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Tombstone Sandwich Recipes For Halloween

Updated on August 12, 2017

Halloween Recipes: Easy Halloween Treats Kids Will Love

It's easy to treat your kids to a Halloween sandwich with this tombstone sandwich tutorial. These little sandwiches are so easy to make and they are fun to eat. You can make these spooky treats any shape you want by using different shaped cookie cutters. Bats, pumpkins, tombstones, monsters, you get it...just check out the fun cookie cutters you can find online or in your local shop. Wait until you see how thrilled your kids are when you serve up this Halloween style lunch or snack.

To make these kid sized Halloween sandwiches you will need:

  • Bread
  • Fillers - ham and cheese, peanut butter and jelly, chicken salad ...
  • Halloween cookie cutters in different shapes - bats, tombstones, pumpkins, monsters, witch hat, skull & crossbones, ghost, vampire, black cat...
  • Jelly or Ketchup to write with
  • Plastic sandwich bags with a small part of a bottom corner cut off

Tombstone Sandwiches - Look At The First 4 Pictures Below & Cut Your Bread As Shown


Read this page and then study the pictures to see how to cut your bread so it looks like a tombstone...isn't that the perfect shaped sandwich for a Halloween lunch or snack? Your kids are going to be so thrilled when they see the extra effort you have gone through making them this spooky fun treat.


So, now you've seen how to cut your bread into a tombstone shape. Repeat those same steps and you will be able to make as many tombstone shaped sandwiches as you like. Then look below to see how to make other Halloween shaped bread slices so you can serve a variety of spooky shaped sandwiches to your hungry Halloween crowd. The picture below shows a bat shaped cookie cutter pressed into a slice of bread.

Make A Bat Shaped Sandwich By Using A Bat Halloween Cookie Cutter

Take your bat cookie cutter, or choose another Halloween shaped cookie cutter, and press it into your bread. Remove the excess bread and you will have a unique shaped piece of bread to make a Halloween snack or lunch with.

There are all kinds of Halloween shaped cookie cutters you can find to use. Below is a list of cookie cutter shape ideas for you to browse through or check out Amazon...there are lots of spooky themed cookie cutters to be found there.

Spooky And Fun Halloween Cookie Cutter Ideas

Cookie Cutters
Black Cats
Witch Hats

Bat Shaped Sandwich Bread


Keep cutting the bread with your Halloween shaped cookie cutters until you have enough bread shapes to make the amount of sandwiches you need. Fill the bread with chicken or tuna salad, luncheon meats and cheeses, or even peanut butter and jelly. Set the finished sandwiches on a tray, decorate them with some ketchup or mustard if you like, and serve up a fun and unique Halloween themed lunch.

Take Your Shaped Breads And Fill Them To Make A Spooky Sandwich


Write On Your Spooky Sandwiches With Ketchup Or Mustard


Making Tombstone Sandwiches Video

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Witch Hat Halloween Shaped Sandwiches


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Bento Spider Sandwich Made With Nutella


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