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Top 10 Best and Cheap Unusual Christmas gifts for your family and friends

Updated on July 12, 2012
Christmas In NewYork
Christmas In NewYork

Christmas is near and are you still thinking about choosing the best gift for your family and friends. Well, that's the story of every Christmas. Ok.. Let me help you in choosing the top and evergreen gift which is also light on your pocket and will also delight your friends, family members and children.

Below is the list of top 10 best and evergreen cheap gifts which are good not only for christmas but for any other occasions as well.

1. Digital Cameras and Camcorders

You can gift digital cameras and camcorders as they looks like luxury items but as their prices have drastically come down in recent time, they are the ideal gift for your family. A standard digital camera comes at £60 while you can get a standard camcorders for as less at £100.

2. Digital Photo Frame

Digital photo frames are not only looks elegant gifts but are also cheaper compared to camera and camcorders. So if you are giving gift to a distant relative or friend where you don't want to spend much, photo frames are a very good choice. You can get a digital photo frames for as less as £20.

3. Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is a great and new entry into gift list for this Christmas. They looks great and a great gift for a friend or family member who loves reading books and novels. Its a very good value for money gift this Christmas.

4. Apple IPod

If you want to go for a more expensive gift in the range of £100 - £200, then Apple IPod should be the best choice. You can get IPod Mini for £100 while ITouch will cost you some where £150 -£200.

5. Collection of Harry potter books

Due to recent release of Harry Potter the deathly hallows, there is good excitement among kids for Harry Potter stories. Also its always great to present stories books to children. You can also add Harry potter DVD series along with books.

6. Recipe Books:

Recipe books are always a safe bet as a gift to women who loves cooking. A good idea will be gift recipe books which teaches recipe for food you generally don't prepare. For example if you are a English in UK, give recipie books for mexican, Indian or Thai food.

7: Movie DVD Collection

If your friend a movie lover, then whats a better gift then presenting a collection of good movies DVD. You can also gift classic movies DVDs which are not easy to get if you already have them with you. Good thing about gifting movie DVDs are that you may not always need to buy them. You can repack good condition DVDs which you already have.

8. Artificial jewellery and make up Kit

It is one for the evergreen gift that you can give to you female friends and relatives. Good thing about this gift choice is that it please both young and not so young ladies. Apart from that you can get many choices to buy from your supermarket at cheap prices. You can get decent discounts on these as many store advertise these discount specially during christmas.

9: Perfumes

No list of gift is complete with a good perfume in it. Debenhams have just recently slashed their price for some selective perfumes. Its a good choice to gift both men and women. Sometimes people have special choices, so try to find out their choice of fragnace before buying

10. Wrist Watch

Wrist watches are among the best and top ever green gifts to be given on all occasions including Christmas to both men and women. There is no specific range in terms of cost for wrist watches as you can buy them from £5 - £5 millions. However you can buy a good wrist watch to gift from £50.


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