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Top 9 Christmas Gift Ideas for Mother In Law 2016 [for Under $100]

Updated on December 12, 2016
CC Licensed image via Flickr
CC Licensed image via Flickr | Source

Christmas Gift Ideas that will WOW your Mother in law!

Deciding what Christmas gift to get for your mother in law can sometimes be a tough situation but don't worry because there are many sweet and simple gift choices out there that can please them easily. You just have to know her personality a little bit and sometimes knowing the things she strictly dislikes or has problems with is the most important thing you need to know when buying a gift for her. For e.g. If your mother in law has diabetes, it might not be a smart idea to buy her a gift basket full of sweets and chocolates. You get the idea?

Here you will find 9 best, hand picked gift ideas for mother in laws with best ratings and customer feedbacks. These gift ideas are displayed in random order.

Mother in Law Gift Ideas Votes Results for Last Year

NO 1- Willow Tree Close to Me Musical Figurine

Featured Willow Tree Close to Me Musical

Willow Tree Musical, Close to Me
Willow Tree Musical, Close to Me

Free Shipping.

Official Susan Lordi & Demdaco Product.


Willow Tree Mother n Daughter Figurine- a sweet and sentimental hit!

Willow tree mother and daughter figurines are not only for your own moms, they can be a great hit with your mother in laws too. It’s not only simple looking and inexpensive but also a very sweet and sentimental Christmas gift idea for your mother in law. You know how they say a picture speaks 1000 words? In this case, the figurine will speak those 1000 words. Willow tree figurines are so unique that they express emotions through only gestures and the meaning or story behind the figurine is left to the imagination of the receiver. In this case your mother in law may feel that you love her just as much as you love your own mother or may see it as the tight bonding between you and her. Whichever way she sees it; it will always be a hit.

NO 2- Mom Necklace- Another sweet & sentimental hit

Does your mother in law like jewellery gifts? If so she will fall in love with this beautiful sterling silver heart necklace with sparkling created pink and white sapphire/diamonds. It also has “Mom” raised on top of the heart pendant, just so sweet enough to please your mother in laws heart on Christmas day. It’s also another sentimental gift that shows her you love her like your own mom.

Featured Luxurious Lavender Spa Gift Basket

NO 3- Give your mother in law this beautiful spa gift basket to pamper herself on/after Christmas day.

Your mother in law is a woman too so she will fully enjoy pampering herself on Christmas day using the beautiful lavender scented spa products from this gift basket and she doesn't necessarily have to make use of on Christmas day, she can make use of it the next day or whenever she’s in that mood to relax herself. Some of the exciting goodies from this gift basket include a lavender scented body spray, lavender scented bubble bath, body scrub, bath salts, body massager, body wash, moisturising lotion, candles and so much more. Lavender has so much cool benefits for our health and some of those your mother in law will be able enjoy from this gift basket are: Stress relief, calming mind, soothing skin conditions and relief from headaches.

If you think that she might not know how to make use of these goodies, just tell her about the cool benefits of it and how you've made use of these kind of spa basket products.[if you have].

Featured Christmas Morning Breakfast Gift Basket™

NO 4- Who wouldn't appreciate a delicious morning breakfast gift basket on Christmas day?

Your mother in law will appreciate it too. If you happen to visit her the night before you can give it to her then or you can give it to her on Christmas morning. If it’s not possible for you to visit your mother in law the night before or on Christmas day then you can have it delivered straight to her address on the day before, just to be sure she gets it on time. Most customers who’ve purchased this gift basket said that their loved ones received it on time for Christmas.

The super delicious goodies in this basket include farmhouse pancakes and waffle mix, wild Maine blueberries, pure new Hampshire maple syrup, cheddar herb biscuit mix, country ham biscuit slices, assorted gourmet coffees and more.

Midwest-CBK She Who is My Mother-in-Law Mug

NO 5: Mug gifts are always on trend and there’s one for everyone!

As mentioned above, mug gifts are always a hit and they’re also pretty cheap compared to all other gift types. Here is a beautiful mug that says “She who is my mother in law” on front and also has a sweet poem written on the back. It can hold 14 ounces of drink. Customers who’ve purchased this item have expressed how emotional and touching the poem on the back of the mug is and how much their mother in laws loved the gift.

PIBBS Foot Bath Massager FM3830A

Featured Foot Bath Massager

NO 6- Foot bath massager: Every woman deserves one of these. . .

Get your mother in law this cool foot bath massager so she can relax and enjoy the wonderful benefits of it at home. Do you know that beautiful and relaxing sensation you get when you step your feet into a warm bath after a long day of work? Can you imagine doing that into this foot bath massager? Oh gosh you will love it and in this case, your mother in law will love it to bits and pieces.

NO 7- Omaha Steaks Cheesecakes: Delicious enough to satisfy her sweet tooth!

Is your mother in law someone who loves sweet treats like cheesecakes? If so she will not be able to resist this beautiful circle of 16 yummylicious cheesecakes slices. You will get 4 slices of almond,4 slices of traditional New York, 4 Marble and 4 Strawberry cheesecakes. Just watch the smile on her face as she takes a bite of each one of these super delicious cheesecake slices.

Tall Himalayan Natural Crystal Rock Salt Lamp

NO 8- How about a beautiful Himalayan natural crystal rock salt lamp?

This lamp is made out of 100% pure natural Himalayan rock salt and has many wonderful benefits for our health. It works as a natural air purifier by producing negative ions into the air and also has many therapeutic benefits such as relief from stress, improves sleep and increases energy. Your mother in law can keep it anywhere in the house and enjoy its benefits.

A touching poem frame gift for Mother in law

NO 9- A touching poem matt [with/withour frame] for your mother in law

Here is another inexpensive but beautiful and sweet gift that you can get for your mother in law for Christmas. A pretty double matted burgundy/dark green matt with a touching poem for her written on it. It’s made out of high quality matt and is beautified with delicate watercolour graphics. You can get it with or without a frame and it also has same day shipping available.

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    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      amazing hub. Lots of lovely gifts you have listed. The mug, gift basket and the necklace would bring lots of smile to my mother in law face. Voted useful