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Seven Halloween Party Themes for Adults

Updated on October 12, 2014

Halloween is one of the most anticipated holidays of the year. For adults, even more-so. From themed cocktails to delicious treats, Halloween is the perfect excuse to dress up and indulge.

If you're thinking of hosting a Halloween party, the last thing you want is for it to be generic. Here is a list of some fun, unique ideas for party themes that are certain to wow your guests!


What better way to spook your guests than inviting them to a haunted house? Add some floating ghosts, creepy sounds, and lots of cobwebs, and you'll have your guests thrilled all night!

Here are some must-haves for your Haunted House party:

  • A soundtrack of creepy noises to greet your guests when they arrive.
  • Colored lights inside that are also visible from the outside. They'll have your guests spooked before they even enter your home!
  • Some distressed props and caution tape. Make your home look like it was abandoned, and like something terrible lurks inside . . .
  • Things that jump out. Buy a couple of moving Halloween props. Whether it's a figurine that shouts warnings as someone passes it, or a hand that grabs you when you reach into the candy bowl, your guests will appreciate the light-hearted frights!
  • You can't have a party without food and drinks, right? Set up your party table with Halloween-themed snacks and drinks, and cover it all in cobwebs. Make sure to add some ghost-shaped foods to accent your haunted theme!
  • I've said this before, but cobwebs. You want to make sure your house looks haunted, so lots and lots of cobwebs.


With The Walking Dead and an explosion of other zombie media, the zombie apocalypse is a hot topic these days. Use the opportunity to throw your guests a zombie-themed party! It's sure to please all your friends who are fans of The Walking Dead.

Here is what you need for your Zombie Apocalypse party:

  • Themed food and drink. You'll want to really play on the assortment of zombie-themed snacks. From brain cupcakes to chocolate gravestones, your options are limitless.
  • Caution tape and ripped fabric. Make your home look like the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse.
  • Fake blood, wherever you can put it that won't stain. I also would consider placing a human cutout on the wall, or have some fake body parts lying around. What's great about this theme, is you can basically go as gruesome as you want.
  • Twinkies and Code Red Mountain Dew. If you've seen Zombieland, you'll get this reference. You can also put them aside and mark them: "Rations," or something else apocalypse-sounding.
  • You've got to do the Thriller dance. Come on. It's totally classic, and at a zombie-themed party, how can you pass it up?


Sadly, this is an awesome theme that simply isn't done enough; and when they are done, they're often not done right. But when executed correctly, Masquerade's can be the highlight of your whole Halloween season.

Here's how to do a Masquerade right:

  • Send formal invitations with fancy script. Masquerades are done best when executed with opulence. Wow your guests from the start with elegant invitations, and insist that your guests wear masks.
  • Okay, so a lot of your guests didn't bring masks. Even if you make it a requirement, you're still going to have this problem. The best thing you can do is prepare for this by supplying enough masks for all your guests. Make sure to make the masks different, so your guests will have options to choose from!
  • Offer a table of finger foods. For drinks, opt for some nicer options like wine, champagne, or cider.
  • If you're hosting it at your house, dress the place up. You'll want your house to resemble something of a ballroom. Put up draperies with rich colors like red, purple, and gold. Set up candelabras and, if possible, maybe some mini-chandeliers.
  • Decorate the walls with masks. A good masquerade should scream drama, and it's always good to reinforce your theme.


Halloween is all about indulgence. So why not play on that? Make your party dark and sexy with a Dark Temptations theme. The focus here should be on indulgence, with delectable foods and nearly sinful cocktails.

Here's how to do it:

  • Food is important with this theme. Wow your guests with foods to die for, such as roasted duck and sauteed vegetables, with a huge dessert table featuring chocolate covered strawberries, double chocolate mousse, pecan tarts, pumpkin cheesecake with caramel drizzle, and a chocolate fountain with lots of dippers. Just an example. The point is, you want your guests to have a lot of high quality options to choose from.
  • Drinks. Make lots of specialty drinks and cocktails for your guests. Make sure they are top notch, and fit the Halloween theme. Maybe some red cocktails and red wine, to resemble blood?
  • Dark lighting; use lots of candles or lanterns to give it a dark feel. Then decorate with black roses, some black, ripped fabric, and so forth. Any Halloween decorations that will give your party a luxurious, mature atmosphere.
  • Adult games. As this is the most adult party on the list, it would only be fitting to have adult games! Whether you're into drinking games or Dirty Minds, they would be a perfect fit for this type of party.


There are several ways to do a Witch-themed party. Whether you prefer bright, bold colors or a dark, spooky feel, a Witch-theme can accommodate both of them! But why not take it a step further? Theme your party Witch's Brew by emphasizing your selection of drinks.

Here's how you do it:

  • First, supply a large selection of drinks for your brews. These can range from cocktails, to wine, to beer, to just plain soda. Consider putting one of your brews in a cauldron for an authentic feel. A spiked punch would work great for this!
  • Decorations are somewhat up to you. Witch decorations range from cute to scary, so pick the type you want and run with it. Just make sure to decorate with some witch memorabilia, such as witch hats, to enforce your theme.
  • Include themed favors. There's a lot of fun witch-themed favors out there! One that I particularly like is the candy-filled broomstick. It's fun and easy to make. You can look up how to do it online.
  • Be cliché. Enforce the witch theme by playing "I Put a Spell on You" at some point during the party. You can also have a contest to see who can make the best or most unique "brew."


Vampires seem to be pretty popular nowadays. So why not host a vampire's ball? A black and red color scheme, some red cocktails, and you've got a perfect ball underway.

Here's what you need:

  • First, send formal invitations cordially inviting your guests to your vampire ball. Make it look elegant, and for a gruesome touch, consider adding a few fake blood splatters on there. Your guests will love it!
  • Prepare a themed dinner. With food, try adding things that can be compared to blood. For example, if you have a meat dish as the main course, drizzle it in raspberry glaze and tell your guests it's drizzled in blood.
  • Add some blood cocktails. There are lots of online recipes for these. You can make bloody milkshake shots, which have fake blood drooping on the side. I looked these up. They look delicious.
  • Decorate in red and black. Also, make sure to light plenty of candles and keep the lighting dark. For fun, you could even hang some fake bats from the ceiling.


One thing that doesn't get enough attention around Halloween is fairy tales. This is likely because of Disney's many light-hearted adaptations; but the original Brother's Grimm tales were quite dark. Mix some elements from the Disney movies as well as the original stories, and you'll have a creepy, yet magical party.

Here's some things to include:

  • Glow in the dark props and string lights. Draw on the magical elements of fairy tales by lighting your party up with twinkling lights.
  • Outside elements; particularly, trees. If you can't have the party outside, rent a few fake trees, put them inside, and string some lights on them. Guests will immediately feel the magic.
  • Add some mature fairy tale elements. Incorporate skulls to represent Skull Rock from Peter Pan, glowing pumpkins from Cinderella, and candelabras to reference Beauty and the Beast.
  • Impress your guests with a fairy feast, with a long food table full of delectable sweets. Include some themed drinks along with it.

From Haunted Houses to Fairy Tales, Halloween can accommodate a variety of themes. But no matter what the theme, what's most important, is that you have a light-hearted holiday spent with friends and family. So drink, eat delicious food, and most of all, have fun :) .

Which theme most appeals to you this Halloween?

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    • kwarrenbryant profile imageAUTHOR

      Kelsey Warren-Bryant 

      5 years ago

      Denise, I'm so glad that idea works for you! I hope you guys have a great Halloween!

    • Denise Cole Aparo profile image

      Denise Cole Aparo 

      5 years ago from Connecticut

      My four grand-daughters would love the Fairy Tale idea! I could make this age-appropriate. Thanks!


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