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Top 10 Christmas Stocking Fillers for Kids Teens and Adults

Updated on November 11, 2011

Phew ! Another Christmas is nearly upon us. You spend the last available time running around the city trying to find the perfect gift for your spouse or loved one, trying to snatch up the last Christmas tree and making sure you manage to at least get some Christmas turkey.

One of the simplest and most pleasing things to do on Christmas eve or Christmas Day for that matter is to sit back and let everyone go through their Christmas stocking fillers whilst you gather your wits and wipe the sleet out of your eyes as you get those few minutes of peace before the mad rush starts again. There should be an extension to make it Christmas weekend if you have kids that you need to keep entertained and also make time for the proverbial trek around the country to visit relatives.

So, would you agree that some Christmas stockings with a couple of mixed fillers hung next to the Christmas tree in the living room would be a great way to start your christmas celebrations.


Browse the latest affordable lego selection

Finding a Christmas stocking filler for the whole family is quite difficult if you can not come up with a few ideas to make sure they are of adequate filler. You don't want to cram them full of sweets and candy and then have your kids bouncing off the walls from the sugar rush, so here are some solutions to help you make sure you manage to roduce a suitable stocking filler this Christmas for the whole family.


Christmas stocking fillers for adults

The spouse or significant other in your life should feel more spoiled by the stocking fillers than by the actual present under the tree. It is the small things that are the most thoughtful around Christmas time and using them as a filler in a stocking is probably the most satisfying as they are least expected to be in the stocking.

For Men:

  1. A fragrance or aftershave that you chose.No.Old Spice does not count.
  2. Golf tees or a few golf balls and perhaps a golf glove.
  3. A magazine subscription coupon.Design your own naughty ones if you like.
  4. A CD compilation of his favorite MP3's or his favorite band. Ask a friend to help.
  5. A brain teaser puzzle made of wood or steel. Some great difficult and easy ones.
  6. A cool keyring or car odoriser.
  7. A new cellphone cover or iPod cover.
  8. A pair of gloves for the cold outside. Almost always snows at Christmas.
  9. A voucher for the neighborhood shopping mall.
  10. 3 x Spend the day with his mates coupons.

For Women:

  1. Coupons for back massages. From professional or from spouse/ partner does not matter.
  2. A perfume fragrance.
  3. 3 x spoil yourself with your friends/baby-sitting vouchers.
  4. A short book of poems by Wordsworth etc.
  5. Spa Bath salts and de-stresser candles for the bathroom.
  6. Some funky costume jewelry.Ask a friend to help.
  7. A recent framed family picture for the office desk.
  8. Lipstick and Nail Polishes always make good fillers. Take the store clerks advice.
  9. A Hair Appointment voucher at her favorite salon.
  10. A CD of her favorite music.


Ultimate Girls Gift this year

Christmas Tree Fillers for Kids

Kids are a little easier to fill a Christmas stocking for as kids can be pretty relentless when there is a latest craze that is happening in the toy market. Even if there is, this is a christmas stocking filler, so do not give it to them, rather put some money into the stocking and let them go and chose their toys.They may finally understand the value of what a toy costs and may decide on something other than the latest craze in the toy store.

Stocking Fillers for Boys - (Preteens)

  1. Yo - Yo's or marbles will always be a great stocking filler for most ages.
  2. Toy soldiers or tin models to paint.
  3. A craft kit of a small aeroplane or car,tank etc.
  4. The mini paint tins for the model craft.
  5. A water pistol.
  6. A pack of various types of playing cards/trump cards
  7. Sticker packs of the latest fad.Most toy stores.
  8. A new game for the games console.
  9. Comic books are always a hit with any age. Ask in store for age specific.
  10. Fishing lures for the local lake etc.

For Girls - (PreTeen)

  1. Dolls clothes and accessories.
  2. Mittens or gloves for winter.
  3. Alice bands and hair tie backs etc.
  4. Nail polish if you allow it.
  5. Glitter and painting items for crafting christmas thank you cards.
  6. A new hair brush.
  7. A cheap disposable camera.
  8. Pen and pencil sets in bright colors.
  9. Various sticker sets.
  10. A pretty memo pad.


Christmas stocking fillers for teenagers

 Trying to find a christmas stocking filler for a teenager is probably the toughest things to do at christmas. We all know teenagers seem to know everytihng yet take responsibility for nothing. The perfect world. Teenagers however are actually quite easy to select fillers for if you pay attention to their dress sense and their interests.

For Guys (Teenagers)

  1. An engraved zippo lighter even for a non smoker is quite cool for camping trips
  2. Music store vouchers are probably the best gift ever. Never claim to know their taste in music even if you do know.
  3. Open a savings account and give them a bank card. Put a few bucks in it to start them saving for college.
  4. Clothing vouchers or mall vouchers are always well received.
  5. Some cool logo sports socks.
  6. A shaving kit.
  7. A new wallet.
  8. An ipod cover or cellphone cover. stick to plain colors or clear.
  9. Pc memory stick or blank rewriteable discs.
  10. Magazine subscription to their favorite mag.

For Gals (Teenagers)

  1. Eyeliner pencils and Mascara makeup.
  2. Lipsticks and nail polishes.
  3. Clothing or mall vouchers
  4. Ipod cover or cellphone cover.
  5. Small keepsake boxes for the dressing table.
  6. A new diary for next year.
  7. concert ticket homemade voucher for a later date to be chosen.
  8. Costume jewelry.
  9. Small purse.
  10. Small notebook for friends numbers.


Whats Hot this Christmas

  1. Toboggans
  2. Lego sets
  3. Circa Men's Focus Sneaker Blue
  4. Full color Kindle Readers

This where we need your feedback as much as possible

I hope that all ,y readers find even a small bit of help from the above suggestions.

Please rate this article so that we can hopefully achieve 100 by Christmas.

Please also leave some suggestions that you think will add smiles to Christmas Shoppers faces leading up to the festive season.

Happy Holidays.


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