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Togetherness For The Holidays

Updated on December 26, 2013

A majority of the people in the world get together with other people during the holidays. The holidays that will be focused on are Christmas and New Years. The imagery of a bunch of people sitting around the dining room table, eating, laughing, enjoying life brings a warmth of feeling with it. The music, gift exchanging, celebration and reunion are a few aspects that make it a special holiday of togetherness. There are many families who do not see each other for the entire year, until this time of year. When they visit each other it usually involves embrace of love. A lot of people will say that family is the most important thing in the world; for those who aren't on good terms with their family, maybe their friends are the most important. It is a time of year where people embrace generosity, a characteristic that appears less in this world full of conflict and unease. For some people it brings a restoration of faith in life, or even a refuge from the harshness of the reality in which they live day to day.

Christmas has a religious origin, but I do not think that as important as is the atmosphere that is created during this holiday. When I think about Christmas, warm fire places, egg nog, and some relative cracking jokes comes to mind. Also for the children who believe in Santa Claus, it is a time of wonder and awe. This bearded man in a red suit, delivers presents to the house of each child; this is completely unbelievable how generous this man would be, giving every child a present. Being the precocious child I was, I figured out that Santa Claus was not real when I was around six or seven because it seemed like a ludacris concept. It seems like as an adult this sense of awe is still held during Christmas, but for different reasons than Santa Claus.

My parents created me, their parents created them, and so on and so on. Going back in the lineage of all creation, somehow the entire universe was created out of accident, thus creating the potential for human beings to exist. What caused the universe to be created out of nothing in space, before anything existed? This concept itself is beautiful when one thinks of everything that was created in the whole of existence; how all of this creation came together to form a marvelous yet never perfect display is amazing.

What feelings does Christmas evoke for you? What do you think about on New Years? How is your life in general? There are an infinite amount of questions one could ask themselves during this time of year, but there is always some type of feeling that is evoked during the whole experience. Whether it's your drunk uncle giving everyone hugs or "The Little Saint Nick" being played over and over again, the majority of people would say Christmas and New Years are warm, pleasant and even magical times of year.

Family as a concept doesn't just include one's biological family, but can include friends and other people as well. A sense of togetherness and support is usually an image that is evoked when one thinks of "Family". This is an important because besides food and water, human beings need love and support in order to feel good with life. How often has it been seen, people who are abused and neglected start to become depressed. Basic survival needs are just as important as emotional needs. Everyone who has any slice of goodness in them, deserves to be loved and cared for by other individuals in this web called, family; it produces elevated mood, feelings of well being, self-esteem, confidence, support, joy, and a whole slew of positive states of being. So if you see someone who looks upset, why not just give them a hug because it might just be what they needed to lift their spirit.

In my opinion there is way too much violence in the world. Unfortunately I also recognize that there will probably never be an end to it, but it definitely can be minimized. The Christmas time of year is always a good time to be grateful for everything in your life and to be fortunate you have loving family and friends. You could be in Africa somewhere in the area of mass killings, but instead you are with your awesome family and friends. It is not widely known that Christmas is actually a pagan holiday.


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