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Top 10 Costume Ideas for Infants Age 0-6 Months

Updated on August 21, 2011

Nothing is cuter than a little baby dressed up as a kitten for Halloween, but getting the costume to stay on without a struggle is quite the challenge. The 0-6 months demographic won't do well in fancy outfits requiring wings and strings and other mechanical things, so keep it simple and keep it soft. The chances of your child staying in his or her costume without a fuss are higher depending on how comfortable the get-up is. Here are some costume ideas that are easy to buy and easy to wear. A quick Amazon search for any of the numbered items listed in bold will give you more detailed information about sizes and options.

1. Pea in the Pod

Designed to accommodate a layer of clothing underneath, the Pea in the Pod costume for newborns comes with a green flannel bodysuit, leafy headpiece, and 3 detachable peas.

2. Baby Snail

If you don't plan on taking your child trick-or-treating in a stroller, then this baby snail costume is an adorable choice. It fits babies up to 18 months and is built for those who spend most of their time crawling or are just learning how to walk. Includes soft jumpsuit with built-in footsies and Velcro attached snail shell 11" in diameter. The jumpsuit has a double zip zipper so changing diapers is a snap.

3. Baby Elephant

Cute little baby elephant costume in baby bunting style is cuddly way to keep warm on Halloween night. It's made of flannel and lined with satin, and comes with removable hood and floppy elephant ears.

4. Silly Legs Caterpillar Bunting

Also made in baby bunting style, the Silly Legs Caterpillar costume comes in either yellow or blue and includes a stuffed body, three multi-colored segments and an elastic hood with bug eyes and antennae. A bonus is the two front zippers which allow for quick and simple diaper changes.

5. Cozy Cow

This adorable moo cow costume includes black and white spotted romper with tail and booties and a headpiece with the ears and horns. Onesie-style snap closures on inner legs for easy dressing and diapering.

6. Little Lamb

Fuzzy little lamb costume includes a soft, furry jumpsuit with built-in footsies, hood with floppy ears and a little tail in the back.

7. Baby Dragon

Purple and green bunting style newborn dragon costume includes green flannel bodysuit with wings in the back and a dragon face headpiece. Costume is roomy to allow clothing to be worn underneath for extra warmth.

8. Ladybug

Your baby will be cute as a bug in this red flannel ladybug costume with attached black spots. It includes a tie-on hood with little antennae and a pair of black mesh wings. Ideal for newborns 0-6 months, between 20"-25" long and 7-15 lbs.

9. Float like a Butterfly

This cozy little butterfly outfit, lined in a silky knit fabric, is one of the most comfortable. Comes with shimmering wings, elastic hood with antennae and two front zippers for easy dressing and diaper changing.

10. Baby Sunflower

Your child will look and feel happy in this brightly colored sunflower costume. Made in bunting style for added warmth, the Baby Sunflower outfit comes with a headpiece of yellow petals and a Velcro closure at the bottom to make diaper changing much easier.


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    • profile image

      grubb 9 years ago

      the snail costume: i am not a picky person however when i buy something i don't want it to fall apart before it is even worn. when this costume arrived i was disappointed on how thin the body suit fabric is, in the pic it looks warm and comfy in all actuality it is very close to being see threw and scratchy, most of the costume is glued together so the snail shell started falling off just by it hanging on a coat hanger, I wish i would have bought a blue jump suit and made it myself, and the sizing is off my son is 9 months and will hardly fit in it, he is avg. sz. oh yeah the shell part will all come unrolled if you slightly push on the middle its not stitched or even glued (which i can see that glue is there first choice of assembly) it is going to be fun to doctor this costume up, i gave it 2 stares only due to its originality.

    • jimd56 profile image

      James Denice 10 years ago from las vegas NV

      I like this there always someone with a good ideal and this is one of them

      is this yours?

      See you Jim

    • ForTheLove profile image

      ForTheLove 10 years ago from Godforsaken, Iowa

      Hahah.. My best friend is having a baby in November.. which is too bad because I adore Halloween and these costume ideas for the lil guys/gals are awesome!