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Top 10 Best Birthday Gifts for Kids

Updated on February 16, 2016

Is your kid’s birthday fast approaching yet you still can’t decide which birthday gifts for kids would make him the happiest? Don’t worry too much since this problem is shared by countless parents across the globe. Here is a list of the Top 10 Best Birthday Gifts for Kids that can serve as your guide. Remember that your main goal is to make your kid extra happy during his special day. However, you don’t need to overspend for this purpose. Your kid and the whole family can still have a great time even while spending less. It all comes down to your creativity and how eager you are to search for cheap alternatives. Keep your hopes high and never falter since the happiness of the upcoming birthday celebrant is at stake here.

If you think I missed out a birthday gift idea for kids worth mentioning, don’t hesitate to leave a comment and explain why it should be included in this list. Have a good read everyone!

Keep you kids aware that saving is essential.
Keep you kids aware that saving is essential.

Unlike many of us believe, money as a gift for your child’s birthday can lead to fruitful learning and experiences. It can serve as training for future bigger responsibilities. But before handing over the money, explain the importance of saving and spending only for things that are truly needed. Don’t teach him everything but simply introduce the basic principles. Whether he understands you or not will reflect on his next actions. If won’t matter if he spends the money right or not since the experience can urge him to be more responsible next time around either way around. He will also gain confidence after how you manifested your trust. Teaching your kid a sense of responsibility is without a doubt one of the best birthday gifts you can possibly give. Below I included some money management tips you could teach your kids.

Money Lessons for your Kids

They don’t immediately get what they want

It is best to teach your kids this concept at a very young age for this gets harder to develop as they get older. There are even adults who find it had to practice this concept. Your kids should learn that they could not immediately get what they want simply because they need it. There is a process for achieving something and that is to save.

A Store is not a place to Buy just anything they want

When in grocery stores, make your kids realize the reason why you are there, like buying a gift for someone. With this, they would not think that a store is a place where they could simply buy something they want. If they see some toys and is interested at it, explain to them they are in the store for something else and not for buying their own toys.

The Value of Waiting

When you have your kids with you when buying, on the time to wait in line, it’s a chance to remind them about the value of waiting. This develops their patience and helps them realize that often times they really have to wait for the right time to get something.

The Idea of Making Jars

Maybe you have already read about this in other sources. This is proven effective for kids – creating jars labeled with “Sharing” “Spending” and “Saving”. Whenever your kids receive money for doing something or simply given to them by someone, distribute the money equally on the jars. When your kid wants to buy, use the money on the Spending jar. Explain to them that the sharing jar is intended when they want to help someone like a friend and the saving jar they could use for buying expensive materials.

Help your Kid set Purchase Goals

If your kid wants something especially a toy, have him realize that he should start saving for it. With this, he now has a goal in mind and to help him achieve this goal, he needs to start saving. Make sure the thing he wants is not too pricey for it would take a longer time for him to purchase it and could lead to frustrations. Take it lightly at first and adjust as what you see is fit on the performance saving of your kid.

Encourage healthy eating at an early age.
Encourage healthy eating at an early age.

Both kids and adults love food so it’s the safest birthday gift. Though others think that consumable gifts are not good as they won’t be remembered in time, they fail to realize that the fun and sweet moments this kind of gifts will introduce tend to last for a lifetime. Good thing about this gift for kids is its personalized.

After giving the gift, explain the importance of sharing and encourage the birthday celebrate to give some to his guests. It may look very simple but it’s a very effective way to teach your kid that greediness will not result to happiness but the other way around. However, don’t forget to choose healthy foods as much as possible. It won’t be a good a very good idea to supplement your kid’s cravings to food products that can make way to healthy issues.

A birthday party your kid will surely enjoy!
A birthday party your kid will surely enjoy!

Kids love surprises. Why not treat your kid including his classmates? Though this requires a lot of effort especially in coordinating with your kid’s teacher, all your effort will end up worthwhile after seeing your kid extra happy during his special day. You don’t need to bring extravagant gifts and foods. The fact that you expressed your love with confidence will surely amaze your kid. Join them! Have fun with your kid together with his classmates and make it a memorable day. Though time is limited as the kids need to attend their classes, make every second count by bringing out one surprise after another. Bring the whole family if possible and don’t forget to take pictures that you can all enjoy watching later in the evening.

A happy kid after receiving new toys.
A happy kid after receiving new toys.

Toys are regarded by many as the best birthday gift for kids. They can keep your kids entertained anytime while helping them enhance their creativity. However, don’t simply pick anything on the toy store. A good gift requires more effort than that. Before anything else, try to figure out your kid’s likes and dislikes. Ask a friend or his older brother in secret. Don’t let him know that you’re up to something or you’ll only spoil the surprise. The toy can be his favorite anime or cartoon character or one that every kid in the neighborhood has aside from him. If possible, aim for educational toys and those that can encourage him to play physical sports such as basketball and soccer. I included some useful tips below.

Excellent Toys to Give your Kids


This option is not only limited to legos. It could also be other toys as long as it has a manipulative nature. This helps develop your kid’s creativity and motor skills. They are not only enjoying with this kind of toy but they are also learning at the same time. It is very important to incorporate learning and development in your kid’s play time.

Baby Dolls

There are now a lot of fancy baby dolls in the market today. I suggest you don’t go for those fancy ones which say something, eat, move or crawl. These are not only expensive, but often times they also easily break. Go with the usual dolls which would give your child more time to be creative in playing with it. Playing with dolls help kids become passionate with other people so they grow up a loving and caring person.

Plastic or Rubber Animals

These animals could be anything from zoo animals, farm animals and even dinosaurs. The good thing about this option is it guides your kids to create some dramatic scene for these animals. They could create a scene where they are managing animals in the farm which is certainly good for them. It is also a good way for them to start caring for animals seeing them as an important creation of God and not something that they could end up hunting when they grow up.

Art Stuff

A lot of kids love art, so try to give yours access to these things like play dough, crayons and papers and cookie cutters. This is certainly a good way for them to develop their artistic skills. Here, you will see if your child will have a future when it comes to art. Those who have an inborn talent on arts would surely shine. Even though most kids just do any kind of stuff on their art sessions, those will talents just stands-out from the rest. I personally experienced this with my brother. He is just creating the better drawings compared to others. In presenting your kids with art stuffs, just make sure that its 100% safe. Also its best to have someone watch over them.


As game time helps your kid develop some skills, why not help them enhance their problem-solving skills. With puzzles, you give them a chance to deal with something on their own. Of course, you could give some little supervision or coaching but let them deal with most of the problem. The more they play with puzzles, eventually; they would become persistent problem solvers. This is a skill that they could not only use when they go to school but also in dealing with their personal life.

For more information, visit this site for more tips.

A kid playing on a PC.
A kid playing on a PC.

There are hundreds of computer games for kids in the market today which could be great as a birthday gift making it hard for parents to choose one that their kids will like the most. You have two options to carry out this task. First is to personally visit a computer game store. Though this method requires more effort and time, it’s best for parents who know nothing about computer and video games since they can simply ask the store attendant for suggestions. For those who can’t afford to invest a lot of time and effort for this purpose, using the internet is a great move. Simply browse through famous online sellers like Amazon and E-bay to find the best computer game for your kid’s birthday. Just don’t forget to only search for games that does not involve violence and that can help your kids learn great things while having fun.

Here's a list which features the Top 10 Best PC Games for Kids to help you out.

A hoody shirt for kids.
A hoody shirt for kids.

A personalized printed shirt can be among the perfect birthday gifts if you know him well. For kids, wearing a personalized t-shirt on their birthday would be great. Your main objective must be to figure out his favorite band, anime show, and other things that interest him the most. By doing so, you won’t find it hard to know what t-shirt design can make him happy.

It doesn’t have to be so fancy. Kids these days particularly boys prefer simple shirts and those that expresses something like a cool and funny idea. Most kids nowadays also prefer shirts inspired by their favorite cartoon or anime character. Spending more time and effort to know your kid’s preferences will guarantee that your gift can cause a huge smile in his face during his birthday.

A successful kid's birthday party is one that can make your kid truly happy.
A successful kid's birthday party is one that can make your kid truly happy.

For first birthday gift ideas, among the best is throwing a party for your kid’s birthday. It is a great idea especially if planned well. A kid’s birthday party won’t be complete without a program teeming with exciting games and activities to be sure to prepare for it. Always remember that the success of a kid’s birthday party does not solely rely on having good food but mainly on how the celebrant enjoyed the event with his friends.

It’s a special day for your kid so he should be extra happy. Be sure to invite relatives and everyone that has a particular place in your kid’s heart. Seeing everyone who loves him attend the party alone will make the event memorable for your kid.

Important Things to Consider in Preparing a Kid's Party

Set a Date

Everything starts with setting a date. A lot of parents today are very busy with their work and other stuff so it’s very important to set the right date for the party. Consider not only your free time but also the free time of your kid’s friends. Make sure you have enough time to prepare for the party so the date should give you at least 4-6 weeks to prepare. After the date is finalized, make sure to already plan for the venue.


Budget would be a big deal especially for parents who are not doing quite well financially especially at the moment were many are facing financial crisis. If you are among the rich people, then budget would never be a problem. In determining your budget, it is best to obtain your kid’s input regarding activities for the party. With this, you get an overview of the expense. It is best that you suggest activities that are not too expensive but still fun for your kid and his friends. If in a tight budget, avoid comparing your preparation to anyone. This way, you take a lot of pressure off your sleeves.


Having a theme is very important for a kid’s party. This will make the event more entertaining and fun. Themes could be superheroes, prince and princesses, Disney characters or pirates. Since most of the kids are influenced by tv shows, you surely know what theme would make them very happy so just try to help them out when it comes to deciding on the theme. Do not consider a theme simply because your neighbor did it before and it turned out great. Always consider what your kid wants.


I think this is the most expensive part. Hiring someone for the entertainment of the kids would surely be costly. You could save a lot when you do it yourself. However, when you decide to take care of this, be prepared. The key here is to be organized. When you have everything planned including some contingency ideas, it would surely turn out great for you. Prepare games which are both fun and entertaining. Use your own creativity in transforming ideas you get online. Tons of ideas could be found online but these could be common activities – just change things a bit to add more fun. By the end of the day, if you decide to hire someone go for those which a lot of referral and feedback. This would ensure that they know pretty well what to do and how to manage the kids.

A family vacation like no other.
A family vacation like no other.

Tired of spending the weekend at home doing nothing? Why not take the whole family to an exciting journey that they will never forget for the rest of their lives? It can be a perfect way to celebrate your kid’s birthday. All you need to do is decide on a destination and carefully plan your activities there. Extravagance is not a must. There are cheap accommodations everywhere so be sure to widen your options. As much as possible, aim for a place that can help your kids be in touch with nature. The whole family will not only enjoy the trip but also experience the beauty of nature and benefit from its relaxing aura.

A mobile phone can help you kid in many ways.
A mobile phone can help you kid in many ways.

Buying a mobile phone or any of the popular handheld technology devices today is a great idea for your kid’s birthday. Though it would mean spending a considerable amount, such kind of gift will surely make your kid happy especially if he is among the few of his peers who don’t have a handheld device yet. Others consider it as pure extravagance but they fail to consider how these devices can help your kid. A mobile phone for example can let him contact you any time. It can be really handy especially during emergency situations. A laptop makes it easier for him to access the internet anytime for research and can serve as his edge in studying. Even portable a portable music player is a great choice as it helps your kid deal with idle and boring moments with ease.

The best expression of love.
The best expression of love.

I personally think that for kids, material birthday gifts are less important than hugs, kisses, and quality time.These are best way to express your love. Toys might give them temporary satisfaction, but love and affection would leave a long-term effect on them.

From the moment he wakes up until bedtime, never forget to remind him about your unceasing love and care. Your boy may not be vulgar in showing his appreciation but that doesn’t mean your efforts are for nothing. Deep inside him is a heart that will do anything to please and make you proud. His respect for you will grow as he sees how much you work hard to help and guide him. Your kid’s birthday is a very special day for him so exert effort and time in preparing for it. At the end of the day, his smiles and laughter will make all your sacrifices and hard work totally worth it.

A video every kid should see!

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      I haven't considered money as a gift before. Good idea.

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      Right you are! Thank you for this.


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