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Toddler Stool: Great Low-Cost Personalized Gift for Children

Updated on April 5, 2011
A personalized stool makes a child feel special, and gives him a boost when brushing his teeth.
A personalized stool makes a child feel special, and gives him a boost when brushing his teeth.

Impress Mom and Dad with a Personalized Baby Gift

Remember those small tin toy license plates impressed with boy and girl names, and how exciting it was to find your own name on that revolving rack of plates?

When you are a kid, it is exciting to see your name printed on something. It makes you feel more important and special and real.

Even when it comes to presents for grown-ups, personalization is all the rage these days. Personalized gifts send a clear message that you, the gift giver, have put a lot of thought into the present you are giving.

This is especially true with baby gifts. Mom and Dad love thoughtfully personalized baby gifts. As it gets older, the child might also come to love the personalized present.

A particularly good present for kids that is useful and that you can personalize is a stepstool. Some personalized step stools for children are puzzles of the child's name, which helps kids to develop valuable manual and cognitive skills at the same time that the stool serves a more immediate, tangible purpose, like helping a child reach the bathroom sink to brush his teeth. Personalized tools like stools also help children become more independent and feel special by having their name on something so solid as furniture, and by giving them the height necessary to do "grown-up" things like brush their teeth or help with making Toll House cookies.

How To Choose the Best Personalized Toddler Stool

The Internet has proved itself an invaluable tool for finding vendors who sell personalized products, and at a reduced cost to the expensive, local boutiques that in the past would have been the main retailers of personalized children's products. No longer does it matter if the retailer is nearby or even in state; a quick search of the web can help you locate all kinds of stores selling personalized kids' stools. Many of these companies you find online will charge a lower price than a local boutique because they don't have the overhead of leasing a store. If the person selling the personalized stool is out of state, you can save on tax as well.

There are lots of different kinds of toddler stools. Some spell the child's name in colorful wooden puzzle pieces. Other personalized kid stools stencil a name on a single step stool or a double step stool. Still other kids' stools can be folded from a step stool into a personalized chair.

A toddler stool can become an even more personal present if you choose to paint a message on the bottom, be it its the child's date of birth and weight, a note of love or the date of a Christening — personalized toddler stools are a great non-traditional baptism present.

Find the perfect personalized toddler stool online

The Internet gives people the power to shop anywhere, which means people are not bound by their metro area or main drag when looking for a special present. One such gift that is perfect for nieces and nephews, for godchildren or for your own kids is the toddler stool.

Amazon sells a number of toddler stools, both personalized and impersonal. Most American shoppers can have these delivered without paying tax on the personalized stool, and Amazon also is able to offer goods at a discount because of its massive scale.

If you are not an Amazon shopper, here are some other sites to check out for a personalized toddler stool. Compare prices and features — Mom and Dad will thank you for it!


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      Dave Wight 5 years ago


      I order a piggy bank for my niece. I found it at Personalized and pretty cool gift, she liked it.