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Tinkerbell Birthday Party Ideas & Supplies

Updated on June 15, 2012

Tinkerbell birthday party theme is really fun! There are lots of fun things you can do at a fairy party. I do hope you will enjoy reading through food suggestions, Tinkerbell party games, crafts and activity ideas, decorations, supplies and even some cool freebies that will help you make your birthday party even better.

A lovely Tinkerbell doll cake! Perfect for this party!
A lovely Tinkerbell doll cake! Perfect for this party! | Source

Tinkerbell Birthday Party Cake and Cupcakes

Cake and cupcakes have become essential on every birthday party.

There are many different kinds of Tinkerbell cakes you can have at this birthday party!

This is a perfect theme to make a lovely doll cake.

If you have good sculpting skills you can make a Tinkerbell figurine out of fondant.

Butterflies will also make great decoration for the cake or cupcake, you can get edible butterflies at your local market, you can make them with cookie cutters...

Tinkerbell face cake you can actually purchase a cake pan for that

Colors used to decorate your cake or cupcakes should be bright - pink, green, yellow.

There are also tons of official cupcake rings and cake toppers available that can help you make your cake a true masterpiece.

Other food

  • pixie elixir - drinks are also important. It will be super fun if you would mix edible glitter in the drinks. You know, some pixie dust to turn the regular drink to an super elixir.
  • cake pops - these are loved by kids and adults, make them shaped like flowers or like stars (edible fairy wands)
  • fresh fruits and other healthy snacks as fairies are close to nature

Enchanting Tinkerbell and friends cake made with the help of cake toppers
Enchanting Tinkerbell and friends cake made with the help of cake toppers | Source
You could get a professional balloon decorater
You could get a professional balloon decorater | Source

Birthday Party Decorations

Turn the party place into the fairy land!

Flowers, lots of flowers! If you grow your own flowers this is a perfect time to showcase them. Cut out flowers out of cardboard or felt, place them on the walls or have them hang down of the ceiling.

Fairies, Tinkerbell has lot's of fairy friends, print them out and have the party place swirling with fairies. If the party is outside and you have a tree you can turn it into a fairy tree with lots of fairies and even some cool fairy houses added.

Balloons you can make a balloon arch or beautiful flower balloons. No matter what kind of party you have, balloons always give a special touch. Green, pink, purple, yellow are all great. You can also get some official Tinkerbell balloons if you will so choose.

Follow their tutorial on how to make this lovely fairy cottage.
Follow their tutorial on how to make this lovely fairy cottage. | Source

Tinkerbell Birthday Party Games and Activities

Some of the crafts in this section you could also make yourself and use as birthday party favors.


  • make a flower headband - purchase some simple headbands or ribbons (fabric covered will work best), ribbons, gemstones, fabric flowers and other fun details. Have the kids create their own headbands.
  • fairy house/cottage making - your guest's can make a fairy village! Let them create fairy houses either by using natural materials (wood, stones, leaves, twigs) or they can make them out of boxes - there is a lovely tutorial (and a leaf template) on
  • make your wand- have the kids create their own wands, you supply them with glitter, gemstones and other cool stuff and let their imagination go free
  • fairy furniture - this is super fun and creative! Supply the kids with various materials; buttons, bottle corks, small boxes, cloth pieces, broken things, twigs, moss, stones... Have them create cute fairy furniture. They can make chairs out of bottle corks, tables with jar lids... Make little Tinkerbell proud!

Fairy in a jar
Fairy in a jar
  • fairy in a jar - there are two ways you can do this lovely craft
  1. print out and cut out some fairy pictures (small enough to put in a jar), you can use any fairy's you like but you can also use the Tinkerbell and her friends as they are perfect for this party! Print them and glue them on a harder paper (it will look better in the end). Also print a suiting background (nature images, grass, flower field) and cut it in the height of a jar wide enough to cover half of the jar. Have each kid select the fairy they would like and cut it out. Each kid gets one jar. First glue the background image on the outside of the jar (the image facing inside). Next put some moss, stones or wood on the bottom of the jar and glue it. Place the fairy in the jar, her back turned to the background. Glue her on the moss, stones or wood. You can also add some glitters and rhinestones in the jar. Close the jar with a lid. You can also decorate the lid of the jar. If you will be using this as a party favor do add a note on the jar, saying that the fairy in it is meant to protect the kid getting the jar.
  2. use a fairy figure. This way you won't need to print out the background. I got the lovely figurine on the pictures in a dollar store. Use the glue gun to glue on the stones and figurine. I decorated the lid by gluing beach sand and a shell on it. So what do you think about my sea fairy?

Games and activities

  • fairy dance fairies love to dance! Gather in a circle and create some fun fairy dances, let each kid add their move to this dance
  • Tinkerbell treasure hunt - Tinkerbell is great when it comes to finding (and repairing stuff). Instead of a golden treasure hide strange things around (alarm clock, tools,...)
  • Bubble pop - bubbles are fun and will be great for this party! Have someone (or a machine) blow bubbles and have the kids pop them
  • pinata a fun activity at any party


Tinkerbell Birthday Party Supplies

Invitations are important for any birthday party! You can get the official ones or you can print them out for free (courtesy of Disney).

You could serve the food on flower shaped plates. Colorful plates (pink, yellow, green) will also work great!

There are quite a few official party supplies available with Tinkerbell and her friends printed.

Browse Tinkerbell Birthday Party Supplies


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    • partypail profile image


      6 years ago from

      I love the fairy house/cottage making activity. What a fun idea that the party guests can take home and play with long after the party is over!


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