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Throwing The Ultimate Party

Updated on June 13, 2012

Time to throw an awesome party!

No matter the occasion, whether you're celebrating for the sake of celebrating, or there's an upcoming event, you should always strive to make your party memorable and entertaining. This article will provide you with tips and ideas to throw the ultimate party. We'll start with the bare minimums that you'll need, followed up with some awesome ideas to add some character to your celebration.

First thing is first - Tables

You're going to need tables, obviously. You'll need them mainly for food and drinks, as well as for entertainment. Depending on how many people you plan on inviting, I'd suggest getting as many as possible, especially if you're planning on throwing the party outside. Ask your friends and neighbors if they have any extra tables to spare, as you really don't want to buy any extra unless you want to throw a party every week.

As far as chairs go, you don't want a lot of people sitting, it makes for a boring party. Encourage people to stand and be active. Have enough seating for people to sit down and eat, then they should be out an about, chatting it up with other guests.

Once you understand what you need as far as tables go, now it's time to get creative. If you're having an adults-mostly party, I'd suggest a beer pong table. You can use a standard table, or you can go with a fancy, "official," beer pong table. You'll only need one, even if you have a lot of people that want to play, as it will encourage competition, which is all the more fun. However, if you'd like to be fancy about it, you could have multiple tables that could serve for other games; poker, flip cup, etc.


Again, depending on the type of party you're going to throw, you'll need drinks. You're going to want to have some soda for the younger people and non-drinkers. As far as alcohol, your safest bet is to have a BYOB policy and supply a popular drink that people don't mind drinking. Bud light is always a good choice, or Coors if you want to spend a little less money. Kegs are always a great idea. In order to buy a keg, you should follow the following instructions:

  1. Locate a liquor store, beer store, or brewery that sells kegs and ask what is available.
  2. Decide what you need. You can purchase a 7.5 gallon keg that serves about 27 people 3 beers. You can also purchase a full-size keg that would serve 55 people 3 beers (12 oz sizes).
  3. You'll pick between two pumps. The standard hand pump is cheaper and is usually what every one goes with.
  4. Bring your license, credit card, and the deposit for the keg. The deposit is usually around $30 and you get it back as long as you return the keg and pump.
  5. Get that bad boy home, and bring help. Kegs are heavy. Some places deliver, though.

You're also going to buy some plastic cups for everyone to drink from. Cups are cheap, so go to Walmart and pick some up.

For more variety, you can be as awesome with your alcohol selection as you want to be. Make some jello shots, or, if you're good with mixing drinks, buy some liquor and please the crowd with some mixed drinks.


If you're tech savvy, you can become a super DJ using your computer or MP3 player. Buy some good speakers to plug into your computer. You're going to want a decent set so that you can blast some music. However, you're not at the bar, and you don't need it to be deafening. People should be able to be social, not scream over top your music.

You can pick your set list and either play it all randomly, or for you OCD people, can pick your music set list to play out through out the night in a particular order. Just make sure you don't have a selection that can be entertaining to all types.

A cheap suggestion? Get the spotify app. You can either use the free version (which will have a commercial play after a few songs, but, what the heck, it's free!) or you can purchase the premium upgrade and have literally the whole world of music at your fingertips. This will help because people can request certain songs, and 99% of them will be available. Go check out spotify now and fiddle around with the free version.


So, we've got the furniture all in order (you only need tables and a few chairs), beverages, and music. Now it's time to entertain the people. The more activities you have available, the more fun your party will be. We've established beer pong, which is a must have for an alcohol-allowed party. Here's a few others you may be interested in.

  • Corn Hole

The objective of corn hole is to throw sandbags across a large gap and have them land on a board, or into a hole. It's so simple, yet so entertaining. You can build your own corn hole boards or purchase them. If you're going to build one, make sure you're actually good with tools and building things, because you want them to look nice.

  • Kan Jam

Kan Jam is similar to Corn Hole, kind of. It's a fun, outdoor game which involves 2 cans and a frisbee. The objective is for one player to throw the frisbee at the can, and his team mate needs to try and smack the frisbee either into the top of the can (3 points), or into the side of the can (1 point). If it touches the can without the team mate touching the frisbee, it's 2 points. It's highly addictive, I was introduced to it by some men from the Air Force, I guess it's really big there.

  • Darts

If your party is indoors or outdoors, a darts tournament is always fun. Pick yourself up a cheap dart board, some darts, and a scoreboard, and you're all set.


Again, food is typically supplied by the host. I'd suggest asking others to bring something, and you really don't need to get fancy. Here's some suggestions for food:

  • Pizza (I'd go with something cheap, like Little Ceasars $5 pizza's)
  • Chicken Wings - however, the thing about wings are there are so many varieties, and you can't make everyone happy. I'd make them from scratch if it's doable, as it is cheaper and you can make multiple flavors.
  • Chips - This is a must. Chips are relatively cheap and can feed a lot of people.
  • Cake - Another cheap one that can feed a lot of people.
  • Buffalo Chicken Dip - My personal favorite
  • Hamburgers and Hot Dogs
  • Chili - something you can make a huge batch of
  • Macaroni and Cheese
  • Sloppy Joes - A gold old fashioned goody.

There You Have It

Those are essentially the basics of what you'll need to throw a party. Get those invitations out, and give the people a night to remember! And remember, be safe when it comes to drinking. Collect keys at the door, and do not allow people to drive drunk.


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