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Top 10 Adult Couples Costumes for Halloween

Updated on August 18, 2011

Halloween is one of my favorite holidays because it gives me an excuse to wear corsets, wings and fangs dripping with blood (not all at the same time, although that would be an interesting disguise.) However, for the past two years I have declined to participate in any Halloween festivities. It's much easier when you're a kid: you dress up, go trick-or-treating and come home with a barrelful of candy. Or if you have a kid, then you can use him as a reason to dress up yourself, and take him out in the neighborhood. But if neither of the above apply, you're kinda screwed unless someone is throwing a Halloween party. My girlfriend and I have made it our mission to find one of these elusive Halloween parties this October, and now we are faced with the daunting task of selecting costumes for couples that look good in a pair.

1. Priest and She-Devil

A Catholic priest costume goes great with a nun--but it's even better when paired up against a she-devil. The priest's garb is a simple robe with white collar, the she-devil is a little more elaborate and comes complete with attachable tail and horns.

2. Pirate and Wench

There's plenty of plain old pirate costumes out there, but "Pirates of the Carribbean" fans will love the Captain Jack Sparrow disguise. This Disney licensed attire comes with Jack's signature red headpiece with attached wig, white shirt, jacket, red sash and boot tops. No pirate is complete without a wench at his side, however. A pirate beauty costume normally includes corset with attached sleeves, skirt, hip wrap and head tie. Add a sword and knee high leather boots for extra sex appeal.

3. Nurse and Army Soldier

The nurse/doctor is a classic couples costume that's been done over and over again. Mix it up and pair your Red Cross Nurse with an army soldier nstead. You've got a lot of freedom when it comes to the nurse's uniform and can make her as flirty as you want. The outfit seen here comes with zip-front dress, headpiece and stethoscope. Army fatigues can be purchased at discount from your local army navy supply store. Douse yourself with fake blood for a wounded look that'll require extra attention from your caregiver.

4. Geisha and Sumo Wrestler

A Japanese geisha costume can be done in one of two ways: modern or traditional. A traditional geisha wears an ankle-length kimono with an obi wrapped around the waist and white socks with platform sandals. A modern geisha is sexier and/or more Gothic depending on your taste, with a much shorter skirt and usually worn with fishnets and heels. Complete the costume with a folding fan either way, and pair yourself with an inflatable sumo wrestler.

5. Gangster and Girlfriend

The Miss Mafia costume includes halter-top pinstripe dress with either pink or white tie and matching wristcuffs. To complete the gangster look you'll need to pick up the hat, fishnet thigh high stockings and heels. Your mobster partner has it a bit easier; all he needs is a double breasted suit jacket with matching pants, shiny shoes, a machine gun and an attitude to match and he's set.

6. Doctor and Candy Striper

'Candy striper' is the nickname for a female hospital volunteer because of her red and white striped uniform. She's not quite a nurse, but she's just as sexy! Dress and headpiece are both included, stethoscope optional. The candy striper's boss is the doctor she answers to, and he can either wear the signature blue scrubs or a standard white labcoat. Pick up the doctor's accessory kit to add a stethoscope, surgical mask, mirror headpiece and overcoat.

7. Black Widow and Body Bag

Just like the black widow spider, the black widow woman is a murderess whose only purpose in life is to marry a man with money and then kill him for his inheritence. Always in mourning, the widow's costume includes her dress and a hat with attached funeral veil. Her dead husband looks great with a face painted white and stuck in a body bag.

8. Officer and Prisoner

What's hotter than a female officer exercising complete control over her bad boy prisoner? This policewoman's costume includes bodysuit, hat, neckbelt, belt, handcuffs and gun holster (police baton optional.) All it takes to become the convict is the standard, black and white striped jailbird uniform with matching cap and prisoner I.D. number embroidered on the front.

9. Disco King and Mod Girl

For this costume idea, think John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever" and Beyonce Knowles of "Austin Powers in Goldmember". He was a disco king--three piece suit with flared pantlegs, slicked back hair and gold chains. And she was head of the mod squad with her polyester go-go mini dress, circle belt and matching hippie earrings.

10. Little Red Riding Hood and the Big, Bad Wolf

Fairy tale characters make for great couples costumes, and the story of Little Red Riding Hood and the Big, Bad Wolf is one of my favorites. Little Red for the 21st century wears a short, ruffled, lace-front dress and red hooded cape. Her archnemesis can be either a stand alone wolf or a wolf adorned in grandma's clothing, which includes nightgown with tail and cap with ears.


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