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Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

Updated on April 16, 2015

Things to Cool the Summer Heat in your Home

It's summer time! The part of the year that most of us waits. Summer time especially in most Asian countries runs from the month of April until the last week of May. In this time, most of us experience a vast increase in temperature, thus resulting into a lot of sweat flowing in our shirts and itchiness we feel in our bodies that is truly irritating and annoying. In this time of the year, many of us sees summer as the perfect time to unwind, go into a vacation, swim into beaches due to hot temperature and to do outdoor activities since we are pretty sure that the bright big sun would be upright and would shine and since school breaks and holidays normally occurs during this time. But not all of us see summer as the perfect time to do the said things. On the other hand, many of us sees this time as the good time to rest, to be in our houses and to relax in our beds and get comfy. But how can we get comfortable inside our houses with this kind of temperature? How can we be relaxed if we are perspiring too much even though we are just sitting or lying in our bed? In this case, here are some tips to beat the summer heat.

If you are a home-loving person like me who doesn’t much go into vacations and outdoor activities during summer, the first thing that I could say is to take a bath often. Taking a bath 2 to 3 times a day would surely make you feel fresh and comfortable during summer holidays you spend in your house. Taking a bath often would surely relieve the feeling of being literally hot in your body and would make you feel good and in the mood. Second in my list is the most common thing advised by most people and it is to drink water or any refreshing beverages in a regular basis. If you are about to drink water, health physicians recommend to drink 8 to 15 glasses of water a day to conceive the need of our body in fluids since the heat of summer is truly perspiring and dehydrating. If you are about to drink other cooling beverages other than a cold and iced water, I recommend to you to drink beverages that could replenish your body’s electrolytes for you to be freshened up and for your body to avoid dehydration. Next thing to do in summer time is to dress appropriately in accordance to the temperature. Dressing cool summer clothes like shorts and cotton shirts would surely make you ease the heat of the sun during summer times. Fourth in my list is to make sure those appliances that are not in use are unplugged. In this case, appliances which are left plugged in induces heat that adds up with the heat that most of us feels during summer time. This tip would not just lessen the heat that you feel; it would also save you some money since it would cut off in the electricity consumption and bill you have by this time. Fifth in line is to have proper ventilation in your house. Having proper ventilation in your home such as windows and exhaust fans would surely help you ease the heat of summer since having these windows and proper ventilations provides you natural air coming from your surroundings that would surely make you feel comfortable at home. On the other hand of opening your windows for natural air to come in is just to make sure to use blinds or any other shading material for you not to be directed under the sunlight when the sun has already risen upright. Sixth in my list is to have proper information on where to put your bedrooms, and all other rooms in your house. You may wonder for what is the reason why is this included in my list. Since sun is rising in east, I prefer for you to have your bedrooms on the western side of your house as it would be in a great position as the sun’s rays would not be directed on you and your room, thus making your room temperature lower in compare if it is on the east. Since sun sets in west, it is not most a problem if the sun is directed later towards your room since it is more getting into night rather than being exposed into much sunlight early in daylight. You could use blinds as I have said in this time for you to avoid the scorching rays of the sun. Next is to use LED light bulbs rather than using fluorescent bulbs. Using LED bulbs would not just cut into your bills but it would also cut into the heat you feel in your home since LED bulbs are much more energy efficient and much cooler when used in compare to those fluorescent or any other light bulbs. Next is to have green plants near you, your room or your house. Having green plants near you incorporates less heat since heat is provided by carbon dioxide in air while plants do emit oxygen which makes the temperature lower. Plants do need carbon dioxide in exchange for oxygen it emits, so technically you both benefit from each other. Ninth in my list is to sprinkle water all throughout your place for the heat to be released from the ground. Spraying or sprinkling water in near your place outside (not inside your house of course) could help you feel more comfortable because sprinkling water on ground near your place releases the heat it had stored from the sun’s rays, making you feel much better and less hot. It is much more alike of putting water on your car’s engine for it to be cooled down. Just make sure to be inside of your house after sprinkling water outside or it would smell like an earthy aroma and feel hotter, just like what you feel after a little rain in a sunny day. Lastly, try to go and look for activities that would catch your attention rather than focusing on the summer heat at your home. Since sun’s rays are unavoidable and the summer time is annually coming, try to get rid of the things that would make your remember the scorching temperature of summer and look after things that would be enjoyable to you and your family. Try to go swimming in pools or beaches for your attention to be diverted from the hotness of the summer and instead of locking yourself at home, thinking of the remedies you could do to ease the temperature, why not just enjoy it since it only comes once every year? Of course I can’t persuade you if you really don’t want to go outside of your beloved home but come on, you only live once, why not enjoy it?

Thank you for your time and I hope that you could find these tips useful for you in the present and the upcoming summer times. I hope it would be a great help to you to really beat the scorching summer heat.



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