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The true meaning of Easter Sunday

Updated on February 24, 2012

It is always nice to be with family, hanging out in the park, doing a barbecue, and hiding the eggs for the children, especially the ones that have candy. Of course, if sneaky you can always hide the best eggs somewhere where you know the children won't ever be able to find the eggs. Easter is a day to spend with family, for the little girls to wear new dresses with their little new hats, and their new shoes and to have their hair is cute little curls. Even the little boys wear new suits, how doesn't adore a little boy in a new suit. Even, us, adults can look nice on this day and wear nice new clothes, new shoes, even have our hair look nice.

But when one thinks about the true meaning of this day, it is really the day when Jesus rose up from the grave before he descended into heaven. Just three days before he we crucified and put into the grave. He said that he would come up from the grave three days after and it was on this day that he did. Many churches take this day to teach about how Jesus rose up from the dead as he promised he would. This is one of those Sundays when everyone goes to church, you can go to most of the churches around your town and see that they will be packed maybe all the way up to the door. But there is always room for everyone in all the churches.

This holiday is known in two different perspectives depending on who you ask. But before the Easter eggs came to be on this day along with the Easter bunny, there was the resurrection of Jesus. It is important to always remember this because it is what Easter is really about. But it isn't bad to let the children have a little fun at the same time. Just make it clear what the true meaning is.


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