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This Day in History: April 11th

Updated on April 11, 2017
Larry Slawson profile image

Larry Slawson is a graduate student who specializes in the field of Russian and Ukrainian history.

This Day in History: April 11th (Quick Facts)

April 11th

Zodiac Sign: Aries (March 20th to April 19th)

Day Number: 98th Day of the Year (99th Day during Leap Years) -- 267 Days remaining in year 2017.

Birthstone: Diamond

Birth Flower: Daisy

International Holidays and Observances Taking Place Today: Barbershop Quartet Day; Holy Tuesday, National Eight-Track Tape Day; National Cheese Fondue Day; National Pet Day; World Parkinson's Disease Day; First Day of Passover.

Moon Cycle: Full Moon (100% Illumination tonight)

Number of Days President Trump Has Been in Office: 81 Days's Word of the Day: Rampike -- A dead tree; referring to the dead remains of a tree (following fire, lightning, or wind).

Random Fact of the Day: M&M's stands for "Mars & Murrie's; the last names of the candy's creators.

Current Stock Market Numbers (As of 3:10 p.m.): NASDAQ: 5,856; DOW: 20,616; S&P: 2,348

Inspirational Quote of the Day: "Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time." -- Thomas A. Edison.

Daily Bible Verse: "Finally, be ye all of one mind, having compassion one of another, love as brethren, be pitiful, be courteous." -- 1 Peter 3:8 (KJV)

Random Russian Word of the Day: Brakkoli (Broccoli) -- брокколи (Cyrillic)

Suggested Reading for the Day: A People's Tragedy: A History of the Russian Revolution (Review available here).

Famous Birthdays on April 11th:

1.) In 146, Lucius Septimius Severus (Roman Emperor).

2.) In 1715, John Alcock (English Composer).

3.) In 1770, George Canning (British Prime Minister).

4.) In 1852, Cap Anson (American Baseball Player).

5.) In 1866, Carla Ford (Henry Ford's Wife).

6.) In 1869, Kasturba Gandhi (Mohandas Gandhi's Wife).

7.) In 1912, John Larkin (American Actor).

8.) In 1916, Dan Fortmann (NFL Player for the Chicago Bears).

9.) In 1930, Nicholas Brady (U.S. Secretary of Treasury).

10.) In 1935, Richard Kuklinski (American Mafia Member/Hit-Man).

11.) In 1953, Andrew Wiles (Mathematician).

12.) In 1960, Jeremy Clarkson (British Journalist).

13.) In 1966, Mark Higgs (NFL Player for Arizona Cardinals).

14.) In 1969, Janeth Arcain (WNBA Player for Houston Comets).

15.) In 1971, Oliver Riedel (German Musician).

16.) In 1987, Joss Stone (English Songwriter).

And as always, a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY shoutout to all my readers who were born on April 11th! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Do you remember any of these events?

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Events that Occurred on April 11th:

1.) In 1689, William III and Mary II are crowned rulers of Britain.

2.) In 1783, Cessation of hostilities during American Revolutionary War.

3.) In 1814, Napoleon Bonaparte abdicates the throne and is exiled to Elba.

4.) In 1848, Hungary becomes a constitutional monarchy.

5.) In 1862, Confederates lose control of Fort Pulaski, Georgia during the American Civil War.

6.) In 1865, Battle for Mobile, Alabama. (American Civil War).

7.) In 1868, Shogunate is abolished (Japan).

8.) In 1900, First modern submarine (designed by John Philip Holland) is purchased by the United States Navy.

9.) In 1912, Titanic departs from Queenstown, Ireland.

10.) In 1914, Mexico breaks off diplomatic relations with the United States.

11.) In 1933, Hermann Goering becomes Premier of Prussia.

12.) In 1936, Detroit Red Wings win Stanley Cup.

13.) In 1942, the United States Merchant Marine establishes its "Distinguished Service Medal."

14.) In 1945, the United States Army liberates "Buchenwald" concentration camp.

15.) In 1950, An American B-29 Bomber is shot down over Latvian territory.

16.) In 1951, General Douglas McArthur is relieved of his command by President Harry Truman.

17.) In 1952, The Battle of Nanri Island Occurs.

18.) In 1956, France deploys 200,000 troops to Algeria.

19.) In 1961, Adolf Eichmann is tried for war crimes in Jerusalem, Israel.

20.) In 1963, the United States conducts a nuclear weapon test in Nevada.

21.) In 1965, 40 tornadoes kill 272 people (over 5,000 injured) in the United States.

22.) In 1968, Civil Rights Act signed by President Lyndon B. Johnson.

23.) In 1970, Failed Apollo 13 flight is launched.

24.) In 1976, Steve Wozniak releases the Apple I Computer.

25.) In 1984, China invades Vietnam.

26.) In 1984, Konstanti Chernenko becomes President of the Soviet Union.

27.) In 1991, Cease fire with Iraq is declared.

28.) In 2002, a coup d'etat takes place in Venezuela (challenging the rule of President Hugo Chavez).

29.) In 2006, Iran announces that it has successfully completed its uranium enrichment program.

30.) In 2012, Indonesia experiences a 8.6 magnitude earthquake.

31.) Fossilized dinosaur eggs are discovered in China.

32.) President Barack Obama meets with Raul Castro (Marking the first meeting between the United States and Cuba since the Cuban Revolution).

Please be sure to check out my other "days in history" articles as well! I hope you enjoyed reading! If you have any comments or suggestions for additional items that you would like to see in these daily articles, please don't hesitate to comment below! I am always on the lookout for additional content to add.

Until next time!


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    • vocalcoach profile image

      Audrey Hunt 11 months ago from Idyllwild Ca.

      This is quite a list! Very interesting as well as educational. I remember hearing about the earthquake in Indonesia in 2012. You did a great deal of research. Thanks.