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Top 10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

Updated on December 3, 2017
Christmas gift ideas for him
Christmas gift ideas for him | Source

Christmas Gifts For Men

Christmas is a wonderful time of year, but if you’re anything like me you probably struggle to think of cool Christmas gift ideas – especially for men, as they are often considered hard to buy for. And it’s also not much fun fighting your way around crowded stores and busy shopping malls to try to get them. So here are 10 great gift ideas that are bound to please any man; and what’s more you can buy them from the comfort of your own home with just the click of a mouse…

1. Buy Him A Watch

Watches make great Christmas gifts for men (and women too), especially if he hasn't had one for a while. Either digital or analogue is bound to be appreciated. A great example is the classy and elegant Citizen BM7, which is ideal both as a dress watch and for casual wear. This slim, ultra light model is a real quality watch that will last for decades, needs no battery replacements and offers excellent value for money.

2. Or An Electric Shaver

If he’s getting tired of wet shaving, or he hasn't had a new electric shaver for a while, this could be just what he needs. Panasonic make some great shavers, and the Panasonic 3 blade shaver with nanotech blades gives a perfect smooth shave either wet or dry. Use it wet for extra skin protection or dry for convenience. It also includes a pop-up trimmer for detail grooming.

3. Or How About A Toiletry Bag?

Ideal for carrying his shampoo, shower gel, shaving cream, toothbrush etc. when traveling, a toiletry bag makes a nice practical but personal gift.

4. Or A Pair Of Headphones

Headphones are another excellent Christmas gift idea, and if you want a pair that sound great, feel comfortable, cover the ears well, are really well made and yet affordably priced, you probably won’t do any better than the Audio-Technica M30x professional studio monitor headphones. Ideal for use at home as well as when traveling, they could be just what he needs.

5. Or Perhaps A Pair Of Walking Boots

If he’s the outdoor type a good sturdy pair of weatherproof walking boots could be the ideal gift for him. Like some lightweight Timberland 8” Speed Hiking Boots perhaps? Pair them with a good pair of jeans and a dark jacket and he’ll have the perfect outfit for the season.

6. Or An iPad Air

Just when it looked like some of the other tablets were starting to catch up with the iPad, Apple brought out the iPad Air. Slimmer, lighter and faster than the older models, the Air is also narrower but has the same size screen. And the battery lasts longer too, despite being smaller. All in all the very best tablet on the market; the iPad Air could be just what he’s looking for.

7. Or Maybe A New Smartphone

If his phone needs updating a new smartphone could be just the thing. Like the impressive Galaxy S5 from Samsung. With its excellent screen, great camera, fingerprint scanner, heart rate monitor and extra long battery life, the S5 is one of the best phones on the market today. And on top of all that it’s waterproof too.

8. Or A Pair Of Boxer Shorts (Or Two)

Every man needs these, so you can’t go wrong with a pair or two of stylish and comfortable boxer shorts. Personally I don’t like the loose fitting styles (although many men do), but something like the matrix-knit slim fit boxers by Calvin Klein could be just right.

9. Or Perhaps A Nice Warm Sweater

Comfortable, warm and practical; a good quality sweater will always make a great gift. And the pure wool traditional Aran style sweater by Wool Overs would make an excellent choice. A real top quality sweater that’s thick and soft, and not at all restrictive at the neck like many sweaters are; it’s perfect for both indoor and outdoor wear. And best of all it comes at a great value price too.

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10. Or A Flight Jacket

A warm but stylish real leather flight bomber jacket, like one from Landing Leathers perhaps, is perfect for when he wants to get out and about during the colder winter months.

So those are my top 10 Christmas gift ideas for the men in your life. There are lots of others of course, but I hope you found these useful and that they will help to point you in the right direction. Have a superb Christmas.


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    • dwelburn profile image

      David 4 years ago from Birmingham, UK

      Glad you liked them Janis. And thanks.

    • WriterJanis profile image

      Janis 4 years ago from California

      Very nice suggestions. So far I have purchased one item on your list.

    • dwelburn profile image

      David 4 years ago from Birmingham, UK

      It is, but only based on research. I haven't got one as yet. But yes it is a great discount isn't it?

    • JakeFrost profile image

      Jake Frost 4 years ago from London, United Kingdom

      Quite a nice model you've got there too, $150 off!

      Is that your personal choice?

    • dwelburn profile image

      David 4 years ago from Birmingham, UK

      Lol; thanks Jake. Yes I could use a new watch myself :)

    • JakeFrost profile image

      Jake Frost 4 years ago from London, United Kingdom

      Very good, would love the wife to stumble across this. To be honest wouldn't mind any of these gifts this december - but if I had to choose between the boxers and the silver watch, well let's say that I'd never be late again.

      Great hub

    • dwelburn profile image

      David 4 years ago from Birmingham, UK

      Thank you Askme. Yes it is difficult isn't it. But glad you found this useful.

    • Askme profile image

      Pritchard 4 years ago

      Voted up. Thanks for the useful ideas. It is always hard trying to find the right Christmas gift for my husband.