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Things To Do On A 50 Year Birthday

Updated on October 27, 2009

When someone is having a 50 year old birthday its both sweet and sour. Its sweet because its like your half way through your life and you get to look back on all your accomplishments, and its sour because your half way through your life! While you may be wondering what kinds of things to do on a 50 year birthday, there are quite a few options to choose from in order to make the Birthday "boy" or "girl" a very happy camper. My dad just recently turned 50 and I really wanted to go all out for him so I started thinking of different ways I could go about this, and I would like to share these things with you! So let's take a look at a few of these fantastic things to do on a 50 year birthday!

-Theme Party For 50 Year Olds: Theme parties aren't just for little kids anymore. There are dozens and dozens if themes that can be for adults. This would be the perfect time to really get into something like this. There are all kinds of websites online and business offline that offer party themed products. Everything from candles and napkins, to cardboard cut outs and gifts specifically for the theme.

You can do everything from sports like golf and tennis to movie themes like Westerns and Action. Remember, this is to do with whatever the birthday man or woman enjoys, so it's time to go ALL out. One birthday person I found online had their family actually do an "over the hill" party. Which is another fun way to poke fun at the birthday person and allow them to realize that their 50th CAN be fun!

- Surprise Tickets!: You can find something specific that the person you are celebrating with likes and buy them tickets for it on a whim. This could be for something like a sport's activity like a Football Championship or a Tennis Tournament. Or it could be for their favorite band or favorite type of music. This is also a rather cheap and inexpensive way of going about things because there are also several different sites online that you can get the exact tickets you want for a really low price!

- Go on a trip: If its your wife or husband, the two of you can go away on a fantasy trip for two! This can also be fun because you can either do something incredibly spontaneous that he or she would never expect or you could go on a trip some place they always wanted to go to. Also, when booking your trip at a lot of B&Bs you can also tell them that you want a romantic theme and they can set up special items for you like roses, bubble baths, champagne, strawberries, etc. It really depends on what you and your mate would like! Frankly, I like the sound of some champagne and surprise chocolate covered strawberries!

- Buy a special cake: One of the things I always wanted to do was buy a cake from Charm City Cakes aka Ace Of Cakes. Oh you know that show! And if you don't then you better get to watching it! There is cake places like this in almost every single city in the country. These are all speciality cakes which are NOT mass produced. This means that you not only get a tiny little scribble that says "Happy Birthday Jake" but you are actually going to get a cake completely dedicated to your mate. This sort of goes along with a theme party, but not necessarily.

You can definitely do a theme cake without doing a theme party. Make sure you really think about what your mate or this birthday person likes because these bakeries can do almost anything you want! Football cake? You got it. Chessboard with chess pieces? No problem. Or maybe you two have a little inside joke with each other, they can make a cake that includes this as well! Note that a speciality cake is probably going to be more on the expensive side, but I can guarantee that this is something that they will never forget!

Obviously there are a few more additions when it comes to things to do on a 50 year birthday, but aforementioned are a few of the most popular options I could give you to take a look at! If you want even more ideas, I would really suggest that you take a look online at all the sites available and see if you can get more ideas. Or who knows, maybe after looking at a few of these sites you might come up with your own spin on things! The point to all of this is to make the person having the birthday have THE best time possible!


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