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Throw the BEST Halloween Birthday Party Ever! Great Decoration, Favor and Game Ideas!

Updated on March 6, 2010

If your child was born in the month of October then you are in luck! "Why," you ask?! Because you have the opportunity to throw the biggest and best Halloween Birthday party of all time! What a great combination! When it comes to party games, party favors, decorations and food…the ideas are endless! You will also be able to save money. How? Well most likely, you already have an abundance of Halloween decorations in storage…so why not put them to good use?! Plus, you can plan ahead and buy discounted Halloween supplies (once the season is over) and use them to decorate your party the following year.


Invitations, Decorations, Games and Goodies!

Creating a beautiful and exciting Halloween table-scape is quite easy (see picture). After all, there are so many Halloween decorations available….you will probably have a difficult time choosing! I suggest starting on-line (you can comparison shop and get excellent prices). I also suggest visiting your local dollar store as they will have MANY different types of decorations available. If the Halloween Birthday party you are throwing is geared towards young children, I suggest staying away from the extremely scary and bloody decorations (some young children are extremely sensitive and scare easily).

When you send out your party invitations be sure to let your guests know whether or not they should arrive in costume. Most kids LOVE wearing their Halloween costumes and will be happy to oblige. To play it safe, have an extra mask or two available so that if a child arrives without a costume…they won't feel left out.  As for invitations, there are many different Halloween invitations available…however there are NOT many Halloween / Birthday party invitations out there. Creating your own, personalized invitation using an online photo website (such as Snap Fish or Shutter Fly) will enable you to create the perfect invite! Include a picture of your child dressed in his or her Halloween costume on the invitation and again…let people know if their child should bring their costume (this is very important!).

What a cute Spider Man!
What a cute Spider Man!

Include an Art Project!

I always like to include an art project when I throw a child's birthday party. An art project allows the children to be creative and besides, what child doesn't like glue, glitter and stickers! There are many different Halloween projects to choose from (trust me, the easier the better!). Cut out some pumpkins (using orange construction paper) and have the children decorate them. Better yet, buy some Halloween stickers at the local craft store and have them create a Halloween scene. You can also buy supplies so that the children can make their own masks. Whatever art project you choose, be sure to supply "child-friendly" art supplies (if possible, avoid scissors) and let the creativity flow!

Halloween to make!
Halloween to make!

We're Huntin for Bones!

What's a Halloween Birthday party without party games!? Pin the tail on the black cat and the spider ring toss game are sure to keep your guests entertained. If your guests are young…keep the games simple and remember…everyone is a winner! I always give out lollipops to the children after each one takes a turn (this makes them ALL feel special!). Another GREAT activity is a bone hunt! When I went to the dollar store, I found bags of bones for sale (the bones were small and not scary). Each bag had approximately twenty bones inside (not bad for $1). Before the guests arrived I hid the bones around the first level of the house. When it was time for the bone hunt I gave each child a plastic Halloween bag and let them loose! I must say that they had a FANTASTIC time searching for the bones. At the end of the game we sat in a circle and counted (out loud) the number of bones in each child's bag. They were thrilled!

Cupcakes are always great to serve at birthday parties. Kids love them, they are easy to make and there are many different ways to decorate them. I made pumpkin cupcakes (see pictures) and cupcakes that were simply decorated with Halloween sugars. Most kids are not picky when it comes to cake, however, stick to chocolate and vanilla to play it safe!

Halloween and Birthdays are both fun and exciting (especially when you combine the two!). If your child was born in the month of October why not consider throwing him or her a Halloween Birthday party! In order to save money (and get a bigger bang for your buck) shop after the Halloween season is over and save your purchases for the following year. Remember, it is important to be organized and to keep your party flowing. If you don't have a schedule things can quickly get out of control! Keep projects and games age appropriate and most importantly….HAVE FUN!


More Great Party Themes and Ideas!

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    • profile image

      nicholisa 7 years ago

      i love your web sight it gave me so many good ideas for my friends b-day.thanks

    • Cygstarz profile image

      Cygstarz 7 years ago from Maryland

      Hi Marcella! Hey...I don't see a problem with a Halloween Birthday Party in June! As far as I'm concerned whatever the birthday boy or girl wants...goes! Thanks for commenting!

    • profile image

      marcella  7 years ago

      its all good when you'r birthdays in october but what if they want i in june ?