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No need to wrap the gift

Updated on November 7, 2014

We are not far away from the biggest celebration of the year. Christmas. And this calls for bulk wrapping. But you do not really need to wrap gifts at all. Here are a few tips that will just take away the stress of wrapping away.

Gift Bags

Gift bags, come in all sizes and colours and designs as well as prices. It saves you time from wrapping plus many of them actually come with a gift tag. So you do not need to worry about how you will need to label them. Not all gift bags are open from the top. There are those which you can actually close so no one can peek into the bag.

You can also customize your gift bags by getting the names of your loved ones printed on the bags. If not the name you can get happy time personal pictures printed on the bags. Let's personalize this Christmas.

Gift Boxes

Gift boxes come in all sizes too as well as colours. Different designs are also available. Although a little more costly than gift bags, these give your Christmas a classier look. You can use it to pack in jewellery, toys, almost anything even if fragile. Just pop in the gift, close the lid and tag it. There your wrapping work is done.

The dress on the bed

Leave a lovely dress for your wife/other half on the bed when she is in the shower. Leave a note on it, you can write anything like "For the woman who makes every Christmas amazing". And it can actually be any gift, not just a dress. You can give her a necklace in the same way. This looks more special than a wrapped gift, because she will put it on for that Christmas.

Surprise her

Gifts don't always have to be a material item. Take her and the family for a vacation. Just make sure you know she hasn't planned a Christmas get together.

Maybe surprise her with a get together. The concept of surprises will never get old. Think a little outside the box and ditch the wrapping paper for once. You will probably be doing something new and exciting.

Get it wrapped at the store

The most common get away from wrapping. Christmas gifts are wrapped at almost all stores or there maybe someone out there on that day wrapping at a small fee. If you really find wrapping such a hassle then have someone else wrap it for you.

Hope you have a wrapping paper free Christmas.


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