allows him to meet other kids his age and to participate in group activities and have fun. We have been very supportive and offer our encouragement and when we see him having a fun time we are very happy.

The summertime has been a time where we try to plan at least one family weekend trip and one family vacation trip for up to a week before our son goes back to school. There are many places we would love to go but when you are on a budget you go to places that are affordable and offer good wholesome family fun. We have travelled to Pennsylvania and spent time in Hershey where we have lots of fun. Our son has shared his favorite moments there with us which makes our trip even extra special.

Every kid loves going to the beach in the summertime. The feeling of playing in the sand on a warm summer day by the cool ocean with the waves breaking and the times of running in the water and getting wet and trying to ride the waves back to shore are what makes it all worth it. The first thing you must do before spending any time on the beach is to protect yourself with sunscreen to help prevent sunburn due to exposure to the sun's rays. The song that always comes to mind when I plan a day at the beach with my wife and son which is a very interesting and insightful song is the Baz Luhrmann Sunscreen song. It offers sound advice about life and weighs in on the importance and benefits derived from using sunscreen. It is a genius song.

The summer lays claim to having the longest period of daylight during the days and the first day of summer is the longest for seeing the sunlight. It is a period of intese heat so it is very important to protect yourself from the humidity and to stay in cool surroundings and to drink lots of water. It is equally important to exercise using proper judgement and to avoid the intense heat that is a very real threat in the summertime.

When I think of the summer I think of fun music and I think of the years I discovered girls. I remember dating and getting all worried over if a girl liked me or not. It was a perplexing time and being shy made it even more challenging but it was something we all have to experience so we can eventually find that special someone who we trust and can easily talk with and open up to. The toughest time in life is the time we become teenagers when we are developing and dealing with our hormonal changes and trying to find ourselves and making friends along the way. The summertime is the best time to establish friendships and relationships. The hardest relationships we will encounter are the ones when we find someone we like at a camp where we see that person every day we attend and when the summer ends we don't see them anymore. It is a confusing time and we find we might be somewhat depressed over it. It is very important to talk your feelings to someone you trust and not keep it bottled up inside. It is also a good idea if it is possible to keep the relationship alive through communication by letter, telephone, e-mail and nowadays facebook.

Our dream vacation which would be ideal in the fall as opposed to the hot days of summer is a Disney vacation to Orlando, Florida. I would love to take my wife, son and his grandma to Walt Disney world. It would be a wonderful experience for our son and now that he is a big boy he will have lasting memories. I will have to do my homework to find the best deals with the intention of providing our son and the entire family a trip to remember and cherish.

It seems when the summer arrives we have so many things we wish to plan and do and it seems we have plenty of time but once that very first summer day arrives it seems the days just fly by and before you know it you are at your local Walmart or Target buying your child their school supplies and fall clothing. That is why we need to enjoy the summer with our family and plan time together because the time passes by quickly and our lives are always so busy. We are supposed to relax a little come summertime.

My most favorite parts of summertime are the longer days of sunlight and the visits at the ballparks. I love baseball and I love the summer. If I could be a kid again I would make the most of my summers because I know what life is like now as an adult. If we can preserve our childhood for a while longer and enjoy it we will have gained so much and would realize that being a kid is not so bad after all. It is maybe the best part of our lives, if we are lucky enough to have a happy childhood.

My wish is for my son to have an enjoyable summer and a wonderful camp experience that will help him grow and develop so he will have a far better school year come fall. He deserves to find happiness and joy this summer and hopefully will make a friend or two as well. I will see to it that he is kept busy while having fun and that we have a couple of exciting trips planned that will bring a smile to his face and and a desire to capture it on video.

Happy Summer to all!

Edward D. Iannielli III

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