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Top 10 Best Birthday Gifts for Women

Updated on January 21, 2013

Women love to be pampered and cared. We want to be special so buying us gifts on our special day is a must. However, only a few men are sensitive enough to know what we truly want. Are you among those who can’t decide what to give on their woman’s birthday? Don’t worry since you share the same problem with billions of clueless men across the globe. Always keep in mind that effort and time are required to come up with the best birthday gift for your girl.

To save you from the hassle, here is a list of the Top 10 Best Birthday Gifts for Women. Though all of these ideas are worth trying, don’t limit yourself. Explore and think of other creative gift ideas that can put a smile to your girl’s face on her birthday. If you have a much better gift suggestion other than the ones mentioned in this list, feel free to leave a comment and explain why your gift deserves to be among the best. Have a good read everyone!

A cute sling bag.
A cute sling bag.

Every woman will know how important bags are. They’re not just there to hold our things together but it’s a part of a woman’s getup. In my case, I spend almost an hour just deciding which bag fits best to my attire so having a couple of options is a luxury every woman would want.

While buying her a bag, consider her preferences in terms of size, color, material, and brand. Majority of women love averagely sized bags with several inside pockets for easier organization while others prefer small ones as they are very handy. Whether you’ll end up buying what she likes depends on how much you know her. If haven’t spent so much time together, ask her friends or throw tricky questions when you’re together so she can share what kind of bags she like the most without spoiling the surprise.

Pretty High Heels Shoes
Pretty High Heels Shoes

An average woman has at least 3 pair of shoes; one for sports-related activities, another for casual and a pair worn during formal events. Observe which one she lacks and head out to the nearest department store to buy one. Nevertheless, simply getting the most expensive and prettiest pair won’t do the trick. I know majority of men already observed that women are very picky when it comes to shoes. Women want a pair that perfectly fits and one that looks good regardless what type of top, jeans, or shorts they wear. This is probably why a lot of women spend hours visiting one shoe shop after another just to find the perfect pair.

If you really want to make her happy, be ready for it! Be sure to research about her likes and dislikes. What color does she prefer? What shoe design is she most fond off? Don’t worry about having a very limited budget for her birthday gift. Though majority of wonderful shoes in the market today are quite expensive you can still minimize your expenses by shopping online.

Make the night extra special.
Make the night extra special.

That day is all about her happiness so treating her on the restaurant she loves the most is an excellent gift idea. Yet this is not your sole option. Bringing her to a beautiful place for the first time is also a good option. You need to choose which approach will make her happier. The first one is the safest. Given she admires the place firsthand; it won’t be difficult for you to make the night extra special. The other option is very exciting but could ruin her night if the venue fails to capture her heart. Do you like to play safe? Or are you a risk taker? Is she an adventurous woman or does she prefer being on a place where she can comfortably enjoy the moment with you? Come up with reasonable answers to these questions and you’ll never go wrong!

A pop up love letter.
A pop up love letter.

Giving her a love letter might seem very simple but it’s probably the sweetest gift she can receive on her special day. Unlike what most men believe, women are more interested in gifs that do not come with price tags. Don’t just buy a birthday card and write a few sentences in it. Exert some effort by personally creating a birthday card. Make a poem and incorporate it on your card. I doesn’t have to be like Shakespeare’s since it’s the thought the counts. With some creativity and hard work, create a popup birthday card made jut for her. There are several tutorials online that can help you so don’t worry about having no experience regarding this matter. Choose your words wisely and never forget to add a personal touch on your letter so she will know it’s from you even without looking who the author is.

Simple but sweet.
Simple but sweet.

Chocolates and flowers are common birthday gifts but you can make them extra special for your girl. You have two options while purchasing chocolates for her special day. The first one is get her favorites. Though this is a great idea, it’s not recommended as it lacks the sense of surprise. I advised you to pick the second option which is to purchase a delicious chocolate she never tasted before. Convincing her to give it a try won’t be a problem as she will gladly eat it knowing the chocolates came from the love of her life. You can both enjoy your new-found chocolates and share wonderful memories worth keeping for the rest of you lives.

Flowers have various symbolisms so be sure to conduct a brief research about it. Basically, red is for love, white for hope, yellow for dedication, blue is for patience and peace. While giving her flowers explain why you picked them and why they are best suited for the occasion to leave her amazed!

Does she love baking? Is gardening one of her favorite activities during the weekends? Or is your girl one of the few who loves to play computer and console games? Answers to these questions are perfect hints for you to come up with the best gift idea. Giving her something that she can use every day will make her realize how much you truly care. It’s a sign of support that she will certainly be happy about regardless if your gift is expensive or not.

Your thoughtfulness will definitely convince her that your love is true. Just remember to keep the gift in secrecy before her special day. Women love surprises! If you have some spare time, create a unique gift box which can confuse her about your gift. Be creative and work hard for it since it is normal for her to have high expectations from you.

You should give her a gaming console!
You should give her a gaming console!
Isn't it cute?
Isn't it cute?

A pet dog or cat is a great gift idea for women. But make sure she is not allergic to them. It requires time, effort, and most importantly love to adopt a pet and women are experts on these fields. The pet can comfort and make her happy at times of loneliness. Pets are effective stress relievers especially dogs. They are loyal and would even risk their own lives to safeguard their owner from any harm. Decide for a pet name that has something to do with your relationship. By doing so, the pet will constantly remind her about you, and how much you care and love her.

Taking care of the pet can also introduce bonding opportunities. Visit the park with your pet and share fun memories together. You’ll eventually realize that the pet can help keep your relationship in tack and happier.

It doesn't have to be as perfect as this. Just work hard for it.
It doesn't have to be as perfect as this. Just work hard for it.

Can you create stunning sketches? Why not create one for her? It can be her portrait or a place special to both of you. Make the sketch extra special by framing it. She’ll surely display it on a wall where she can look at it often. You need to spend hours each day to create a wonderful piece of art for her birthday so work hard. In the end, all your efforts will bear fruit so don’t give up. Your girl’s happiness during her special day is at stake here and her sweet smiles are certainly more than enough as an inspiration to keep on moving despite all the odds. Just make sure you don’t spoil the surprise. Draw on a friend’s house or anywhere where she can’t find you.

Regardless what the outcome is, she will definitely be proud of having a man who is willing to do everything just to make her happy. Trust me, women appreciates effort in a relationship more than anything else.

Samsung Xperia S Tablet
Samsung Xperia S Tablet

Is her mobile phone broken? Or does she always complain about her slow computer or laptop? Buying her new technology devices as a birthday gift will definitely make her very happy. But then again, this option requires considerable monetary investment so carefully think about it. Does she really need it? Will the device offer all her needs? Research is important so you won’t end up spending hundreds of dollars for something that doesn’t host the features she truly needs.

I’m certain most of you are worried about overspending in the process but there are cheap technology devices out there which offer great features and are not that far behind in terms of quality compared to the leading brands. Be a wise consumer and purchase a product only once you gathered all the available alternatives.

The best things in this world are those that money can't buy.
The best things in this world are those that money can't buy.

A promise of unending love, faithfulness, and respect is without a doubt the best gift any man can give to a woman. It’s really heart melting to see a man who plans forever with you and one who will always be on your side no matter what happens. This is every woman’s dream so make it a reality for her.

But remember not to say empty words. Before uttering them, be sure you’ll do your best to make them happen. Your woman’s birthday will definitely be extra special if celebrated with someone like you who considers her happiness a major priority. I hope you end up successful in making her birthday extra special!

A sweet love song for her!

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Is spending a lot imperative to make her birthday extra specia?

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    • Surinder Rajpal profile image

      Surinder Rajpal 

      6 years ago from Panipat, India

      Dress with some cosmetic and jewellery

    • dailytop10 profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Davao City

      Thank you for liking it. Glad I can help.

    • saitam profile image


      6 years ago from Lisbon

      Good suggestions. Always useful to have a short list of things to offer.

    • profile image

      Jeremy Rawlings 

      6 years ago

      Some great suggestions for gifts. I don't think I'd risk buying shoes however.


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