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Tips and pointers on how to avoid or prevent firecracker injuries

Updated on March 28, 2013

Filipinos as avid fans of firecrackers especially during the ones that creates noised during the New Year’s Day. The vast majority of the Filipinos believe that they can shoo away bad luck by lighting firecrackers and fireworks and in turn bring good luck.

During the New Year’s Eve many people in the Philippines suffers from various injuries due to loud and dangerous firecrackers. These injuries include loss of limbs (hands and fingers) and excruciating wounds. If not treated quickly and well the injuries may lead to tetanus.

The Philippine government is dead serious in minimizing injuries related to firecrackers. For the past many years advertisements and warnings were shown in national television showing the gory and horrible injuries suffered by firecracker victims.

an assortment of firecrackers and fireworks on sale at a stall in the Philippines which is common sight during December here.
an assortment of firecrackers and fireworks on sale at a stall in the Philippines which is common sight during December here. | Source

Here are some tips on how to avoid or prevent firecracker injuries:

Refrain from using firecrackers and fireworks. You may just opt to use safe yet innovative materials to create the very loud noise to greet the New Year. You may use drums, cans, horns, toy cymbals and the list goes on.

Avoid using guns in greeting the New Year’s Eve. Many innocent victims have been hit by stray bullets for the past many years causing unnecessary and serious injuries and worst even deaths.

Never pick firecrackers that failed to explode. Tell this to your kids not to do this. The firecrackers might explode in the hands of the pickers and this is one of the common causes of injuries. Pour water on the firecracker that doesn’t explode to discourage kids not to pick them.

In case of firecracker injury, wash the hands quickly with clean water and mild soap and then bring the victim to the nearest hospital or health center for proper treatment and management of the firecrackers soot and poison.

You may organize a New Year’s party and use stereo and radio in lieu of the firecrackers and fireworks.

If you are living in Metro Manila, why not just greet the New Year’s Eve by attending free Mardi gras hosted by companies and local government. You may get to see some celebrities, free and captivating and firework display. You may also see popular bands and performing artists or get the chance to participate in some games too.

Have fun while avoiding injuries on New Year’s Eve.

My 21st hub in the 2013 HubChallenge.


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