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Throw a Halloween Party

Updated on November 20, 2011

Halloween tends to be the same every year. When you're young, you buy or make costumes, go out for a night of candy and spooks, and at the end, you count your gold. But you've outgrown the whole trick-or-treat stage (some of us, anyway ... ;) ) and now you're stuck inside passing out candy. What a way to spend the night, right?

How about throwing your own Halloween party? It's a great way to keep the spooky tradition alive in a more mature way. Here are a few cheap and fun ways to get started!

1. Food - No party is complete without it. So, what exactly should you provide your guests? Here are a few things to consider:

- What time will guests be showing up? If it's early, you may want to provide dinner. But, since it's Halloween, start your party around 7 and provide snacks.

- Chips and dip is a classic, but try spicing things up! Try kitty litter cake! It's easy enough to make. Simply buy a cake mix (try a confetti/multicolored cake mix to make it look like real kitty litter!) Bake it as instructed, then crumble it up into a "kitty box". Add pieces of stretched up tootsie rolls to look like kitty poo, and voila! Serve fresh and smelly!

2. Decoration - No party is complete without a little spook! You can get all you need for cheap at a dollar store, or make things yourself! Add some orange and black banners around doorways, spooky skull lights around the windows, and if you really want to go out, stores like Spencer's always have awesome Halloween decorations!

3. Costumes - It's just not Halloween without the costumes! Require guests to dress up in any way they want, and be sure to dress up yourself. Of course, this is something you might want to think about and work on way before your party. Try going to a craft store and picking out a pattern for a costume and making it yourself. Be creative and have fun with it!

4. Games - Organize a haunted walk in your back yard, hold costume contests with categories (spookiest, funniest, most original, etc.), have a pi├▒ata (gotta have the candy!), bob for apples, etc. Look up game ideas online or in magazines to make the party fun!

5. Music and Sound Effects - Greet your guests at the door with a creepy sound track. Hide a CD player in some bushes and play a sound track of wolf howls, screams, thunder, and more! For the party, make a playlist of spooky Halloween type songs! Try some of these: "Thriller" by Michael Jackson, "The Addams Family Theme Song", "Ballroom Blitz" by The Sweet, "The Monster Mash" by Bobby Pickett, "Ghost Busters Theme Song," and more! Look online for some other suggestions!

Now you have the ingredients for throwing the biggest and best Halloween party of the year! Happy Halloween!


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