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Today is Friday the 13th

Updated on October 20, 2015
Did you know the stock market actually always closes more than 50% higher on each Friday the 13th no matter what the year?
Did you know the stock market actually always closes more than 50% higher on each Friday the 13th no matter what the year?

Amazon is celebrating this "good" luck day

Dont let a black cat cross your path is a superstition as old as Friday the 13th being bad luck

Friday the 13th is a day countless folks associate with bad luck. This has been a taboo day for any sort of good luck for generations. When the calendar shows one coming up there are people who literally change daily schedules around to avoid performing certain tasks on this day. Is the idea when a Friday falls on the 13th of the month really a proven fact or simply a theory which has turned all sorts of superstitious folks into babbling fools. There are a couple of great questions surrounding Friday the 13th which when answered are apt to prove the conjecture everyone experiences a run of bad luck as completely wrong.

Is ill fortune really due to the day?

Fortunes are made and lost every day. No one person experiences bad luck all the time. Remember the old saying even a broken clock is wrong at least twice a day? The same is true for ill fortune. Even when the outlook appears a bit bleak, it does have have a ray of sunshine on the horizon in nearly every single case.This being said, does everyone have the same degree of things going bad.

There is a great difference between a house burning to the ground with all of one's belongings inside versus being late for work because the car keys were misplaced. Though, there are those people who place the blame for both on the date. Although this is an extreme, some individuals have such anxiety on this date everything which is not coming up roses is due to the fact it is not Wednesday the 3rd or Sunday the 29th but in fact the 13th and a Friday. The worst day in the history of the American stock market was on a Monday.

Fridays are for fun and not worry

This is generally payday for countless folks. A few extra coins in the wallet makes everyone smile. This is the time to kick up the feet and lay back and rest after a long hard week at the office or with the kids.It is simply another day of the week. Fridays are generally great days. They mark the end of the work week and the beginning of the weekend.

Anyone is capable of telling the different feelings between a Monday afternoon and a Friday one. These are simply the one day out of seven when the F in Friday stands for fun. Leave worry at the door.

Do not read something into nothing

Set aside superstition for a moment and contemplate if something is read into nothing. This is a circumstance where if someone looks hard enough there be set aside. Even if the car is towed today it doesn’t necessarily mean it happened because today was unique or special in some unfortunate way. This simply means it did not get towed yesterday or tomorrow.

Is it really bad?

Why is Friday the 13th unlucky? Bad luck is what an person makes of it. If these same concepts occurred on Monday the 9th would it be blamed with the same venom as the 13th? Chances are no. If this is the case, why do people like to lay life's losing struggles on the foot of good ole Friday the 13th ? It takes the brunt of angst for any rotten ill fortune that takes place in this 24 hour period.

There are some cultures (and people) who believe the opposite. They hold this day as one of luck and good fortune.

Treat it like any other day and see what happens

What would really take place if it were not treated special? What if it held the same routine as any other weekday? Give it less power or take it away completely by treating it as such. Avoid dwelling on what could possibly happen which would ruin the day.

Today is a work day, shopping trip or the start of vacation. See it as such instead of one of the worst days ever. Do not look down while crossing the street for a black cat. Instead look down for a hundred dollar bill.

Get out of bed as usual, get dressed and go about a normal routine. Work hard today and be diligent without glancing at the calendar or waiting for the doom and gloom to come bounding down because it’s not the 12th or the 14th on this particular Friday.

Do not believe the hype

Don’t believe the hype and get wrapped up in doom and foreboding of a bleak outcome to an otherwise sunny day. It is really an allusion which most people make real. The dots are connected which leads the imagination to believe the zipper broke, the parking spot was taken or even the dog barfed on the carpet because of the date.

In conclusion

This has been a wonderful day for billions of folks for thousands of years. Since calendars began if truth be told. There are two sets of people. Those who see it as great wealth and prosperity, which happen to be the minority, and the others who imagine it as the black cat crossing one's path for a 24 hour period.

Destiny is determined by an individual, regardless of whether it is Friday the 13th or Wednesday the 16th. Remember this the next time It seems as if things are simply not going as well as expected. Regardless of what day of the week it happens to be, everything works out fine in the end.

Games of chance

Games of chance are dependent on luck more than skill in most cases. This being said, there are folks who never set foot inside of a bingo hall on a Friday the 13th. Most are reduced to putting out grand promotions of extremely attractive marketing ploys to get players in the door.

Again.....there are some who play specifically for this date on the calendar. There are people in both camps. Some swear they never win a penny on the same date others jackpot. Who is to say which one is accurate? When choosing any day there are winners and losers in games of chance. Ask the unlucky millions who play the lottery every week.

Tuesday the 13th has a bad reputation as well

The Hispanic cultures fixate the same distaste for Friday the 13th on Tuesday the 13th. Even the fellow Greeks avoided pinning optimistic hope for the 13th dates falling on a Tuesday. The Fourth Crusade began on a Tuesday the 13th in 1204. Black Tuesday is one of the worst days seen in Wall Street history.

The fall of the great Constantinople and the Ottoman Empire were defeated on the same day in May 1453. Which day seems to have the worst reputation when it comes to the great empires of history.

Origins of the lie or rather fear of the date

Friday the 13th or the fear of what it brings has a scientific name. Just like illnesses like arachnophobia (fear of spiders) the scientific name is https:triskaidekaphobia.

The Middle Ages was a time when everything was anything but wonderful. The roots are long festered and tend to have stories passed down from generation to generation. Having retold stories bolstering the true examples are what allows the feelings of ill ease to grow and fester.

Friday is a day considered unlucky as well as the 13th. A combination of the two, no matter what year or month, is bound to bring about feelings of trepidation.

Scientific proof of the ill gotten feelings does exist

A variety of countries such as Italy rebuke the date and pin the bad luck not on the day of the week, but the date of the month. The 17th is thought to be the evil one. This is in direct odds with the Irish who believe in the good luck coming their way via the 17th of March under Saint Patrick.

There is typically a small amount of truth in stories such as these. Where the exact truth lies or was originally formed is still lost someone along the way in time. Having been around for centuries has a way of getting a story repeated so many times misconstrued in some ways and forms.

Here is some food for thought on the subject

© 2012 smcopywrite


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    • b. Malin profile image

      b. Malin 6 years ago

      I guess I'm safe...Rainy day in Florida, so I stayed home to catch up and read some Hubs...and came across yours, smcopywrite. I don't think I'm very superstitious about Friday the 13th, but I certainly found your Hub both Interesting and Informative.

    • Diana Lee profile image

      Diana L Pierce 6 years ago from Potter County, Pa.

      I just noticed it was Friday the 13th. My day has been going well. I never believed the bad luck connection, but my grandmother was very superstitious.

    • Michele Travis profile image

      Michele Travis 6 years ago from U.S.A. Ohio

      Hey, thanks for reminding me. Bad things have happened to me, but never on Friday the 13th. At least not, sorry couldn't help myself. voted thumbs up!

    • Inspired to write profile image

      Dale J Ovenstone 6 years ago from Wales UK

      Wow, incidentally me & my girl broke up today, after nearly two & half years together, never considered it as Friday the 13th, that is until, I was drawn to your article lol

      Nicely written thanks for sharing.

      Regards Dale


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