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Handy Tools For Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Updated on December 1, 2012

Do it yourself outdoor Christmas decorations are a popular option in holiday decor. Very few people can afford to have professionals come out to their home to decorate it for the holidays, and so they are left to do it themselves. Do it yourself outdoor Christmas decorations are not impossible to tackle however. With the right tools, you can accomplish what the professionals do and save a bundle on labor costs.

Christmas Light Hangers

The new light hangers are long poles that have an arm type device on the end of them. Most of these poles will extend six feet and are very helpful in hanging strings of lights. These interesting tools come in handy when you are planning to hang strings of lights on your roof or high ledges. You simply drape your string through the arm, extend it to your roof and then release the string. The lights will stay and you can bring the light hanger back down to continue the process.

Light hangers are great for those who would rather not use ladders to hang their lights. They are also great for those will ailments like back problems. They can be purchased at most home improvement stores or even general merchandise stores. Most of these contraptions cost around $15 each, and they are worth every penny of it.

Christmas Light Clips

Light clips are necessary if you are hanging strings of lights on your home. They come in many different varieties, depending on the type of lights you are using. Be sure to check the package in order to get the correct type for your decor.

To use these tools, you simply slide the long edge of the clip under your gutter and then place the string of lights in the light holder on the clip's other end. You will need to use these about every six inches along your gutter, so be sure to get plenty. They are very inexpensive and can be purchased new each year.

Christmas Ribbon

Instead of buying individual bows for your trees and wreaths, consider purchasing a large spool of wired ribbon and make your own. Simply cut the ribbon to a preferred length for each area, and wrap it around your trees, mailbox, and light poles. Tie the bow like you would a shoestring and adjust it to your desired look. You can create lovely do it yourself outdoor Christmas decorations in no time with this project.

Homemade Christmas Signs

If you want to add a bit of personalization to your do it yourself outdoor Christmas decorations, consider making your own "Santa signs". You can do this using a medium sized piece of wood connected to a stake. Simply paint and decorate the signs to your liking. Then, add wording such as "Santa Stop Here" or other fun holiday phrases. These signs are perfect crafts for children as well, so let them help with this project. The signs will last you for years and your children will love that they made a personalized sign for Santa.


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