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Cupcake Theme Birthday Party Ideas for a First Birthday

Updated on November 16, 2011

I turned to my own hobbies when creating the theme for my daughter’s first birthday. I love baking, and thought the idea of a cupcake theme for her first birthday party would be adorable. I spent plenty of time scouring the Internet for ideas, which I’ve included here for anyone who is looking for some party inspiration for a cupcake birthday party.

Invitations - If you are looking for paper invitations, you can find several great choices on Amazon. If you are looking to save money or prefer to send your invitations electronically, Evite has a very cute cupcake party invite.

A cupcake decorating station is a great birthday party idea.
A cupcake decorating station is a great birthday party idea.

Cupcake decorating station - One adorable idea is to bake a bunch of cupcakes, make several types of frosting, and buy a variety of toppings to make a cupcake decorating station. Kids and adults both get a kick out of being creative and personalizing their own cupcakes. This method also saves you time! You don’t have to frost each cupcake separately. Buy treat bags or boxes and let the kids take home an extra cupcake they’ve decorated as an easy and inexpensive party favor.

Continue the cupcake theme with birthday decorations on a highchair.
Continue the cupcake theme with birthday decorations on a highchair.

High chair decoration - You’ll be taking lots of pictures of the first birthday cake smashing, so you should make sure their high chair is picture ready. I bought some cupcake scrapbook paper and made paper flag pennants to hang on the tray. Cut out a triangle in the size you like and use it as a template for your flags. Punch holes in the top and string onto ribbon. Make easy letter stencils by choosing a font you like in Microsoft word, printing out the letters you need in a large size, cutting them out, and then tracing them onto pretty colored paper. Balloons with cupcakes on them or in the shape of cupcakes are a great addition to tie onto the highchair.

A cupcake smash cake is a cute idea for a first birthday.
A cupcake smash cake is a cute idea for a first birthday.

Giant cupcake smash cake - Wilton makes a great cake pan that looks like a giant cupcake. This pan makes an adorable smash cake for your little one. Use your favorite cake recipe with the pan, then add colorful frosting to make it look like a cupcake. If you have a cake-decorating kit, you can adorn the cake with some flowers, stars, or rosettes.

A cupcake theme birthday party is sure to be a hit with your little one. Throw your baby a cupcake first birthday party. Have fun and be sure to take lots of pictures of the birthday!


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    • profile image

      Tiffany 5 years ago

      Is the cupcake smash cake big? I've seen some cake pans but it actually makes a cake. I'm just looking for something slightly bigger than a regular cupcake. Suggestions?

    • Sinea Pies profile image

      Sinea Pies 6 years ago from Northeastern United States

      This sounds so fun. Cupcakes are more popular than ever and a decorating station gets everyone in on the action. Wonderful ideas!

    • LucysMom profile image

      LucysMom 6 years ago

      Thanks! It was a fun birthday theme. Keep the cupcake bar in mind- I got the most compliments on that. Good luck and happy birthday to the little one!

    • thebookmom profile image

      thebookmom 6 years ago from Nebraska

      What a great hub. We are having a cupcake first birthday very soon. I have highchair flags that are decorated, but now I'll turn them around and add her name, what a cool idea. The info on the giant cupcake is so helpful, I have been wondering how to make that happen. Thanks so much for writing and welcome!