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Tips for Spending the Holidays Alone

Updated on December 15, 2015

Unfortunately, I scrolled through my newsfeed to see several posts from my friends who had nobody to spend the holidays with or were just spending the holiday with one or more of their kids. I know how hard it is to cook for just your kids when my significant other is working or out of town. It broke my heart. If they lived closer, I would have welcomed them into my home. Even though I’m unable to do that, I would like to shed some light on ways to get through the holidays alone.

1. Deciding To Decorate or Not to Decorate
Even if you know nobody else will be joining you for the holidays, don’t be a scrooge. Decorate your home and enjoy the festive lights and bedazzled adornments. Just because you’re alone doesn’t mean you need to sulk. If you’re one of those people who may become depressed from tinsel–and especially mistletoe–you may want to only put up a few decorations or avoid this completely.

2. Ask Friends Over
Even if you can’t spend the holidays with a significant other or family doesn’t mean you’re sentenced to spend Christmas alone. Instead, invite your friends over, especially if you know anyone who is also planning to spend Christ’s birthday alone. You’d be surprised at how ecstatic it would make someone else to know that you were thinking about that for the holidays.

3. Lonely Neighbors
Let’s say none of your friends can attend your holiday ho-down. Instead, think about your neighbors who may forgo festivities for a solemn celebration at home. Ask if they would like to spend the day with you. They’d appreciate the thought even if they’re too humble or just don’t want to spend the day with you. You may wish to get in touch with any of the black sheep in your family. They probably would rather not spend the holidays with the rest of the family or just weren’t invited to do so.

4. Dress Up
Get pretty for the holidays. Put on makeup and nice clothes to feel better about yourself. Loving yourself and truly enjoying anything starts with loving yourself.

5. Volunteer
You don’t need to spend the holidays alone or with friends, neighbors or family. Remember that there are people much less fortunate than you that may not have family or the financial ability to afford a turkey and a few trimmings. Spend the holidays bringing a little bit of cheer to these individuals and families who lack homes and food. You’ll make at least one day a little brighter, and you’ll feel good about what you’re doing. The joy and time you spend there will make you forget about being alone for the holidays.

6. Opt to Work
If you have a job that operates on the holidays, volunteer to work the holidays. Maybe the company requires employees to work half-days for the holidays. You would make somebody else’s holiday by taking the entire day, so they can spend the day with their family.


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    • peramore20 profile image

      peramore20 24 months ago from Greensburg, PA

      Thank you.

    • Janellegems profile image

      Janellegems 24 months ago from United States

      It can be quite difficult to spend the holidays alone. You have provided some great suggestions that will help anyone who spends the holidays alone to keep one's spirit up.