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Toga Costumes

Updated on August 1, 2014

Toga Halloween Costume Ideas

While toga costumes and cosplay are for more than just Halloween time, the Halloween season does give a great excuse to dress like our Roman counterparts from days long ago.

One thing that is a lot of fun about toga costumes, is they can be used as a great party theme, family theme or couple's theme, and are really easy to find or make.

Like many other Halloween costume themes, while togas seem to be limited because of the usual focus on white as the primary color, you can get a nice toga of a different color and stand out nicely and differentiate, while at the same time participating in the theme of the party.

Togas also offer up opportunities to add compelling accessories to make yourself unique in your costume; things like laurels and tied ribbons, the different colored draping that were worn over the arms and shoulders of people of Greek and Roman times which have all sorts of opportunities to add to your solid colored toga. 

Toga as a Costume Theme

We all know about the toga-themed parties college students like to partake in, as they are simple and effective ways for people to dress similar, while also using different items to be distinct in little ways.

Like the toga couple costumes below, they're also great for family and couple costume themes for those that want to show off that type of look. Toga costume themes are great ways to do just that.

Toga Couples Costume

Ladies Red Toga Costume

As I mentioned above, togas are usually white, and when you get a nice red toga like the one below, it really sets itself off against the sea of white you're sure to encounter.

Look at the simple gold wrap around the forehead to get an idea of how a simple accessory can make the outfit look really different.

Red Ladies Toga Costume

Roman Toga Costume for Men

This is a nice looking toga costume with that Roman imperial look, which includes a touch of royalty or a high-ranking official. In other words, wear this and you'll look important.

Different colored accessories like the purple really make a great addition to any toga costume.

Roman Toga Costume

Nice Toga Women's Costume

Here's another example how a simple toga can be made to look unique. Again, here we have the gold arm bands that really make her toga stand out, and the gold fringe and ties are additions to the toga that are compelling to look at.

One other thing, her hair adds a lot to the look, and the entire combination shows how you can be different among the usual sameness associated with toga costumes and parties.

Toga Costume Fun

Among my favorite Halloween costumes are those like the toga which you can add all sorts of accessories which can make you look so different in the midst of a themed party or get together. This is why toga parties and costumes will continue to be used so much by those wanting to be unique in the midst of a lot of similar looking costumes.


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