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The Walking Dead Halloween Costumes

Updated on October 26, 2011

New and scary Halloween Costume Ideas for 2011


The Walking Dead - Another Horrifying TV Series

The Walking Dead is a horror TV Series for the AMC Television channel whose Season 1 was a blockbustor, making vampire-fans go crazy. Apart from its popularity among the mass, the critics too have their acclaim for The Walking Dead proving that it is not just another zombie drama. With over 522,000 viewers, Walking Dead Season 1 got the credit of being the most watched TV Series in AMC. So much reception from the audience, and so many many awards like the Golden Globe, Emmy, Critics' Choice, etc., has resulted in too much expectations for The Walking Dead Season 2 which is releasing this October 13, 2011.

Imagine how much of attraction you would get if you turn up for yur party in horribly scary Walking Dead Halloween costumes?

3 Reasons why you should get Walking Dead Halloween costumes this year

1. Coincidentally, Halloween's falling on October 31, the same month when The Walking Dead Season 2 is releasing. So, you can port the latest trend and impress your friends.
2. Halloween is all about scary costumes and The Walking Dead is the latest goriest and scariest TV Series. Walking Dead zombies mask seems realistic with those decomposed heads, collapsed eyes and decayed flesh all over enough to make one faint on the first sight itself.
3. Walking Dead Halloween costumes are not available everywhere. All the hype about this zombie series started only a year before. So nobody else will wear the same costume as yours.

Dead, Decayed and Decomposed Masks

Masks are more important than your costumes. For people get scared by horrifying faces easier than dresses. The Walking Dead zombie masks are made of high quality latex plastic that you don't have to worry about your skin. Girls who are planning to dress up like a zombie this Halloween can just buy this mask and wear any drooping dress of choice. Rubie's is an official manufacturer of The Walking Dead Halloween Costumes, but currently they don't offer different size choices. They have one size that will fit most adults. I like the Zombie Man with the split head, He seems awful!

The Walking Dead Costume Accessory

This new Walking Dead Kitchen Knife on Head is the most innovative Costume accessory I found in this collection. Cheap in cost and simple in its working, all you have to do is wear this head band to make it seem as though the knife has cut through your head. Good for those who aren't comfortable wearing masks.

The fearless Rick Grimes of The Walking Dead

Bring your your braver side

Rick Grimes is the hero of the series who rescues survivors of the apocalypse and leads the struggle against the walkers or the zombies. Who knows, he might even be the next James Bond as the show progresses. So better collect shirts, pants and a hat similar to his. If not you also get a complete set of hats, belts with baton, shirts and pants at Amazon.

Complete Walking Dead Men's Halloween Costumes

Though a mask speaks so much about your costume, you can seem more realistic with these complete zombie costume. They are official "The Walking Dead" Halloween Costumes and so they make you look perfectly gory for your partly. When I just looked at them from the outside, I could just find old and torn denim coat and pants. But if you look at the chest closely, it seems as though its all flesh.

Girls are no more delicate darlings

Walking Dead Halloween Costume for Women and Girls

Zombie Cotume Sets for Women

The trend has changed and women who once wanted to look sexy on Halloween are now searching for ways to look ugly and super-natural.

For women who are nodding their heads right now, Zombie Halloween costume would be the best. The set includes a skirt and a jacket with attached gauze. The polyester material will be durable, but it needs only hand wash. It is not the usual witch costume which covers you full. This costume reveals your physique while at the same time scare people from looking at you! Get the matching pearls look complete the look!

For girls, the set includes a pink bath robe and matching shirt with shorts along with unfitting bunny shoes.

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Tips to make Zombie Makeup

The Walking Dead Halloween Makeup: Learn the nuances of liquid latex makeup and find easy ways to create burns, cuts and wounds.


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