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Thoughts About Mothers

Updated on May 7, 2015

Thank You Mom

A thank you to you mothers who have set an example, loved, and sacrificed. Thank you for making your priority your children and loving us unconditionally. Thank you for being courageous and loving enough to show us when we are traveling in the wrong direction and help guide us to making decisions that will result in a better life. Thank you for being our shero's.

Life With Mom

To you teenagers and young adults. The best is yet to come if you have a great mother. When we are teenagers we often think they are “ruining our lives” or “never want us to have fun” when they wouldn't allow us to engage in certain activities or hang out with certain people. To those going through this stage I promise 10 years from now you will understand why they didn't want you hanging out with Wild Amy down the street or staying out all night long like your friends. Just wait, time will certainly reveal that your mothers were not trying to ruin your lives but really had your best interests at heart.

As you become a young adult you still have your mother grooming you, with your best interest in mind. She's helping you, without solicitation, to pick men that are potential husbands. You may find this annoying because you are on your Cyndi Lauper Girls Just Wanna Have Fun stage in life. Mom is there to remind you that you have to think of your future and make decisions with that in mind.

Now here's the best part. When you get older you suddenly have an ah-ha moment and realize wow, I have the best friend ever! In the end your relationship transitions and you enjoy seeking her wisdom and knowledge. You might be surprised about how “in tune” your mother is about what goes on in the world. You have someone that may have their “senior moments” in some cases, and you encounter a women that wears A LOT of flowers all of a sudden. Suddenly you realize the dynamics in your relationship resulted in developing a friendship with someone who always wants the best for you, gives you great advice, remains honest about what you are or are not doing right, and shower you with the most hugs and kisses of anyone you know. Unconditional Love. Wisdom. Parenting Secrets/Advice.

Thank You Mom

Mother Love

Your Love -Your Life -Your Mother. Happy Mothers day. I encourage you to do everything you can for your mother this mothers day. She deserves it. Everything she taught you will come in handy and you will use it when you need it the most. Although she may have not 100% designed the person you have become they are always proud of you.

Remember, mothers don't require the big things. They delight in your company and the little things too.

For Those Who Lost Your Mother

To those who have lost your mother it is never too late to honor her and devote your time to charities that might honor her memory. She may not by physically here to love you but she is never far from you, she is your angel watching over you. Keep her memory alive and celebrate her and all the fun times you remember. Spend time at your mothers grave and talk to her about everything going on in your life and some of the things you wonder and pray. Be one with her in spirit as the physical interaction is not possible. Celebrate your daughters children or be a mother to children who are motherless or need a mother figure.

Set your mind to the mission to participate in a breat cancer walk or fundraiser in honor of your mother. Help women who have have been homeless or suffered from domestic violence. If your mother loved flowers then volunteer to help create floats and parades. If she loved participating in charities then follow her footsteps. Trust me, she will grant a feeling of honor to you that will touch your soul from beyond. Live to honor her memory and the things that were important to her. Know that you have experienced unconditional love that will last a lifetime, thanks to Mom.

Tribute to Mom


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    • Akriti Mattu profile image

      Akriti Mattu 

      3 years ago from Shimla, India

      Our lives are so incomplete without our mums. Nobody in the world can ever take their place. Lovely post. Voted up :)


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