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Tips for a Successful Corporate Award Ceremony

Updated on July 22, 2013
Awarding the Efforts of your Employees
Awarding the Efforts of your Employees

Organising an Award Ceremony

Organising a corporate award ceremony requires meticulous planning, as it is a formal affair. Right from the venue selection to décor, everything should be planned carefully so that the event remains a smooth and successful affair.

While you can leave certain aspects like AV, lighting to event management team, there are other areas which need dedicated efforts from your side. Below are some tips that will help you in smoothing out your workload in those areas so that you pull off a productive business award ceremony.

Know Your Production Budget

While framing budget for your business event, be realistic about it and the accompanying services which can be secured. For example, if you are on a tight budget, then do not expect gala decorations and extremely sophisticated equipment.

If you indeed are on a tight pocket, the best strategy is to contact several suppliers and try to negotiate with them. Award the deal to the most reasonable one. However, while striking the deal make sure that the supplier would be providing comforting services.

In addition to this, make a budget itinerary at least two months in advance of the event and then plan accordingly. Prioritize the areas which are extremely significant and allot them finances first. This will provide you with an estimate of the total expenditures and any surplus after the strategic areas have been covered.

A Spacious Venue is a Good Add-on
A Spacious Venue is a Good Add-on | Source

Look up for the Venue

Do not leave this to last minute, as you may not get your desired venue while you need it. Scour the websites and choose the venue that perfectly suits your requirements. An award ceremony is a huge affair, therefore, choose a place that has spacious ambience and is well-connected so that your guests have minimum discomfort in reaching there.

Most of the event spaces offer a full staff, catering services, table linens and centrepieces. This might seem comforting but may disturb your budget. Discuss with the venue authorities about the expected costs involved and tread forward only if your budgets are allowing this.

Hiring a professional team would be a good idea, as it will save time and costs. A professional event management team may charge high but it will also make your event organized. Additionally, it will save you the trouble of juggling the role of event planner among the members in your team.

Grab a Sponsor

Sponsorship can prove to be a huge influence on award ceremonies and its planning as it will ease down your finances. Look for the business concerns that can play the role of sponsors and strike up a deal with them. Many business organizations are willing to get their name on awards as it helps in their brand promotion.

If a business organization has approached you to be the sponsor for your award ceremony, see to it that the concern is not indulged into illicit business activities. Failing to do so will only tarnish your reputation in the market.

Stage Design

Have a map for your stage in your production briefs and discuss it with the event planning team. Items like LED screens, differently sized screens, props and lecterns come in varying sizes and patterns. Brief your production team about your requirements and more importantly, about your budget.

If you have time with you, then ask production team to design an innovative stage design that complements well with your company’s brand. For example, if your business specialises in electric equipments, then you can have a stage designed in the form of the equipment. However, before finalising this, do intimate the event planners about this in advance so that they can make necessary preparations.

It is a corporate award ceremony; therefore, branding should assume an utmost importance. If it is possible, include the name of sponsor or the logo of your company in one form or another in the stage design. It can be either in static logo or images or in the form of animated elements like in an LED backdrop.

Room Background
Room Background | Source

Room Background

Make the background dark and complement the ambience with little angel lights. This will create a glowing aura in the venue. Hang gold or silver-coloured ribbons from walls to the ceilings to give a celebratory touch. Decorate each table with the exact pattern and put a small centrepiece. Being an award ceremony does not mean that the centrepieces should be lava lamps. The better choice instead is to have small flower bunches in glass vases.

In the recent times, corporate organizations have become more enterprising and have started including more vibrant colours to pepper up their affairs. For adding that touch, opt for bold colour patterns like red and black or blue with silver. It would be even better if you follow a certain pattern and persist with it. For example, you can have the colour of your organization’s logo in your every award ceremony.

Use the Lighting Effects to Maximum
Use the Lighting Effects to Maximum | Source

Mingling Graphic Designs to Perfection

The main attraction at your award ceremony no doubt would be the best performing employees of your organization who would be awarded. If possible, try to film the finalists prior to the event and expectations and their reactions on being finalised for a particular award. Showing these videos at the event would add a humane touch to the ceremony.

The main item on which the success of whole event is contingent would be the AV equipment and their effective use. Make sure the camera, audio equipments, lighting and microphones are of highest quality. Inform the event planners about the general appearance and the introduction of certain effects when you need them so that they can prepare the venue accordingly.

While you are taking note of all these items, do not forget about your supporters or sponsors. Giving them ample presence on stage is vital, as it will create a positive impression in their mind about you leading to extended collaboration.

Take advantage of quieter time during the event like dinner and display the logo of your sponsors in the big screens. This will help you in two ways. First, your sponsors will not feel offended or left out at the event. Second, it will not be construed as an intrusion by your guests as it will not hamper the overall flow of your ceremony.

Pick the Right Anchor

Hire a professional award ceremony presenter that has a good experience of hosting corporate events. If the anchor is lively, your guests will not feel bored by the monotonous flow of the affair. In addition to this, hiring a professional anchor will make the ceremony a swifter affair as an anchor knows how to wrap up the show in its schedule.

Along with choosing the right anchor, include some funny awards that do not cause embarrassment to their recipients. For example, you can have an award for the ‘worst parking in the whole staff’. This will tone down the formal level of the event and will keep it lively and entertaining.

Keeping the Guests Engrossed

Award ceremony is not just about doling out the rewards to best performing individuals in the organization. Include some entertaining sections in-between so that your guests are thoroughly gripped . Hiring stand-up comedians or magicians is one of the most popular options.

However, if your budgets are not allowing this, then having an upcoming music band is a feasible alternative. If there are hidden artistes in your organization, then encourage them to perform on the day. This will cut down the costs quite significantly.

Organising an award ceremony is all about awarding the efforts of your employees and giving them rightful recognition in the most inspiring ambience. Use these ideas to plan a successful corporate awards ceremony.


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      Okay - now I'm caught up and you won't have to deal with a slew of cotmenms from me! I read The Color Purple and it was by far the most powerful (and disturbing) book I've read this year. It won the Pulitzer and was nominated for a National Book Award in the early 80s.Thanks for hosting! It's really gotten me to read books I never would have picked up on my own.

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