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12 Thoughtful Sympathy Gift Ideas

Updated on February 23, 2015

There’s nothing harder than watching someone we love going through a hard time after having suffered the loss of someone they love. It’s just saddening to standby wondering what you can do, other than be there for them.

Sympathy Gift Ideas

While most people will choose to send flowers which is always a beautiful thing, it’s good to have a few other sympathy gift ideas available to you.

While being there for the grieving family is the best possible thing you can do, you may feel propelled to get the family a nice gift as a way for you to deal with their emotional pain. If you are in need of some sympathy gift ideas, here’s a list that should not be overlooked!

  • Poem: Whether you write the poem form your own heart, or choose a sentimental one with your heart, a nice poem is always welcomed by someone who has experienced a great loss.
  • Scrapbook: If you were particularly close with the one who passed and have many pictures you’d like to share, put together a scrapbook to gift to the family after the funeral so they can have something to cherish forever.
  • Picture frame: Have only a single but really good picture of the deceased? Whether it’s fairly recent or a total throwback picture, put it in a really nice frame to give to the family. Choose a thoughtful picture frame such as one with an angel or one that has a nice sentiment imprinted on it.
  • Baked goods gift basket: We can almost always find comfort in food during a tragic loss. Even if it doesn’t get consumed right away, it will still be appreciated and surely eaten eventually.
  • Relaxing bath gift basket: One of the most calming things in life is a nice, hot bath. Put together a large gift basket of pampering essentials from bath salts and bubbles, to aromatherapy candles.
  • Worry stone: You know those smooth and flat stones that usually have a word such as “serenity” or “strength” etched into them? Those are worry stones and make for a thoughtful gift.

  • Angel wing necklace charm: Although it’s not going to make them feel better right away, getting the person of grieving an angel wing necklace charm will ultimately give them something they can wear to remember their loved ones everyday, which will help with the grieving process in the long run.
  • Angel figurine: Knick-knacks always make for a thoughtful gift, so find a pretty angel with a piece of scripture or a nice poem inscribed on it.
  • Tree memorial: There’s many companies out there who offer to plant a tree for a small fee and send you a piece of paper certifying that it was done. You can also opt to plant a tree in the family’s yard and place a memorial plaque in front of it.
  • Buy a star: Yes, you can buy a star and name it, too! Not only this, but you will receive a piece of paper telling you where the star is and what the name is! This will really give a grieving family something nice to look at in the night sky when looking towards those angels.
  • Hot air balloon ride: This may not be suitable for everyone but chances are, if you’re willing to fork out this kind of money, then you know the person well enough. Along with a gift certificate, be sure to include a special message saying “I wanted to give you something to get as close to your angel as possible.”
  • Home-cooked meal: Whenever we experience a loss, it’s hard to focus on eating regularly, let alone cooking meals! A home-cooked meal shows you care and may be more of a comfort than you know.

Include a Heartfelt Card

Always remember that no matter what kind of gift you are giving, you should always include a sympathy card with a special message written by you in the card.

You want them to know that you are there for them in their time of need, that they have a shoulder to cry on. Such sentiments can warm the coldest of hearts during the darkest of times!

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