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How to Throw the Perfect Children's Tea Party

Updated on May 27, 2013

A Children's tea party is the perfect fun time. There are a ton of different options and fun can easily be had by all. How much you spend and how much work you do is all up to you and there can be a wide range of foods and activities.

Fisher-Price Musical Tea Set
Fisher-Price Musical Tea Set

Giving your daughter her very own tea set to go along with her perfect tea party can be a great way to go. You can choose something modern or hunt down an old fashioned set. Often choosing one that is made for children is the best bet, but you can choose a grown up tea set instead.



Every good party starts with a great invitation and a tea party is really no exception. You have several options for great invitations.

  • Cut out tea pots and have your child(ren) decorate them with ribbons, flowers, glitter, and sequins. On the back side write the party information.
  • Trace tea pots (or print tea pots) onto cardstock. Include your party information.
  • Cut a piece of card stock in half. Then fold each corner in, and fold the center down. Staple it too look like a tea bag. You can even stain the bottom portion with tea to look like there is something in it. Attach a string with a tag that has the name of the child being invited to the party on it. Write your directions on your giant "tea bag".

Make sure that you include all of the important information like where and when the party is. However, don't forget to include details such as whether or not they should bring a stuffed animal or a doll or if they should dress special. Include things like "Wear your best party dress" or "Bring your sweetest doll or stuffed friend" or "Bring a party hat".

Fancy Napkin Rings

Fancy will make your party even more fun. You can make fancy napkin rings a number of different ways. One option is to use hair ties with beads, fringe, or fancy scruncies. This works well for an all girl party. Plus these can be taken home and used!

Another option is to make your own and have a little fun doing it.

Take a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll and cut it into one inch "slices". This will be your ring. To make it fancy cover it with scraps of material or pieces of tissue paper (you can also use crepe paper if you decorated with it and have some left over). Add additional fanciness by gluing on silk flowers to the front of it.


You can have a lot of fun with decorations. Let your child(ren) help pick out the things that you will use.

  • Bright Colored and fun table cloth-A tea party is about the table. You can get great plastic table toppers in bright colors or flowered patterns.

  • Balloons and streamers-You can go with the traditional ballons and streamers. You can add them to the walls, use helium balloons on the backs of chairs and even decorate the table with streamers along its edges.
  • Silk or fresh flowers-Choose large bouquets of flowers (they don't have to be expensive a large batch of bright flowers from the store and not the flourist will certainly do and will only cost about $10). These can be used as centerpieces or as decorations on side tables.
  • Fancy place settings-You can decorate with fancy paper place mats, paper doilies to go under the tea cups, high quality paper napkins and plates that are matched. You can also make fancy napkin rings.

You can choose a theme such as a teddy bear party or just choose colors such as yellow and green or pink and purple. Bright festive colors will do as well and provide a very referreshing and sunny party.

Fancy Tea

While the kids might not like tea on its own, they will like the idea of drinking real tea. If you child(ren) want to drink tea then a fancy option might be the perfect choice.

Sweet Vanilla Tea-Brew a pot of black tea (usually three to four tea bags depending on your teapot size). Make sure you make it medium in color and not too dark. To this add two teaspoons vanilla extract, one tablespoon of sugar, and one cup of milk. This will be cooled down some to drink and will be slightly sweet with a vanilla taste. If you want it sweeter, sweeten it as you go. Sugar cubes are also a fun option (one lump or two?).

Iced Tea for The Princesses-The best and least tea tasting tea treat every is Starbucks' Passion tea leomonade. Going to Starbucks and having them make it for you isn't going to be cheap though. Another option is to by Tazo's Passion tea (owned by Starbucks), lemonade, simple syrup (like you use with adult drinks), and ice. Make a pot of passion tea (just like you would the black tea on with the passion tea bags). To three cups passion tea add one cup lemonade. Sweeten with the simple syrup, this should be done by your taste but one to three tablespoons should work very well depending on how strong your tea is and how sweet your lemonade. Pour over ice. You can then put it back in the tea pot for a fancy serve. This isn't going to be exactly like the passion tea lemonade served at Starbucks, but is a lot cheaper alternative (to get a little closer you can add a half teaspoon of orange extract).

Fancy Appetizers

There are alot of fancy appetizers that would work. You can buy pre-made ones and then cut them into small pieces. Or you can make a few of your own.

Cream Cheese Rolls-Take a tortilla and spread cream cheese on it. Add diced tomatoes and green onions and top with a few slices of deli meat. Roll it tightly. Slice it into small slices and hold each slice together with a toothpick. You can also use pickles instead of tomatoes. In fact, this works with a variety of options and you can have fun coming up with new things.

Pickle Rolls-Spread cream cheese onto a small stack of deli meat (ham works best in my opinion) and the roll a small pickle into the middle of it. Slice it up and hold together with tooth picks.

Fancy Pastries

You can make your own fancy pastries by cutting pie crust into small squares (this can be your own pie crust or a prepared and ready to bake one). Place each square into a muffin cup on a muffin tray. Bake till the crust is done. Fill with a fancy filling. Some options are pudding, jello powder mixed with cool whip and topped with fruit, warm pie filling, or fruit that has been cooked on the stove with a little sugar.

The Menu

While some worry about having a complicated menu and what who will eat and what who won't eat, your job is not to worry. Pick kid friendly options and don't worry is someone doesn't like something.

Drinks-You can serve tea, but you certainly don't have to serve tea. There are lots of fun and they will all be fun in the right mind set. You can get tea cups and saucers. Either use fancy pieces that you don't mind getting broken or get a children's set (they can usually be found at dollar stores very inexpensively).

  • Tea-You can serve tea in a number of ways including sweetened, flavored, hot, or cold.

  • Fruit Punch-There are a ton of different punch recipes and anyone will do or pick up an all juice fruit punch for the event.

  • Juice-You can get a few different juices and offer juice as an option.

It is most fun with all your drink options in tea pots.

Food-You can get very creative with your food choices. Think small for a lot of fun.

  • Mini muffins-you can get all sorts of great muffins in the mini size or bake your own for a great party treat.

  • Fruit-you can put fruit in small muffin cups and place around the table or use celephane for fancy colors and tie off with ribbons. You can also make a fruit bowl and have fancy bowls to place it in.

  • Sandwich fun-You can make sandwiches such as peanut butter and jelly, cucumber (for those a little more adventurous), and or deli sandwhiches. For fun cut them out with small cookie cutters in great shapes (flowers, hearts, and stars). Toss the crust out. With the fancy shapes they will be extra special.
  • Fancy Appetizers-You can make a lot of fancy appetizers with tortillias, cheeses, and such. These can be cut into very small sections, held with a toothpick and added to a tray.

  • Cookies-Small cookies are great for such a party. You can do sugar cookies, whether you make them yourself, use a pre-mixed dough, or buy them from the store.

  • Pastries-What tea party would be complete without some great pastries? You can buy some turnovers and cut them into small pieces and use tooth picks to eat them. You can make other small pastries as well (mini pies also work well, you can even make them in cup cake pans).

Have fun with the food and most of the kids will love it no matter what you make. Use tooth picks with bright colored tops to hold things together and try to think miniture for the whole event.

My Very First Tea Party
My Very First Tea Party

A story can be a great thing to do as one of the activities in your tea party and what story could be better than, My Very First Tea Party? It should be noted that this book does include the idea of saying grace (a prayer) during the tea party. However, it is bright and colorful. If this isn't the one for you, there are many others to choose from. The book doesn't have to be related to tea parties either!


Events and Activities

There are a lot of great things that you can do at the party. If you have them dressed up then you should think about clean things to do, however this doesn't mean that you have to keep everyone sitting down and not playing. Have fun with the activities that you choose.

Singing-Most kids love singing, especially the smaller ones. You can start the party with "I'm a Little Tea Pot" which is always a fun way to begin. However, it doesn't have to end there. You can get a sing along tape or video and have the children sing along and even dance.

Read a Great Book-There are a number of great books that can be read to the children. Most young children love to be read to and with the right book you will have them all excited. If you don't have anything you think will do, go ask the librarian who works with the children's section at the library, he or she will most likely have a great suggestion. You can also ask your child's teacher (if they have one yet).

Dress Up-If you have a lot of dress up clothes where you can play dress up, this is an all time favorite. If you don't you can pick up a package of inexpensive feather boas, maybe some fancy gloves, and tiaras at the dollar store. This in itself can be a lot of fun.

Games-You can make up new games that are a lot of fun, or you can stick with some old favorites. You can throw in several games or just pick one.

  • Musical Chairs-You can play a game of musical chairs or variations of that game. Some ideas are having one less chair then children to begin with. However, as many children that can crowd onto a single chair can remain in. Each round remove a chair and any children that didn't get on a chair. Over time you chould have three or four kids on a chair, everyone that is on the last chair standing wins.

  • Relay Race-Have fun making a relay race or an obstacle course. This can be hard or easy, it is up to you and the ages of the children playing. If you put everyone on one team then everyone wins, but the challenge is in making it through.
  • Hide and Seek-You can play a traditional game of hide in seek or you can mix it up. If you want to mix it up, play sardines. This game works much like hide and seek in reverse. Send one person to hide. Then everyone spreads out and searches for the one that is hidden. When they find them, they have to crowd with them and hide from the others. Eventually there will be a large group trying to hide from the last few people.

  • Candyland-A good tea party game can be candyland which is easy to set up and doesn't take a lot of prep. You also don't have to worry about whether or not your guests will be getting dirty. If you have too many kids then set up more then one game.

Fancy Jewelry

Making jewelry with young kids can be a ton of fun and you really do have a lot of different options. Here are some options for this fun project.

Stretchy Bracelets-You can make stretchy bracelets. Cut your elastic cord about two inches larger then the wrist. Have the children string beads onto it and then tie it to the appropriate size for them. They will be able to put it on themselves and they will have fun doing it as well. If you secure it with a dot of Bead Fix glue it will last until it is lost! You will need sicssors, elastic cord, good sized beads (pony beads work best for this project, wood beads are also good, avoid the star or tri-shaped kind because they can "bite" into the wrist), and Bead Fix (Bead Fix is a type of super glue used in jewelry making. It is available at Hobby Lobby and Michaels as well as some bead shops. I highly recommend it because it is strong, fast drying, and doesn't discolor anything. You can also use super glue. Both glues should only be used by adults. This is an optional step).

Memory Wire Fun-Memory wire is a very hard wire that holds a round shape. It is great for making kids jewelry because they can put it on and take it off at will. You will want to pre-cut the loops of wire with a strong pair of wire cutters. You can then fold one end over with pliers (all before the party). At the party the kids can add beads. You can choose e beads (which are fairly small), a glass bead mix, pony beads, or other plastic beads. Again it is a good idea to avoid the tri-shaped ones and the star shaped ones because they can leave marks and even hurt. Have the kids add the beads and then bring it to you.You will need to fold over the last end. That's it and you can make both bracelets and necklaces. The wire for these are definitely at Hobby Lobby or Michaels. Another good place to get it is from You will need wire cutters, pliers, memory wire, and beads.

Beaded Necklace fun-You can also have them do a more traditional beaded necklace. Have these made with long strands of yarn. You can cut them ahead of time and even use fingernail polish (clear works best) to make one end hard to avoid the need for a needle. You can use pony beads, star beads, tri-shaped beads, and wooden beads to make a great necklace. Tie the ends when the piece is finished. It should be long enough to go over the head.

Don't worry about design elements in these projects. Let the children make all of the design decisions. Even if it looks funny, they will love it. Another option for the beaded necklace is to make it with colored pasta as long as it has a hole that goes through the middle. Use this time to relax and take a breather as the kids do their projects and come for you for finishing help.

Crafts-Many parties wouldn't be complete without a great craft and a tea party might just be one of them.

  • Jewelry-you can help them make great jewelry. This is a clean and inexpensive craft and you have several options as to how to go about it.

  • Crowns-You can make cardboard crowns and decorate them with sequins, jewels, beads, and glitter (if you want the mess). You can also color them with markers, crayons, or colored pencils. A fun variation is to make crowns for stuffed animal friends or dolls.
  • Purses-If you have an all girl group then purses are an excellent idea. Have purses cut out before hand of card stock. You can glue the bottom together or use yarn and a quick loop stitch to "sew" them together. You can do all sorts of great colors. Have the children decorate them with crayons, markers, colored pencils, scraps of fabric, beads, sequins, glitter, jewels, ribbons, and silk flowers. Make a handle with pipe cleaners or a strand of pony beads on yarn or cord.

Pictures-Pictures can be a lot of fun. You can have the children do fancy poses. You can include balloons, flowers, or a special "thrown" that is decorated for the event. You can later send these pictures with your thank you notes for the children and their parents to keep.

Special Memories-Depending on your location you can do a variety of special memories to finish off your tea party. You can rent a limo (if you want to spend the expense) and have the children dropped off at home. You can go for a carrage or hay ride. You can go for a walk in a park. If there is a field nearby with wild flowers you can have them pick wild flowers to take home. Have fun with it and you can come up with some special memories to go with the event.

Party Favors

It is always nice to send the children home with something special. You can send them home with any and all crafts that they do. You can also add a few extra touches.

  • Party Tea Bags-Using a white lunch sack or party sack (available at most party stores) you can turn it into a "tea bag". Fill the bag with small favors such as penny candy, suckers, rings, jewelry, play make-up, and even a tea cup and saucer from a dollar store pack. Fold the top so that it looks like a tea bag (each corner down then the pointed top down) and staple with a ribbon or string that attaches to the "tea bag tag" where you can write the name of the child on it.
  • Fill the Purse-If you make purses you can fill it with a variety of goodies. You can also quickly make them ahead of time. One quick and easy way to decorate them is to do a diagonal criss cross pattern with a marker and then have your child(ren) glue plastic gems on each of the places where the lines criss cross.

  • Tea cup-You can give out a tea cup from an inexpensive play set (or one that you don't mind giving away). Fill it with goodies such as candy and jewelry or put a small stuffed bear in it.

  • Stuffed toy or doll-You can send a small stuffed toy or doll home with the children along with some left over pastries or a gift bag.

Best place to get gift bag and party favor items for small kids is the dollar store. While the plastic jewelry or frogs (should you have boys) won't necessarily last long it will be fun for awhile and that is all that matters. You can also go with large bags of candy that you split up. Have fun with it, ask your children, and get involved!

The End

The perfect party from A-Z can be yours to throw. How much you put into it is completely up to you. Just some last minute tips. Remember time restraints. Young children have a short attention span so move from event and activity to event and activity quickly as needed. Also don't make the party too long of people will be getting tired which usually means cranky as well. Other then that, have fun and enjoy the party!

P.S. Don't forget to send thank you notes home to each party goer (after the pictures are developed). You can thank their mom's for bringing them and if a gift was brought (such as for a birthday party) then this is a great time to thank them for that as well. This makes the other moms feel good, after all bringing their child is work for them. Plus you can send home a great picture or two!


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