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To My Husband On Father's Day

Updated on June 11, 2012

I know you're not my Father

But you're the Father of my kids

I want to take this opportunity

To remind you of everything you did

F - F is for family

I'm so glad you're part of ours

A Mom and Dad and kids and pets

A gift sent from the stars

A - A is for always

We know you're always near

To guide us with your wisdom

And reward us with your cheers

T - T is for totally

That's how committed you are to us

You give us all you have

It's you we love and trust

H - Is for heaven

It's where I feel I am

When late at night you hold me

And remind me you're my man

E - Is for ever

For that's how long you'll be

The wise, beloved leader

Of this our family

R - R is for rare

The priceless gift you give to us

Your love, trust and friendship

It's why we love you so much

A Father is forever

And you will always be

The loyal, loving husband

That gave me my family


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