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Are holidays losing their meaning?

Updated on September 29, 2015
And it's only September!
And it's only September!

Holidays are less meaningful.

Have you noticed something happening over the past few years with our holidays? As each year passes we get closer and closer to a period in time when holidays don't have the same impact as they use to have. We are slowly becoming what the marketers want us to be. Slowly brainwashed into thinking we need these products they sell every holiday. I remember there use to be a time when these holidays had a little more meaning than they do now. What will it be in the next 5 years? As we see society falling away from the way things use to be.

The stores made me do it!

I went into the Dollar Store the other day and noticed that they had holiday stuff out. Now for me I love halloween. I can't think of a better holiday than one you can dress up and get candy on top of it all. But then I was was also noticing a turkey next to the pumpkins and mask. I my mind I could only see the horror of the reality. Yes my friends they had Thanksgiving stuff already out and next to my favorite holiday stuff. I was thinking to myself - Have you no shame? But as I looked closer I noticed another thing. Thats right you guessed it, Christmas stuff was there too! My mind almost blew a fuse. They crossed the streams and almost ripped a hole in the space time continuum. I started to get dizzy so I had to get my things and leave the store. Thinking to myself on the way home - It has happened. The world is ending and it starts with the blending of holidays.

The reality of it all.

So now what we have is a shorter isle of Halloween stuff because they are trying to sell Thanksgiving stuff now. I just picture a confused kid thinking his new turkey costume is something other kids dream of dressing up as for Halloween. In fact thats not a bad idea. A Halloween costume of a rabied turkey of some sort. Sorry my mind got side tracked and the hamster fell off the wheel. But yes Thanksgiving has already turned into a Black Friday frenzy that makes people go crazy over stuff they don't need. No longer staying and enjoying time with the family after we all sit at the dinner table like people use to. We now wait in line freezing out in the cold for sales from the stores to try and save a few dollars. People are camping out all night to get the best deal from Best Buy or Wal-Mart. I usually wait the next day to see the injury count of the black friday aftermath (an exaggeration.. or is it?). What has happened to us over the past few years to get us to that point? Is it a result of a bad economy or just our lack of TV's in the house? Is America hurting that bad for a flat screen TV that people will rush the stores to grab a TV on sale?


Christmas is now more about the gifts (the ones purchased during Black Friday. And yes that same gift you probably fought someone over in line for! Because the store said SALES!) and not about the family anymore. As society changes we are all growing away from what we use to believe in. We are doing what the advertising says to do and that is to go out and have a cage match in isle 4 for a cheap TV! And maybe you family is different but when I watch the Black Friday sales on the news it says other wise.

Just thoughts really

One day we will get back to the basics of things. And realize that we don't really need all the stuff out there that the advertisements say, unless your gonna make a really good halloween costume! Then it's a green light to buy what you need to make a good costume to scare the kids as they trick or treat down the road. Crying that you scared them but deep down inside they know they loved it. And on top of this I'm just really making humor out of the whole situation really. Hopefully someone out ther gets a laugh out it.


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    • peachpurple profile image


      3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      any occasion and festivals had become a money making profiteers, not for joy nymore


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