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Today's Children and Christmas

Updated on December 21, 2012


There's no meaning and spirit of Christmas, like it use to be, once a year children waited for that special day. Christmas was never about how much money was spent, children excepted what their parents give them because of the morals children was brought up with. We believed if we was good Santa would bring us what we wanted. There was years that the older children in the family got nothing except a few gifts from the church but we was happy. I sat back watching my own grandchildren making shopping lists as long as one arms, the things they wanted was shocking. The four lists that the children had made consisted of thousands of dollars I knew my daughter a single working mother couldn't afford. I sat them down telling them about my Christmas's as a child, they looked at me and smile that was the old days nanny. They had no concept of Christmas,just spending money.Before going home I decided to stop and pick up a few gifts, what I saw made me want to go home. Mothers was no longer incontrol of their children, they was picking up all kinds of expensive items, putting in there mother shopping cart. I saw a young boy so disrespectful to his mother i wanted to cry along with her because of the embrassment she must have been feeling. This kid had numberous pairs of expensive sneaker, a $400.00 game system and games that was to expensive for me to buy. You will have to wait for your birthday honey, we can't afford to buy this today. You promise me I was getting this stuff now you is saying no, the things that came out of his mouth was appalling as she stood there with tears running down her face. The rage and anger this child had in his eyes was fraiding, as he yelled and swore at his mother aloud. Instead of taking the items out of the cart she went up to the cashier with tears running down her face purchasing the items. I knew now that Christmas for some children is nothing but a price tag.


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    • jada67 profile image

      Maxine Daniels Foster 4 years ago from Boston MA

      Christmas in today's society is all about a price tag. The spirit of christamas no longer linger in the hearts of our children with songs and stories of jesus, it's about the expensive gifts they wants.